Romance scam letter(s) from Elena Sergeeva to Glen (Canada)
Letter 1
Hello Glen!!! It is very pleasant to me to write for you the letter. I do not make Know, just when it to explain, but I did not think, which you to me write And now I at all do not know what to start to write to you The letter.
Today I write to you from a new mail box. I wished to try To write to you from my first mail box, but at me not I turned out also have changed the electronic box. I snow slightly, that you Wrote letters on this e-mai:
Give so, I will tell a little about me directly and if I is Really interesting to you also you set to me questions, and I will be Answer them. I wish to tell to you, that in this first letter to you I Will tell about me directly, it is good Glen? At once I wish to tell, That I have been warned by it, people from the Internet reach Acquainted with young girls, that this girl has sent to them naked Photo. Understand, that I am very serious in creation of our relations With you and me never I will send a naked photo to you. I will be Frank in all letters and I will demand the same relation to, on Equal human rights and women. I hope, that it is clear for You Glen! Well I will tell to you a little about me directly and it I represent as the person. To me of 28 years and my day a birth on On March, 8th, 1980. In me green eyes if you see, that I use cosmetics and I do not make Like to give a lot of cosmetics on the person. My growth 174 Centimetres. I wish to tell, that I the open girl for all Conversations. I never was for the husband, and now I wish to reach Acquainted with you with that end in view to understand, how much we Come nearer to each other. My former relations with the person from Russia were Short, I have been disappointed in it. To itself the person on the Internet for My acquaintance also has decided to look. I work as the children's doctor And my work spoils me a lot of time and forces. So, that I Ask to be patient with me as I will write you time by 1-2 days. Even on work I constantly observe taste, and I try to be always In the form and tone. To go, to work as the therapist, to me it It was necessary to study at university and only the finishing The university I has started to work from hospital. Also to pay to my university Me it was necessary to work very much, to pay my research. I have sold ice-cream, me Was the croupier in a casino. Understand Glen to which I had no Choose in work as my parents could not pay my research, and I should work Independently. At school I 5 of years have been occupied in volleyball and were At city competitions. I in a condition to rejoice lives, in a life which I had To meet a deceit very much and therefore I will not allow to deceive Independently. I have heard, that it is many people on the Internet, deceive And therefore are afraid to get acquainted. I do not know even as To explain, but I for the first time on the Internet. On it I will be Finish the letter Glen, and I will wait for your letter with Impatience. Therefore, as you have woken in me hope which we can be Especial for each other. If you, it is valid so, consider, I wait for yours The letter on this box I will wait, which you to me write, sincerely yours Evgenija! P.S. I wish to tell only, that my knowledge of the Internet very much The little. Also I ask, that you have set questions in your letter, do not make To fluctuate. I very much am interested in our relations. Also do not make Forget that that my e-mail the address: I will be very glad, if you send very much a significant amount To me it will be very interesting to photo to look at them Would like to know your full name also!
Letter 2
Hi my friend Glen! Was very glad to see your letter. It was very pleasant to receive again the letter from you. I hope, that you do not object to my questions which I now I shall set. Because that we continued between us the correspondence very important as far as the person can listen to you and turn to you attention. And so my first question, what I would like to know than you are engaged in general? Your work? Than particularly you are engaged? Your hobbies? What would you like to make in a life? Why I ask on such with a kind simple questions attention. Because when you will start answer them I can to understand about you vital representation as you behave and in the life.
My dear Glen I wish to tell to you, that in a life it is a lot of coincidence and why you have left the girlfriend.
