Scam letter(s) from Jenny Liang to Bjarne Jessen(Denmark)

Letter 1
hello darling, thanks for your lovely mail... am so much happy to read from you... you always make me very happy while reading from you..... i never felt the way i feel for you in my life..
darling i really understood what you said,... but i must tell you that to get visa from china as you said is very difficult and takes very long time...
but the visa i used to travel to australia and some other places i know how to get them.... i used to get them through travel agency... they will ghet it from embassy.. and it will be tourist visa.... very easy and fast... i have made all the necessary enquiry for my visa .... it will take 14working days, it will be tourist visa.... and three months or six months...., then you need to send me your full home address and home phone number for the application form.... then the visa fee is 3,430yuan..
other documents i will get them...
my family are very happy for this... i talked about you and me with my family yesterday,,, i really cannot wait for the day i will feel you...
i really can't wait to be there.... i really feel so lucky to have you in my life... the weather here is so cold too... i really need some warm from you...
i can't stop thinking about you... i wish i have wings.. no need to apply for visa... i will just fly to you.....
wow darling i went to KTV yesterday with my friends.... so fun... i sing alot of music...
do you love music? i love and i can sing , but i can only sing chinese music so much.....
i love much darling... waiting for your mail soon..
your jenny
Letter 2
hello darling, thanks for your sweet and nice mails... you are the reason why am happy./. i can't wait to meet you.... i can see that our future is very bright with you...
wow thanks for your informations... then here is mine..
203 tian leng mingju garden, zhongshan dadao tianhe district ,guangzhou china
given name JENNY

surname ; JIANG
passport number ; A2006338

yes darling i have asked my uncle the means of sending the fee, he said that WESTERN UNION is a good way, is very easy, fast, safe... because my bank accounr cannot recieve money from outside china...
just use the informations, because is my passort informations..
hope you will understand me... love you so much..
darling you are my everything, the only thing am thinking of.,..
wow today the weather is so cold....i really wish am there...
yes darling i know i will like it there... since you will be with me... what i know is you.... darling we will visit china in future, because my family will love to meet you...
am about to go to see dragon dance... it will be fun to see this kind of chinese traditional dance....
i will love to go and apply for the visa tomorrow, if i get the the fee.... i really cannot wait to experience your unconditional love...
darling i hope you are doing great ... pls i will be going now.. hope to see your lovely mail soon... love you so much...
your jenny
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