Letter(s) from Rose Benson to Yannis (Greece)

Letter 1

my dear god friend how are you i hope all is well with you, thank you so much for the Christmas Card you send to me, i so much love it.


Letter 2

Dear Johnny,
Thanks for you for the photo you send to me i so much love it, for now my photo that i have send to you is all i have for now, if the pic that i send to you is not clear am so sorry for that, for now i want you to know that things is not Ok for me, i dont have any money with me now, i dont know if you can help me to send me some money so that i will use it to go to photo house to get another photo and i can also use the money to buy webcam so that you will see me in cam very well and know who i am, am so sorry for asking you this money i dont have any one to help me that is why am telling you all this.

thanks you .