I wanted you to inform, that I use services of the translator. And please I very much ask to be patient to me because when you ask any question and I do not answer on it I ask you that you to me about it have asked more particularly. Tell to me about the work? Than you are engaged? How many you receive money from your work? In how many you rise for the work? How far to be your work from your house? Glen I ask you do not set to me hasty questions I shall tell to you about me all but not at once. You learn about me all on a course of our correspondence. Now I shall tell to you a little about the work. At once I shall tell, that it very much the tough job and demands the big attention in relation to other people. I work as the doctor. And main my duty is service of the personnel that my patients were under correct supervision of their attending physicians. My fellow workers also are considered with me and with my correct decisions when to me my work is necessary to do. dear I to you wished to tell mine not much about myself.I one in a family . At me not when should the brother not sisters. disappear to me was not where. I not when did not idle. When I was at home I always engaged what be interesting business. I very much like to spend time on fresh air. I like to walk on park where full trees where silence and rest. I not when not that did not collect even itself I do not know why. My favourite color is dark blue. I wish to tell that I very much like to prepare. To me to like to spend time at a plate and to prepare for very tasty dishes. I very good cook so have told my mum. I know many tasty dishes. And for me at all the problem to prepare what be a dish. And in general my favourite meal is pel'menis a potato a baked pudding. And many other things. At leisure I sometimes visit fitness club where I am engaged in maintenance of my figure. Sometimes in the evening we with mum simply sit and we talk also to us very well together. My mum very well person also was very very glad when I have told to it that I have got acquainted with you. My mum is confident that you very good person. In general to me not that that is sick to tell about the hobbies I live only work and the house and that I do at leisure already has told.. I very much am interested in you you for me very good person and when we with you exchange letters to me very interestingly to read them. It happens, that from my patients I should accept flowers as that their treatment has passed fruitfully and very successfully when they did not hope at all for such result. I watch that all was carried out in conformity with rules of the schedule from A up to Z. You understand Glen, that I on the work should be firm with the patients and the personnel but when you are houses simply would like tenderness of love and caress from loved the man. Frequently when I am I am free on the days off like to read fiction. At me not so big library of a house and I frequently take books from city library to fill the life the fine moments. I do not like to waste time simply and never I do any acts before I shall not think of it well. Very important value which I adhere " Be dear and respect opinions of others (let even they do not deserve it) ". Now you understand Glen why I have decided to write only to you? I respect opinion of other person and I think, that the criticism is a good thing which sets the person thinking that you do, and whether correctly you do it. I allow to you small representation about that what I there is actually that have a little understood, that I for the person. I hope, that you write to me and will tell to me more about myself directly. I ask you Glen do not set to me hasty questions all about myself I shall tell during our correspondence. I to you shall tell about myself all. You are very interesting to me Thanks for your attention. On it I shall stop, and I shall write to you later. Yours faithfully in all sincerity, Evgenie.
Letter 3
How you make Glen? I hope, what in All of you it is good? I again and again receive your letter, and I am joyful, that I can Write to the person who somewhere is very far. At us now a heat of the present winter. In the street it is very cold and constant it is snowing. This very beautiful season. Streets such fine white white.
Very much to like me the winter.
I will tell to you about me directly. My period of the childhood was very serious, but is not firm as mine Parents have paid me the big attention. I was the only child in a family and Hence not to have brothers and sisters. My formation was not Absolutely modern then, but my parents me never blow and Tried to give all to me understanding of the world around. My mother The belief worked until recently in a kindergarten where it worked as Prepare and prepared for meal for children. It have considered as The good expert of a class also was very much appreciated. Now my mother The belief works in safety agency, until recently. And as work The woman in Russia is not appreciated (on all female work, here not Appreciating), pay a little. My father Alexander has died when to me There were 8 years. Has died on work when pulled out from fire The little girl, my father worked as the fireman. He has rescued it The girl from fire, but unfortunately directly could not escape. It was very much It is difficult to recollect it. When similar things occur to your close people It remains for all life. Possibly therefore I have decided to continue Such trade as the doctor to help people. As I already spoke you in Last letter I use the program on the computer which translator Addresses to. And when I receive your letter, this program translates yours The letter and only after which I can read it. I understand It to you is very difficult to understand my letters. As also it Very difficult to me to understand your letters. I always Read the letters some times, and a lot of time borrows It from me, that I could understand letters. You know now some Details of my life and I wish to tell to you about me directly in more The detail and than me likes to be occupied. I very much like dialogue with People and therefore from all with you of the letter I try to take Something good for me is direct. Understanding of very important person For me. I like to dance, and on regular basis I I see off gymnastics To observe of number. I do not like to use also a lot of cosmetics, I think, that the natural beauty is much better than use of any Cosmetics. Sometimes with friends and colleagues I presume to myself rest And we enter into wood, and there we make shish shish kebabs, or we gather Mushrooms and berries. I certainly can dare to go to such days of rest In a disco, but I do not like music. I give in music preference to Such great musicians as Bethoven. I very much like its structure " Lunar sonata, "if you did not hear necessarily, listens to it Glen. I in general as classical and tool music. This music Profit, except for it it is pleasant at hearing. In the childhood I even Tried to write verses and in me it is faster not awfully it has appeared. Possibly I will send you some products if it to you is valid Interestingly. I already said, that I do not like to waste time in vain Simply and consequently I occupy time from decrease and to a dawn. I Very much like to prepare for such dish (you have possibly heard about it) As Russian pel'menis. This very tasty dish. I also can prepare for you and Ukrainian language borshch, but some products, that I was able finish off it Internal conditions are necessary for all these dishes. It is valid Very tasty when you prepare. My mother speaks, which me would leave Rather good cook and I could earn good money somewhere in Restaurant. But I have chosen for me directly absolutely other trade. You Know, we do not assume to buy phone or the computer and therefore me Write to you from the cafe Internet from which it is much from in us in City. I also will give the address on which I live with mother. You Can see it. My name Evgeniya,
My full address: Street Lebedeva 155,
Apartment 48.
