Scam Letter(s) from Marina Tatarinova to Joe (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello my new Friend!!!

I have waited also to me have answered. I am very glad to welcome you dear. It was very pleasant for me to receive yours and the letter, and to meet you, and now it is even more pleasant to write to you to the answer the letter. Well to you to tell about itself?! Well, first, as you have already guessed, I write to you from Russia, I Russian, beautiful woman decided to try happiness and to find the man of the dream by means of the Internet. I do not know it will turn out whether or not, but very much it would be desirable to believe in it, that to me will carry. Now so many people and at many already the families get acquainted very much. I too dream, that to me have paid attention interesting the man and on the present have estimated all my merits and demerits, and could make out in me first of all simply the woman requiring for heat and force of the man. At present I work as the teacher of a mathematics at school for gifted children which is called « Clever People ». I have ended the state pedagogical university Mathematical faculty . After the termination of university I at once have gone to work in this school, therefore problems with search of job never arose. I very much like to communicate there not only that I teach children to learn this world, and itself I I find out it every day. It not simply the school is a huge complex in which there are various developing studios. In city it is the best school. Many parents try to determine children there, but it not so is simple. First, for the population with average earnings which prevails in our city is it is impossible, as cost for training is great enough. Second, not we can accept all children, in school take prepared and gifted children. As you have already understood, I teach children of a history. At me seven hour working day and I have two days off in week, and every year holiday. Job not difficult and besides liked and consequently at me even ideas did not arise that to leave. With children it is very interesting to work, constantly you improve the knowledge and you go to a leg in due course. During today's time children can learn much, in fact they live during technical progress and computers, and a lot of interesting find out in the Internet and it share with us at lessons. I understand in computers and technics not much, therefore I think myself the absolute newbie in the Internet. Tell to me about you are engaged in what? Whether your craft where you studied is pleasant to you? It would be very interesting to me to learn about it. Tell about, where and how you live? Where you were born? I was born and have grown in the city of Rostov on Don , in the same place were born and my parents have grown. I almost never left the city. Somehow it was not necessary, and opportunities was not much. But not for a long time I have moved to the city of Dmitrovgrad which to be approximately in 800 kms from the city of Moscow. Certainly, I was in the next cities and even in several large cities of Russia, such as Moscow, Kirov , Siktivkar. I dream to visit Saint Petersburg. It is possible to say, what is it city of my dream. You for certain about him heard much, whether there was you in Russia? If yes, where exactly? I shall I shall find out with the great pleasure about your life. Tell to me, whether there was you somewhere else? Whether you like to travel? I, was possible to say, I adore, only, unfortunately, all my travel have very small radius. Once, when I still studied at university, to me suggested to go to other country under the program of an exchange of students but then there were some problems with documents, and I had to refuse this idea. In a consequence I very much regretted that could not finish all. But I do not mourn and I live further high-grade, sometimes and boring, but the life. As a whole all develops, as I want, and like everything would turn out too, there is a unique lack is a satellite on a life. The age such can at me, but right now I understand, how it is necessary for me. For me not important our distinction in the age of as I search for serious attitudes, I would want that I the man appreciated me and respected, and what age this the man for me is not of great importance. I at once want to say to you, that I write to you and if you have problems with perception of my letters, you can ask me everything, that you interests. I studied English language at school during ten years, and then at university. I like this language and I like to write to you. For me it some kind of practice. I can easily communicate in this language, and to me does not make a problem to write to you or to read your letters. I would like to know about your family more. My parents were lost when I was very small, our house in which we lived has burned down me what that miracle have rescued, to me then was only 3 years. I have no what brothers or sisters I was one child in family. I was brought up by my aunt which unfortunately too has died 2 years ago. I do not remember the parents. It seems to me, that I with pleasure can be engaged in any job. I am very fast to all I get used. And if I sometime had to replace a trade, I am sure, that it is possible me. Certainly, it is not so convenient, but a choice small. I would like to know about your life more. That is interesting to me, as well as than, you live. I would like to see your photos. It is important for me to present your image not only under your letters, but it would be desirable find out how you look. I great pleasure send you the photos, I think to you it too is not unimportant. With the big impatience I wait for your answer. I hope you you will not leave without attention questions interesting me. I hope shortly to see your letter. Yuliya .

