Scam Letter(s) from Tatyana Terehina to Michael (Denmark)

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Letter 1

Hello Soren,
I am very happy that you have answered on my mail.
If really I wasn’t shore that you going to write me back so it was really nice to see you reply.
As you know my name is Tatyana and I’m 29 years old.
Also I’m from Russia and maybe you will be surprised because I leave far whey from you but I hope that is not matter to you and you will be interested on me.
Also because I’m Russian and English is not my language and certainly my grammar is not so good so I hope that you can understand.
You can see me in pictures which I has applied on my message.
I hope you will like it. Certainly I shall be glad to see your new pictures too so if you have some please can you send them.
In the following message I shall try to write more about myself.
That’s’ all for now, take care.
your new friend Tatyana

Letter 2

Hello dear friend Michael!!!

Thank you for your letter, was nice to hear from you!
If really have to say that I did not shore that you are going to reply me back but I cannot see your letter and it very nice to know that you are interested to me and it was nice to read your letter.
Also at first want to explain you one problem so you do not get confused..
You can see on profile its shows that I’m from this country but if really as I seed on my previous e-mail I’m from Russia and I am apologues if have confused you because if I put on my profile different aerie I would not get registration on this web side so that why I put the this residents So if I confused you sorry about this.
But if really I think that is not important and not the matter where you from and where you leave so I hope that you agree with me.

Well I’m shore that you would like to know more about me, what kind of person I’m so I will try tell you bit about my self so you can have a view.

Well I leave in the city Omsk.
I’m 29 and I born in 1979, 12, 03
About my age I hope that is not bothering you but I think that the age is not a problem if the people interested in each other. My growth nearby 169-171, color of hair white:)

I have finished a medical college and now work as a nurse in a hospital. About my job have to say that a really like my job because I wanted to be as a nurse since I was a small girl.

About my family I have mum and sister. Sisters name Katya and she leave separately from us with her husband. They have little boy who is only 1,5 years old.
My mothers name Angela, she is 48 years old and she works in a dining room in the same Hospital where I work. I leave with my mum.
About our father he has died when I was 6 years old. So I hope that you do not mind if I will not tell about hem.
Also like everybody have friends but not a lot but they are very good friends.
About my interests like to cook, read books, all kind of music and go to the cinemas, theaters, sports and many other things which make the life more interesting.
I am creative and curious person by nature and I easily find common language with strangers and simply Iike to communicate on interesting themes.

Well as you can see on my profile that I’m still single women and you probably interested why?

Well if just really I have not found one yet because still searching for the one but will be honest with you I did had a boy friend few years ago but our relation sheep did not last for long because I understood that he is not the person what I really looking for. At the end I’ve found out that he was cheating on me so it was not very nice. But this is all in the past and I do not think about this.
Have to say that lots women a single those days and they a still looking for right one like me and those days is quit difficult to find the right men here. Is sad to say but here in Russian men a not very series and most of them drink a lot so that why the rezone I decided to try my luck here threw the internet. I have heard that abroad men more like series.

You probably wander so why have I decided to communicate with you?
Well you sound very interesting person so that why I have decided to get acquainted with you and to know you more better. Who knows what will happened at the end?

And what about you, what are you hobbies, what are you interesting in and what are you think about all of this? Would be nice to know more about you. So if you do not mind please can tell me more about your self and about your life?
And also if you have any question or you would like to know about me please ask me and certainly I will try to answer on them and we can discus.

Well I think that all for now. I do hope from this letter to you I do not sound to boring and you still interested to write e-mail to me.

Well I’m locking forward for you next mail.

With best regards to you and take care of your self,

you Russian friend Tatyana!

Letter 3

Hello my dear friend Soren,
Picture which you to send for me were very pleasant!!!
Sorry for delay with my mail but I have forgot to tell you that I write letters from Internet cafe because don’t have one at home so I go to Internet cafe when I have time or after work.
Today came to the internet cafe to check up my mail and see if you have wrote to me so it was nice to hear from you again.
Nice to hear that you like my photos which have send to you. Thank you for telling more about your self and it is very interesting.
I hope that you don’t mind if I’m asking you this question but is it only me who are you communicating with? What do you really locking here for?
If really I wander what purpose you pursued, declaring about you in a service of acquaintances?
Can, you look at it, how on entertainment? Or at you really serious
intentions? For me it’s very important to know.

About my self as I told you on my previews letter that I have decided to try my communicating threw the Internet because have heard that the men more series and I’m also looking just for series relationship and you are only the one who I’m communicating with.
Certainly at the moment it is early to think something about like this, well I mean about us but if we will communicate we both will see at end.

Well I think that’s all for now. Have to get home and half some rest, had a long day at work bit tired).

Locking forward for you new mail.
Hope you will have a lovely day. Please take care of your self.

Your Russian friend,



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