The post code 428015,
Russia Possibly in me the address as my mother wishes to change apartment On cheaper for payment will exchange, but I in any case will inform To you about it. Road Glen deposits as I have given you the address I Ask, that you have given me the address and a city in which you live. You know Glen? Excuse expensive deposit, but I do not have any mobile phone to an ohm That my very little salary and I do not assume to me directly cellular Phone. I I understand, that to you awfully hear, that I cannot with to Inform with you through the Mobile phone, but me cellular Call I very much would be to be desirable to have Wish to move with you. Now I cannot communicate With you but when in Me will be money I, I can buy a card. Which means can to call and speak with you. As soon as in me will be Appear money I, I can buy this card they, there 50 dollars. When I can Buy a card which I can name at once you, you hope me, understand. If knew yours Telephone number. I will try to receive the salary next week to try to Speak with you. If I receive the salary I by all means will inform You about it and we can agree when on me to call for you. But I The usual can call only in the evening in time. On it I will finish The letter and I will wait tomorrow for your letter. Care Glen! Your girlfriend Evgeniya.
Letter 4

Hello my dear Glen. I very much wish to ask that happens why you do not write to me? I thought that we are fine that we will have very much good relations. I thought that at all of us will turn out. We can leave ideal pair. Only I ask write to me. We not have each other told all. We should know about us much. You are very interesting to me. To me it was pleasant when we corresponded at us all it was good. So it was pleasant to me to read your big letters, during this moment I thought that you that my unique that I love you. If you write to me in the following letter I will understand that I am not indifferent to you. I hope that at you simply what urgent matters. That you because of it can be to write to me. When I will see your letter I will soar on clouds for pleasure. You are fair with me and always you speak me the truth that person that to me it is actually necessary and with which I do not do wish to play, I want serious relations. I think that we are created for each other. I can tell that we are enamoured each other. During one moment I have understood that you that who are necessary to me. That you the ideal man. That you that who are necessary to me. With you I could go on a world's end. And in the friend all has broken. That happens. I think that you can explain to me in the following letter. I will wait for your letter Evgeniya.
Letter 5
Hello my dear friend Glen! And again I receive from you The letter. And you know, I am glad to This letter from you Glen. Dialogue with you is interesting to me, I think, it very much Interesting to communicate with you.
My dear Glen at me still it is a lot of photo. I will send you every day the most beautiful photos. I am simply assured, that they to you will be it is pleasant. Glen I very much liked your photo of a vessel. It such big and such beautiful my Glen. To me on such big the vessel always would be desirable to sweep. It so is fine and so it is romantic my dear Glen.
