Letter(s) from Marina Rudenko to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1

My nice man!!! My favourite, I am such happy to get your charm of letter, good my! Your to revive letters my days... Now I understood that I do not simply can so without your letters, they - so inspiration for me. Letter we become a letter all anymore and anymore involved to each other and I think over you time, good my... I am such happy, that I met by you in the life! Yes, we with you have some difference in age, but I do not betray it a large value. In fact I search io?neio, which knows o?ioi life, ready to domestic life and can care of me and my little daughter. I do not know that I must do also if I do not meet by you. I am sure that you and I to want to be together. I simply know that deep within the limits of the heart, that it is all event on reason and it can not be lights but in the end it will be all make sense it and we will be happy with each other. I am such thankful, that you came in my life and one day, which I will be able to show you how many I value you. I want, that we would meet years before but to want to happen this way, so that I can not change a fate. In life am upwards and downward cycles and in the set time when you - after things not to miss each other your way in this time what you want, they sometimes will miss each other your way when you deal with downward by a cycle but if something crossings your way, then, you will value it more. I am not sure I do any value here and I will explain it to you when we meet. When we meet, I have so many, to talk what I do not think that I would correctly transport in a letter. you are my inspiration and you do me to think that anything possible and I never felt these a way before ... I - a little embarrassed, to reveal to you, that, but I think we must be very honest and frank with each other and we must diffuse al ideas, even those which on reverse side of our mind. I want, that you knew that you have the word which I will always be honest with you. Honesty is very important for me and I trust that all good relation must be founded in honesty and trust. I hope that you will always be honest with me also. As I reported, you before, I have very serious intentions and I truly promising, that our relation will continue to rear and raise, turn in something very beautiful and forever! Nice, I hope that you will be to feel oio... I skip you and your letters... I understand certainly, that I need it will be to leave on Ukraine parents, friends. But I understand perfectly, that to good life on Ukraine will not be. Therefore I am ready to leave to live in your country. I will hold for some the time you in the mind all time! Nice, to report truth, I thought over you time, it, but I do not know as and when we would meet. I know only, that I to meet love by you and it does not matter where we meet. you will reveal to your ideas at it, honey, and then I will talk with my boss about possibility to take a holiday on near the future and I must talk with the parents also. I send you the kiss and dense embrace.. Your, thinking over you every second... Maryna