Letter 2

Hello my new friend!

I am very glad, that you have answered my letter. It means, that you want find out me closer. I am really glad, that you have answered me. I know, that you interests, why I have written to you. But I do not have answer to it a question. I never knew, that is possible to meet through the Internet and to find friends. My girlfriend has told to me about it. You have very much liked me. More correctly I liked that you have written about yourself. And I have decided, that I want to meet you. I really would like find out better you and to make friends. In this letter I shall tell about the life. I was born in Russia and all life have lived in the native city which I very much like. To me 32 years, I was born on December , 12 , 1975. For certain it is interesting to you what wash growth, I of 171 centimeters. My weight makes 54 kgs. I when was not for the husband, but had the friend with which there were almost 7 years which has left to other woman more youngly me for 9 years. It was the most difficult period in my life, but I have gone through him. I am now glad that my was the man I have left me could go through all difficulties and now I can begin a life with a pure leaf. I have no what children but if it will be possible that I with pleasure would have children. Probably, we at once can be distinguished Russian women from all others. Speak, we to anybody are not similar, and we could not be not mixed. From Russia means from Russia. I believe in the God, and I of Christians, as well as all my family. Unfortunately, in family I the only child. Having left school I have entered university, having received the diploma, have gone to work on a speciality and is now very pleased with the job. Never regretted for my choice in education. When I went to school, I very much was fond of drawing. Then I have decided to go to study in art school. I have finished her in the age of 14 years and was sure, that I shall become the known artist. But when has matured, has understood that, I precisely want. Tell to me about the predilections, hobbies whom you wanted to become in the childhood? I for a long time have noticed, that each person finds in itself any creative person. At all not looking at a sort of activity or a trade. The person all the same will find in itself that drop of creativity, than will be engaged in the free time and will carry by her through all life. She can consist in everything. I, for example, like to draw, and I work as the teacher of a mathematics, and the majority of my pupils even do not guess, that I in soul the artist. Though my job too in own way very much even creative. Tell, what you do during free time from job? Tell to me about the friends? I have some friends, but it is far from being all of them very much people close to me. I have some girlfriends with whom I sometimes meet and share the latest news, but the best true girlfriend at me no. Once I was disappointed in female friendship and to this day, I think, that such does not exist. As I think, that there is no friendship between the man and the woman as always on the one hand there are sympathies more than simply friendship. It would be interesting to me to know your opinion in this occasion. Whether you believe, that can meet second half still. I in it very much believe and I hope, what is it will take place. At present I want only serious attitudes. Flirtation in my life was enough. Now in my life only close and sincere attitudes. And unique my purpose for today is to create family. I very romantic person. I like much to read and sometimes to write, but it only my personal and I it to whom I do not show. I read various books. It as in music. It would be desirable to listen under moods, depending on pleasure or grief. I very much would want find out you closer. I with pleasure shall read your histories. I would like to see more than your photos. Whenever possible I shall send you the. I want to say many thanks that you have answered me. I am valid with impatience waited for your letter. I would like, that we with you have made friends. You are very interesting to me as the person. And consequently I want, as much as possible to know about you and about your life. In the letters I try to tell about how I live. And I want the same from you. I do not ask you to write to me the big letters. I only want, that it was easy and interesting to us to communicate. Well, I as was possible in detail have told to you all about myself, in this letter. If you want find out, something else ask, and I to you shall tell about all. Only I want at once you to warn, trust to each other, to write only the truth what she would not be. I the adult person and can understand all, but only not treachery and a deceit. If at you to me not serious intentions I think, that to us with you not on a way! For now I say goodbye to you, I hope tomorrow to see your letter. I believe, that you the good person. I could not be mistaken in you! I with pleasure shall answer your letter. Your new friend, Yuliya .

