Scam letter(s) from Kim Silver to Bill (USA)

Letter 1
To start with,i wouldn't know what you want in a relationship. But i guess the most important thing is being honest with each other.Though i feel reluctant talking about myself and my current situation to you as i don't know how you'll feel. But i guess its important you know all about me and the situation i am in so that we'll know if we can go further. I've had loads of bad experiences in my past relationships and i wouldn't want to fall into the same problem anymore. I will like you to give me your words that you really want me and that you want to make a new life with me cos i have been used before and i wouldn't want to be played on again. I am telling you all this, then you can decide if you still want to meet me or not, so that we will not waste each others time, when you get this mail,kindly give me a response to let me know if you are still interested or not. I never grew up to know my mum as she died immediately after my birth.My dad died when i was 23yrs in Pueto Rico, I'm the only daughter of my folks.I grew up in Port Huron MI before i relocated with my ex boyfriend to United Kingdom. My ex-boyfriend,Dennis Ferguson used me a lot and treated me so badly. He absconded with my dad's money which was kept with me after a completion of a contract in EAST Pennsylvania When my boy friend got absconded with the undisclosed sum of US dollars, this brought the first broke up between me and my dad, because he thought we had the deal together, but not knowing that i'm innocent about this. So my dad has been harsh and tough on me about this. After all these happened to me and caused by my Ex boyfriend, I joined a dating site where I met an Bristish man online who promised heaven and earth that he wants to marry me and make me happy in life;
Letter 2
Below is the email you have to send to the security company its the one in bold... that's the details about them as well... I am contacting you in respect of the luggage my fiancee (Miss Kim Karda) deposited at your security company. I have the deposit details below and i will want to know what exact amount for the shipment will be like to ship it down to my residential address below in the usa. And inform them to have the boxes shipped to you with immediate effect this week. Here are my deposit details and the contact of the Security Company: Deposit Details
Deposit Number: GSC-O576-PLG45
Sort/Clearance Code: GSC/576-45/MP56 33
Deposit Certificate #:MPL-GSC-405576
Consignment Description:2 Traveling Boxes
Depositor: Miss Kim Karda
Contact of Security Company
Contact Person:Mr Frank Atunbro or Mrs.Katerine Stone
(Custodian Manager)
Your name and delivery address, city, state, country,
phone no....... While contacting them by email, you will ask them what the shipment fee would be. You give them the delivery address, so that they would be able to tell you the estimated cost for the shipment. Honey, please, I want solicit your help in this regards, you will assistant pay the fee to the security company for and once the boxes arrive there, i will give you the secret pins for each boxes for you to open them, If you care to take your refund instantly, more so its from inside the money in the boxes that you will take and send me money for air fare to your residence.I am counting on you but let me know before you start emailing them OK.. Will be expecting an email to this effect as soon as you have contacted them. Thanks so much.....
Tons of love...
Kim ,
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