My day has taken place Today not absolut ely it is good, as it would be desirable, I had On work to The unpleasant case see. It happens in many countries and Cities of ours The world, but I can tell it to you. Very pleasant nurse Those works, for Us in what buildings of a problem with the husband. Them Relations have developed after marriage not so Well and after she Should give birth to the child, them Relations only were difficult Also stand on distance. Appreciable crack in their relations. It - the Name of the nurse Natasha, and husband Vasily. This Vasily somewhere does not make Work Also our expensive employee Natasha very much suffers Because of it. And Today, when Vasily has arrived to work in a The condition of the intoxication begun to demand money, that, it Could calm I thirst for one more Alcoholic drink of a bottle. But ours Natasha on Weigh a requirement ego to Give it money, has refused. Also It is a person, I do not have any words, Type which I could name It, Was, has thrown on the wife and has started to fight ours Kind and good Natasha. We had a female collective of hospital last Time, Therefore Natasha has got some serious traumas from the husband. And when there has arrived police to clean Vasily she is the Wife Natasha has ended and has raised before the policeman, that they Could Do not clean its husband. I recollect it with a pain. I very much Very much very much understand Natasha, she loved the husband, and could Do not make something With it. While its husband used it. I against such relations. I Think, it is very bad, when The husband uses in the similar way the wife in the similar purposes. Natasha for its love - very much regret to me. It it is sincere Which her husband loves and does not notice bad things Makes. You understand Glen which I only wish to have The person who would give to me only, loves. At me is more than Something from It it is not necessary. I would protect it so, that any Trouble has, has not happened with it. Therefore I not Interested to have the person in Russia. I cannot rely Such person and if I, not to have any trust To The husband as I can trust such person? I would not like to Love such person. And consequently when I had a long acquaintance To the guy. We have met it 1,5 years, this beginning to use My trust of badly purpose and I should leave this person. Mine The disappointment in the Russian men very much is more and Therefore I have decided to reach Familiar with you. I think, it It is good, which I Have acquainted with you Glen. I use Program the translator, and I Not always understand letters to me It Should read quickly through letters Some times. Therefore, as I not always can understand your letters. Any Judge me, because I not Guilty of it, that the program the translator Not correctly Translates your letters, and I cannot Understand them. I know, it Possible once, that you ask me about Arrival In your country. And you already know, that I cannot With Give it to arrive to you. I also know about many cases when women From Russia deceive men from other countries and consequently I will be Never ask the money. That there were no questions on mistrust. I saw The people, what life is very rich, but they are not so happy and now I Understand, that I the girl who earns to itself of money and allow This which It is a little, but I, that nobleness which I can be Happy lives, the help for Mothers of a life. I understand Requirement of money, but it not the basic Thing for me. There are vital values for me which Still very much surpass in cost Money. And I will rejoice nobleness which you also concern To, that the person who estimates not money, namely, Feelings. I ask to forgive to me if I something has offended in The letter, I am sincere, did not want, which it has made. But on it I Will finish the letter to you Glen. Thanks which you have read Through this letter. You for me is more Always sincerely yours for you Evgeniya.
Letter 6
Hi my dear Glen! I again receive yours the letter, and I very much like to receive yours Letters Glen.You in 1000 miles from me and me it seems a little Strange when you somewhere there it is far, but however you Continue to write me letters Glen! I admit you, that I Sympathise you, and it is possible even more. You already write to me Any time and I and in you never there were sensations? When you write or Say with the person, and in you feeling, that you know this the person all Life. As though you are already familiar with him, and that yours a life It is anyhow connected with you Glen. I for the sake of you have Removed structure on the Internet I correspond only to you you To me it is very necessary, and on it I do not wish, that you have lost, I Are true for you! I cannot explain it, but is possible, that you can Explain to me Glen? When you read the letters which you have Written, I sometimes read some times really to understand, that you To me write. I sometimes have problems with reading of your letter, as I Use the program of the translator to understand your letters. But I Try to understand completely, that you have written to me. For very Important yours understanding Glen. Not understanding it Impossible any relations, you co-ordinate with me Glen? I think Relations between the person and the woman should be equal in the rights (50/50). I cannot simply allow, that the person considered me with contempt Or smaller interest, you understand it Glen? I think it if Choose to me directly woman which you have decided to devote you directly Life it is necessary not only, to respect It but also and to love and properly concerns to it. And I know Do not test wash girlfriend Natasha never, I will allow so The address with me it is direct, you should understand it Glen. It, if you Have really decided to choose serious relations with which it should be is not present Violence, on one person, and a mutual consent of two persons, which Have decided to give the obligation, that they will observe any Conditions between the friend the friend, such as: respect, trust, Love, sincerity. I could transfer this list during long time, but it Not so it is important. It seems to me, that you in any sense trust me, Also believe to me, that it is not casual. Possibly ours a meeting Destiny, but I do not know it. In the world, thus the person - is a lot of from Or simply it does not understand a thing about which or does not know. And I have now a question, you really want serious relations with me? It Very important for me, that the nobility to you sincere now, in Words with me. As the further dialogue with me it is possible not Pleasant to you also you decide to write to me which you do not want To see my