Letter 3

Hello the my dear friend,Joe !
It is very interesting to me to receive each time your letter. I very much also am very happy. Reading your letter, I find out about you more and more and more every day. I am very glad, that have met such interesting person as you. I very much like to write to you and in each letter to open more and more. I as am glad, that we with you continue our acquaintance. I madly like to answer all your questions. So ask me, and I shall be With pleasure to answer them. With the big interest I shall share with you everything, that is in my head. I would like to know more about your city? what is there? Where you usually like to be and what is pleasant to you more? Tell to me about weather, that now occurs, as they say, all latest news, it is really interesting to me to know all this. At us weather not the best, but is necessary to be pleased and to this. A climate at us in Russia very changeable. It happens so, that for one day weather from heat up to a cold and on the contrary can exchange, but we have already got used. It was very interesting to me find out your opinion concerning harmful habits which I fortunately am deprived. With each new letter more and more your life also is more very interesting to me. I like to read how you speak about the family. You very interesting person also are glad, that I managed to get acquainted with you and to have chance to get acquainted even closer. Tell about in what you like to be engaged during free time from work? Or where you like to be, when at you free evening is given out? I can easily answer the same question. Earlier I spent time at home behind the favourite book or was engaged in myself. And now I hasten in the Internet of cafe to write to you the letter. By the way, I want to apologize beforehand if I cannot write to you every day. All the matter is that I have no own computer and to communicate with you to me it is necessary to use the Internet of cafe, certainly, to me it manages dearly but while I do not see other output. On work I have no what access in the Internet, and it is strictly forbidden to us!
Today I would like to tell to you about city where I am born, hope, it will be interesting to you to read it. The city of Rostov on Don - the center of Rostov area . The population of city about 1 million person, city has been formed 1749 the truth then on right I protect Don the customs has been founded only. But later decade has begun construction of a fortress, and then the brisk merchant city on a crossroads of trading ways has grown. For three with superfluous centuries of the existence Rostov-ON-Don has turned to the large industrial, scientific and cultural center. On coast of the rivers there are pine pine forests and oak groves. The surprising nature on the beauty creates all conditions for ecological tourism. The fauna of area is rich and various. These are ideal places for amateurs of hunting and fishing and silent rest on the nature. In general, the city is filled with various monuments and sculptures. I have lead there the childhood as it is a pity that now I live in the other city so the destiny has disposed.

I would like to give you the address that you could know where I live. But I want to warn at once, that it is not necessary to do any sendings the matter is that I shall not warrant for qualitative work of post office. One million times heard about loss of simple letters, nothing speaking already about parcels from abroad. My address:

The city of Dmitrovgrad
Street 8 Line
The house 2
Apartment 54

I as would be glad to have your address, that I could present where do you live.
I would like to know more what you like and what you prefer?
To know about your friends?
At me not so it is a lot of friends, but those which are very much close and good people. And consequently I would like to know about yours.
I am very glad to our acquaintance.
With impatience I wait for your answer.

Your Yuliya.

Letter 4

Greetings my new and very much the distant friend,Joe !

