Scam letter(s) from Irina Polushina to Jaap (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Hi Jaap. It's Ulyana. We have got acquainted with you on Russianeuro.
You have very much interested me, and I would like to know about you more!
By the way, this is my e-mail:
I think to both of us interestingly to find out about each other more. I will begin the first …
As you know to me 31 years old. I work as the dentist. I have the higher medical education. I live in the city of Kazan, it's in Russia.
I very cheerful and interesting woman. I have many hobbies: billiard, bowling, skiing and as I took a great interest in diving. I very much like to cook, especially I manage to cook a shish kebab (this dish from meat, similarity of a barbecue).
And also various desserts and salads.
I search for serious relations. I wish to build the future with the serious man who will not dare to apply force in relations which will be responsible and resolute in his words and actions.
I'll be short today, because I need go to work very early tomorrow, and I need to sleep.
I hope to receive your letter tomorrow.
With pleasure I find out more about you.
And certainly I will tell more about myself.
Nearly has not forgotten, some my photos. I will be glad to see as well your photos. Up to tomorrow! Your new friend Ulyana.
Letter 2
Hi Jaap. I'm very glad to receive the letter from you! At me today remarkable day, pleasant winter weather.
It's very pleasant for me, that you search for serious relations because I also wish to be serious. I wish to create strong family in the future, with the responsible man on which is possible to rely. In my last letter I have a little told about myself .
I have thought, that it will be interesting to you to find out in more details where I live. As I already spoke, I live in city Kazan in Russia.
It's the big city, here lives more than million persons.
I like to live in a city because here the life boils over. I like to be in movement, in progress.
Though during too time, I very much love the nature, I like to be at mum.
My mum lives separately from me, in house with a fine garden near to Kazan.
My father, unfortunately, now is not with us. He has died several years ago of heavy illness... I already said, that I work as the dentist, I send you a photos from my work where you can see how I cure a teeth. Are you afraid dentists? Many people are afraid dentists, and it's vain! Actually dentists help people not to feel a toothache!
Also a photo from game club where we with friends usually play bowling and pool. I very much like to play bowling, and I play very good! Do you play bowling?
It's very pleasant for me, that you answer me reciprocity, and send your photos! It's very pleasant for me to see them! Hope you can send me more photos, and I'll too send you more. Ok? I wished to finish this letter, I need to take a walk with a dog. Did I say to you, that I have a dog? I have its photos, I will find them and I will send later.
I will wait for your answer soon! Ulyana. P.S. I have forgotten to tell you that I have closed my profile at Russianeuro. I have made it for other men didn't wait answer from me. Men wrote to me, hoping that I soon will answer them, but to me more all interests to you, and I wish to continue dialogue with you, instead of with someone else.
Letter 3
Hello my friend Jaap. How are you today? It was very pleasant to receive your answer!
I'm very glad to see your photos! I very much like it!
In my previous letter I mentioned my dog and promised to send photos. Her name is Bonya. Her 3 years old. I don't know how to translate into English its breed.
I very much love animals, and I love my dog especially strongly! Do you love animals? I love animals, as well as people, I love a life! I consider, that each live being requires love and care! How you consider?
You are very many-sided. And I think, each character trait in you is very interesting. In me as if the sensation boils, that you are boundless is interesting, and I have irrepressible desire to find out you, your sights, your principles! You have any major principle from which you never recede?
My main vital principle - I will never do something, than I can do harm to the people or animals! I have found for you some more photos made in this winter. You can see, how I prepare a shish kebab, also my friend. I very much like to prepare, and in general kitchen for me the most important room! Speak a way to heart of the man lays through his stomach, is it true? Smile.
I like to cook Russian and East dishes. My favourite products are fish and meat. I cook of fish many various versions of dishes. Also I like to make desserts, various cocktails. My friends very like, if I make cocktails, and it's not important, alcoholic or not. Do you like cocktails?
I like to drink dairy cocktails in the mornings, mixing various syrups, milk, yoghurt. At me now even «slobbers have begun to flow» . I would like to run to kitchen to cook this everything, and then to enjoy, reading the book or listening to music. But I will be kept, and I will write to you a little more about myself.
I would like to tell, why I search for the foreign man. First, foreign people are more interesting in dialogue. Foreign men in the majority gentlemens, also know as to behave with the woman. There are many Russian men who are very interesting, but they are already in love, or I'm simple I don't meet such men!
Second, the foreign man is more responsible! The important line that the mentality insistently differs from Russian. I think, that men abroad can find a way out of any situation and "will not escape from problems" if suddenly they have arisen. I search for the man with whom could be all life. Could have the true love and a remarkable family. It's possible only with the responsible man!
Thirdly, that is the most important, I had unsuccessful experience of love with the Russian man by name of Andrey. And since then I never found, that man who loved me and didn't refuse the words. Andrey promised to me too many. Distinction only that he kept the promises too seldom. I think, at us all would be good, if he promised only that can really execute. Then I would not hope for what he could not execute for me, and counted on the smaller.
I always try to execute that I want! If I cannot reach something, I don't set to myself such purpose, and I don't give the promise, that I can do it.
And since then I at all do not trust the Russian men! Not that I did not trust men in Russia, I'm not assured that it's possible to rely on them!
Now some my questions to you! Why you have decided to find love by the Internet? How strongly and seriously for you desire to find love by the Internet? How long, you tested love in your heart last time? Whether always you fulfil the promises?
Whether always you hold the word?
For me answers to these questions are very important, after all so I can find out you better!
Knowledge of similar details important as each brick for the house is important! Perhaps, I will finish this letter. To such interesting and attractive man, I would be desirable to write not ceasing, but at me today work in second half of day, and tomorrow I need to come to work early in the morning. So, tomorrow after work I will necessarily write to you! I will be glad, if your letter comes earlier, than I will cure last tooth!
You in my thoughts. Your friend Ulyana.
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