letters. I very much worry now, and I very much would like The nobility yours opinion concerning my letter, that I could understand for Independently a lot of prophetic concerning me and you Glen. I wished to send Photo of my city, thus you can see, that a place where I live and as I Demanded to ask only you, that you could send me a photo of the city and Tell it is a little, that a place where make you, lives, as I wished to see only And yours a place of work also that you make your house and where approach I Very much I hope, what you to me speak all it? I will tell now to you Little history from my childhood. In the childhood I have tried to study The world, but have in most cases understood, which it is simple The impossible. A life, casual also, it is unpredictable. And in it value From a life. To be unpredictable. If you knew, that will be tomorrow, It would become boring to you not to live, already today, if not so Glen? And therefore looking at your letters in me sensation It is created, that you it is probable, that the person with whom I could be is not present Only it is happy, but also and to give you new a life just as me to you. I wish to find favourite the person in the future and to conduct with it All a life! Here all men think, that we want the girl from The husband or from the male person only money, but it is not present Thus we want love, that the husband has been fair, devoted the wife it It loved respected also to me in general Without differently that in My favourite will be the monetary and credit income that in it will be a The house and in general where we will live the main thing that mine The favourite person Was with me, there was a number!!! I very much wish to find Happiness and I hope, That I will find it soon and possibly in us Can what not due to be it to appear!!!! Not, I was not married in me there There was a guy. We with it lived 1.5 years but Then it has begun to Enjoy my trust, and we should leave. As I was not possible to transfer such relations more, and now I do not wish to have The husband from Russia. I have counted now you on the Internet as It you it The person who is necessary for me the Life, it will be fine another and my The future with you will be much better But I do not foreknow yours the letter and therefore I think, It for me will be important to know now yours opinion and Hence I wait from you for letters with hope, that you Understand all which I write. If I have written you it It not so I do not judge me very awfully, I use the computer and more So the Internet! With all sincerity from the heart to yours Glen. Evgeniya!!!
Letter 7
Hello my dear Glen! I was very glad to receive your letter. All is good with health and a deposit I spoke mum about you. That you the person also, that you to me write. I Very much love children, and is ready to spend with them all time To Game with them to study all of them that I I have reached in a Life very much which to me is pleasant to be spent with them, time and it - very much pity That I do not have children as there would be no that person from Which I their demanded! I can become loving the child if it even is not present Deposit and I can give it all Parental love!
My dear Glen I with you completely agree, that the man which beats the woman he the present coward and he any more the man.
I do not think, that I operated awfully, I wished to express this certificate From to you and as I concern to you. I have written last letter You, that the person who really considers relations normal, really Necessary for me. Such as 50/50. As, when there there arrives love, I know, That this big feeling, and I also know, that all people cannot love Each other, understand, have any liking to someone. I think, it Love, that it something such, those warm forces shivered, has excited yours Blood when you see the favourite person. When you start to worry and Know, from whom this excitement results. I do not love such words as " I love you ". For me it is simple words. My purpose to search and find To such person to whom words allow also, he does not speak in the person, Also are written in the usual letter, it send by simple e-mail, Really give such energy, that it is transferred and in the letter. I The favourite person, but I loved it, is not understood, as though in dream, Instead of actually. And when my dream leaves from me, in me Feelings to this person have left also. You know, that I can love and You Glen? But love - a long part of mutual relations between The person and the woman. And also as pleasures of time, also love Requirements to itself the special approach. This feeling, instead of a Thing. And to it it is necessary problems with additional care. If you Have lost such person Glen which you loved, and loved very much Insistently. I regret to you about Glen, and I express you gratitude, That you really felt, that such love. I wish to tell to you my history From my childhood. I was a sign with several families which were Friends among themselves also lived in one house. Then we were Children also were friends together. Among us were many boys and girls And all differed on good or the bad party. When they Children have grown up steel adults, all of us have together understood, That the world is not limited only by one dream which in us was in The childhood. Us such problems as it is stood training in the higher Establishments have started to worry how to find for themselves approaching and Highly paid work. How to create a family and to make for a life and a Life of children all necessary. At once to you I will tell, it Someone has gone on a bad way. And subsequently we have more made Do not know about it something. But I have such friend as Elena and Natasha which we are friends almost from a cradle. And even now We sometimes at a leisure from work spend together time. I very much Would like to notice, from which you Glen, have understood all values My words which I have written you. Understand Glen, it now You for me the high-ranking official and I trust you. I never thought Creation to the person is bad. And I did not know, that such happiness (it Probably in my dreams). But I do not know as you to tell Glen, That you of very wide soul and the good person. And I never will be Capable you to offend even in ideas Glen. I wish All of you is better on Light Glen. And it seems to me, that I check something to you. But Allow we name it not, love, and very deep liking, it is good Glen? I look forward your letter, and I hope for yours Sincerity Glen! Evgeniya which tests to you deep sympathy waits from you for letters Glen! With impatience.
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