Writes to you your new familiar of Russia. I already start more and more and to miss more under your letters. If I cannot see them every day to me already something does not get. At me all still. How you? How yours and job? Tell, that new has taken place for this time. It is interesting to me to know everything, that to you occurs. In general it is very fascinating to observe of your life, understanding that you so are far. You have asked as I found you, I have written to you on Yahoo, you have answered me. I received your photo. You have asked that I think of our relations, I think that if our relations would will grow I with pleasure would meet you. At this time I am very much busy at the job. I am simply broken off. At all there is no time for. It happens so, that there is no time even to have dinner, because it is a lot of employment. But in some days I will have more free days as approximately in a week at me holiday on work begins. It would be curious to me find out, what you think of my country? Yes, at us in general very interesting country Russia! Very much not predicted and not similar to all other countries. With the traditions and ways. , probably, it will be interesting to you find out what from us here a life, what wages and in general to find out about traditions of our country. The average salary at us makes 150 - 400 $, one loaf of bread costs 10 roubles - 30 cents, and municipal payments very high and employment of habitation very expensive, to rent the apartment costs approximately from 200 up to 350 $, all depends on quantity of rooms and from the location of habitation. If is closer to downtown is much more expensive. So we here also live, everyone with the problems. Who wants to live better, that works day and night, moreover and not at one job. And traditions in Russia never-ending set. The whole letter will not suffice to tell about all and not that to not pass. At us many various holidays which we mark all country and at us these days are considered as the days off and are designated by red days in a calendar. Such as anniversary from the date of a victory, revolutions, the holiday on May, 1 is a day all workers, day of independence, day of city, day of children and so on. There are some more holidays ancient, since times of Russia and as a plenty religious holidays. Never it could be defined what holiday liked!? Yes it probably and there is nothing. In fact it is possible to enjoy all of them and to not know any cares. But the big pleasure is brought with New year. For it wait always both children and adults. Though I for a long time have grown, but too, as well as in the childhood always I wait for gifts on this magic holiday. And you have liked holiday? I always liked ancient traditional holidays, such as a holiday of Russian pancake week. I do not know, whether you heard about such? But it is the truth, it is very healthy. This holiday is marked last week with winters. When there comes time to concede to spring. This week everyone walk, and fry Russian big pancakes. With oil, with sour cream, with jam. Simply fingers you will lick!!! And last day pancake weeks plant the big fire and on him burn a scarecrow of the Pancake week, it is such ceremony designating, that all to winter has come it is time to leave. And it is a pity! There were many traditions and kind times which so does not suffice now in our severe world. Still many different religious holidays. Which begin at night in temples where believers come on night service. It is very interesting. It is a holiday of Easter and a christening. And as we in Russia have many signs. In general, it is necessary to say, that Russian people very superstitious people. We very much believe in signs, different a prediction, signs on the nature, destiny and a horoscope. At many people, and it is especial, in the greater degree at Russian women very heavy life and to them to have to address to the help of different poltergeists of forces, to believe in signs and a prediction. I a little to that try to believe, but there are many things which, despite of all and contrary to all explanations come true in my life. Write, how you concern to all this? Whether you believe in signs and signs on destiny? And necessarily tell to me about your national holidays. What you like most of all? I am glad, that our relations gain in strength and every day it becomes more and more interesting to me. I with huge impatience wait for each your letter. I as very much hope, what you perceive our acquaintance and our friendship in serious?! I very much want, that all from the very beginning in ours with you relations was good. That they were under construction only on mutual trust and honesty. It would not be desirable to be burnt and close once again in this life on the lock the heart. It would be desirable to believe, that all at us with you will be very good. I done not frightened at all with distance which shares us from each other. In spite of the fact that you are from me very much and very far. It is possible to say, it is direct on other planet. But all this trifles and nonsense, for those people which seriously concern to the life and to the relations with an opposite floor. I can safely say to you, that very much I value ours with you friendship. And with the big impatience I wait each your letter. And when I receive it I study each letter! You are not similar with all to those men who to me should be met in my life. You - especial, maybe, it is noticed only by me, but it is valid so. And you are completely not similar to men who occupy our country. At least, the big part from them simply inutile people and alcoholics. It would not be desirable to write about you sad, but it, unfortunately, the bitter truth. Our man's population if it still can so be named, dies out as dinosaurs in a glacial age. I trust you in everything because I so want and I feel. To you I can tell all my ideas and open the heart that I did not do very much for a long time. I see you and I feel you, that you very good person. Finishing the letter, I want to wish you of good luck in everything, health and only good mood. With impatience I shall wait for your answer and new photos. Your Yuliya.

