Scam letter(s) from Natalia Zykova to Jason (Canada)

Letter 1

Greetings my new friend Jason !!!
It is very pleasant for me that we have found each other!
It is pleasant for me that you write to me the letter!!!!
Now I to tell about myself:
I do not drink and I do not smoke;
I not when was not married and at me not when there were no children;
I have finished university on the teacher of initial classes of high school;
I work at present as the teacher of initial classes I very much like my work.
I live with mum, and daddy at me has died.
My city very beautiful, his(its) name Yoshkar-Ola and there proceeds the river Kokshaga!
My city is 800 kms from Moscow!
At us it is a lot of factories and factories and very many the cultural centres and places of rest!
Now at us there has come(stepped) an autumn and in the street on much colder than in the summer.
I to search for the prince at myself in Russia, but all my searches appeared unsuccessful As you know that Russia glory people who drinks ***** very much...
And whom I met that it(he) the fan(amateur) to drink ***** was or was very rough with me.
At the Russian man it is very bad to concern to girls, And the girlfriend to advise me that it is possible to find the love in the Internet.
I of her(it) to listen and go with it(her) in the Internet of cafe and to begin to thumb through conjugal agency and to see you and you to me have very much liked in this agency!!!
You very good as I to think the person...
I would be very glad if our correspondence was finished by good love and probably we might get married...
I to warn you that I do not have house of the phone and I can not call you.
But if our attitudes(relations) will promote very quickly and if we shall like each other I can call you from main mail because there there is a phone
I live in Russia
In city Yoshkar-Ola!!
1) Yours a full NAME?
2) Your full the SURNAME?
3) Your full and exact home address of residing?
4) Your home telephone number?
5) Yours of the countries where you live?
6) Your city where you live?
I shall look forward to your answer to all my questions.
The friend I of you ask mine only do not play with me in games because I the girl very serious and I want serious the attitude(relation) with you.
I send you still the photos!
Send to me your photo!
In the following letter I to you to tell about mum and about daddy!
If I you have interested that I wait for the answer to my letter!
I wait from you for questions if to you that that not clearly, on it I finish to write the letter!
I wait for your answer!
Yours Natalia!!!
Letter 2

Greetings my new friend Jason
It is very pleasant for me to receive from you the letter Yes I see that you are very much interested in me It is very pleasant for me, yes I too in you am very much interested You very beautiful and attractive, I to tell to mum, that we with you to start correspondence.
And my mum approves my choice, that I correspond with you She knows that you are more senior than me. On many.
But as to tell me mum that if you to love persons and it is pleasant to you that be with it.
For me does not play a role that you are more senior than me.
I from your letter to understand that you very kind and fair.
At me to you a question
How you like that I named you very tenderly and loving??? Now I to tell about mum!!!!
She works at the Vitamin Factory as the programmer
To my mum of 59 years and to call her Irina My daddy has died when there was a war to Afghanistan, it was the officer in the Russian armies
When they went on tasks their fighting machine have blown up "DUSHMAN" and my daddy was lost
It is very hard for me to tell about daddy
When the summons has come that my daddy has died that at my mum there was a heart attack and she was taken away in hospital
At my mum very bad health
And she very much wants that I on have more soon given birth to the child
She wants to look at the grandson or the grand daughter
I very much want to have children When I studied at university that I studied the English, German, French languages
Very much they like me it very beautiful languages
I and to tell about myself and about my family
As I to write to you my new friend, that I do not have phone
And I to write to you from the Internet of cafe
I hope, that you like my photos
Tell to me about itself??
How you to carry out a free time? Than be engaged?
You to love what kinds of sports?
To tell to me about your family?
I want you to learn completely
You too may ask me and I shall try on them to you to answer On it I finish to write the letter
I wait for your answer
Yours Natalia!!!
Letter 3

Greetings the my dear friend Jason !!
It is very pleasant for me to receive from you a mail!!!
When I receive your letters that to me very joyfully and I am very happy that we have found each other in the Internet!!!
My mum too is very glad for us that we have very much good relations!!!
I for a long time to search such person as you, and at last to find my pleasure!!!!
At me it is so much a lot of feeling to you, I have very strongly fallen in love with you!!!
Yes it may seem to you ridiculous, that I have fallen in love from the third letter with you, but I to you have opened the feelings!!!
My dear that you to test to me, what feelings??
I very much want to be with you and to be yours for one century!
I want to have children from you!
I think that our children will be very beautiful.
I very much love flowers, especially ROSES, VIOLETS.
My most loved color is GREEN.
I like to go to a cinema, theatre, and I am especial like to listen to classical music and when I was small that I studied to play as a grand piano and it very much was pleasant to me, and now I have finished to study!
My dear friend tell to me about your family on more as you spend free time from work.
I very much like to go in for sports.
I everyone morning to engage in run of 5 kms.
You go in for sports?
The answer to your questions!!!
1) As I to write to you earlier, that I should brothers not sisters I one child in family
2) In Russia very bad people, in first they to drink ***** much and all of them like to beat the woman, or gangsters
And I want to find persons of whom I like both who me likes also it to find I it you!!!
I hope, that I am right in the choice
3) If I shall fall in love with persons I am glad for him all to make
I shall be possible to name you ROAD, it very much is pleasant to me!
You very lovely!
MY DEAR I to write only to you to one, who is not necessary for me any more except for you
I how to find you you to me very much to like
You at me unique and loved
Soon I to send you a photo very beautiful you to see my body, but I once again to warn you not when to not ask me a photo where I ***** and if I to want that I to you to send her!!!!
Still I want to tell you, that Russian people do not love foreign people!
When they arrive to Russia that them may plunder and beat, and in a bad case may ****.
On it I finish to write to you the letter and I wait for your answer my dear!
Your loved Natalia!!!
Letter 4

Greetings my dear Jason !!!!
It is very pleasant for me to receive from you a mail
When I receive from you letters that to me very pleasantly on heart
I very joyful when I read your letters
My heart very strongly beats, when I open the letter box and the visa your letter
At us recently in Russia wrote newspapers that have plundered and have beaten the foreigner
Our Russian people do not love foreign citizens, it is very dangerous to them to be in Russia
Still iaue Russian men it is a lot of to drink ***** and very roughly address with girls
And I want to find the prince and I to find it. It you my treasure
Yes it is ridiculous that I so has quickly fallen in love with you. But I very much want to have children from you
I know that our children will be very beautiful
As I to write to you that my mum very strongly is sick, she till now may not transfer death of mine of daddy
At it ill heart. And doctors have told it that she not long will live on white light
But she wants to see the the grand daughter or the grandson
She is very glad that we began to be friends and our attitudes develop very well In days off we with girlfriends go by a ski on a wood, sometimes we go to theatre or at cinema
And is usual we walk on our city, I am fast to send you a photo of the city
I think to you she it is pleasant
Send to me your photo of you and your city My dear I it is very happy that you to write to me, I simply can not find a word that I now test in relation to you
All my ideas only about you, I each day dream about our meeting
I present myself that it will be very romantic meeting and then we will have love My dear I not when to not travel from the city
I very much want where not be to visit, I want to look the world
Tell to me about your culture?
About your traditions?
How you spend free time from work?
On it I finish to write the letter
I wait for your answer
The love and is a lot of kisses, kisses, kisses, kisses
Your loved Natalia !!!!
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