Letter 5

Hello my dear Joe !!

You have very much pleased me the new letter, and I am very happy, that at you too very well! Weather at us simply remarkable, mood at me too very good, that would be desirable to sing and jump with joy directly songs as the child. But I cannot do it in fact I the adult woman and I occupy a serious post. Me can simply not understand correctly at job. Yes! And you do not guess, why all this occurs to me??? What to all the reason your letters to me?! What do they cheer me up? What do I spend all free time only on you?! On that to write somewhat quicker the new letter and to look forward to your answer!!! That before falling asleep I think, of you and I think what to dress from clothes as though you will see me what I beautiful! And if it is fair, I very much and am very glad to this. You for such short time interval of our acquaintance and dialogue became me very much close and native to me the person. You could fill in all emptiness in my vain life. It appears, that so did not suffice me in this world! You and your letters! Today at me the day off and I met the girlfriends. We today had agreed to went in picture gallery on a display of paintings. Our one local, very much gifted artist Vladimir Kurochkin does the exhibition - sale of the pictures. I very much like its jobs. Today something Perhaps, will be possible and to buy. He writes pictures in style "NU", so-called naked women. Very beautiful jobs, it is possible to say simply space, and more it is not a lot of landscapes. I once was at it in workshop and saw, how he there creates the miracles. And how you concern to art? Not only to painting and to fine arts, and as a whole, to all kinds of creativity of the person? I cannot live without art, this such perfect that already for a long time does not get in our grey days. In free days I try to go and receive a charge of positive emotions somewhere. Be theatre, a museum or exhibitions. For me it not essence important, the main thing, what is it bears in itself good mood! I very much like theatre and cinema. I can not say, that I look everything, but I try. Sometimes we suit campaigns with all school or simply separate classes. More often with senior pupils, we go everywhere. I speak, that children do not give to miss. They want to keep up and to us to have behind them only to have time. As I already spoke, that I adore to read Kundera, Pavic, Peres - books. The French cinema is pleasant. I have many liked films. From our Russian I prefer comedies of director Eldara Ryazanov,Gaidai and many others. Such films for a long time do not remove at us in Russia. Lovely old kind and ridiculous comedies. From foreign I like films - Eight women, the Dragonfly, the Smell of the woman, the Legend of autumn, the Gladiator and many others. The main thing that film bore any idea. Well certainly often I look different historical films. But sometimes it happens, that very much it would be desirable to see melodramas and to cry together with heroes of film. But I like it to do, when I am alone with myself, and it who cannot see Probably does not suffice some tears me in my life. And you have liked films? You like what music? About myself I can say, that everyone are surprised over me. I listen to all both fate, and classics and a chanson, both a pop-music and a jazz and even electronic. In a word I prefer music of all directions and styles. Besides a lot of new from modern music I find out due to the pupils. With them it is no time miss. They listen to all from not normative lexicon, turnip, a porno - a jazz and stuff, up to classics and music for meditation. Therefore here you want, you do not want, hear all. But certainly I have most liked compositions which I listen always and which to me help to relax and be transferred to dreamland. Well about itself to you still to tell?! It would be desirable to brag a little. I very much like to prepare, and at me it well turns out. There are few things in this life that I was able to prepare. Well, unless, except for national dishes Chinese, Japanese, well and other east kitchens. And as to Russian kitchen I am able to do all! Me my liked mum has learned this, and her, her mum, my grandmother. And we store all culinary secrets and we remember What do you like to have a meal??? I very much like to improvise with different components in salads. My familiar frequently are surprised, that at first sight at all not comparable and different products to taste can appear at me in one plate, to get mixed up and be very much even tasty salad. And still I in preparation of my dishes give very big place to different spices and grasses. They too can change cardinally taste of any dish or simply add taste. Well, this day has approached to the logic conclusion and on it I should finish the letter. Evening... I wait for your letter.
Whole, yours Yuliya .



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