Letter(s) from Anita Feister to Joe (USA)

Letter 1

Dear Joe
After chatting with you yesteday this morning , what can i say is that with everything you said so far, or at least whats necesary to know, that we are both into the same, that we both wish and want that normal life having the privilege to spend it with a wonderful and amazing person, with honesty and purity.I thing that the best a person can do is never enough,but just knowing that their there is what counts,I do need to be honest and tell you that this for me can be a little scary, but u just need to show me the way to be secure and not afraid. If u really want me some one like me in your life
I Cant stop thinking of you, and i ask myself how can that be if we just met and we just started talking, but i think is the fact that i believe that all this it going to happen and that its no joke, thats actually real, and sincere.I want to trust you,i want to love,i want to care,to pamper and be pamped,to be there,to be respected, i want you to be my husband and partner in crime (the crime of love).I also believe in destiny and i think you are my present,my gift for good,believe it or not i,m actually crying,If everything i wrote to u you believe,then ill believe everything u wrote and said to me i,m serious too about wanting a relationship,I want a family i want to make my husband proud and happy. No lies, no cheating, no fights, I want to take care off him, in good and bad, for rich or poor till dead do us part,I cant believe this is happening, and its so hard. To know that ur out there and i cant reach u, every time i want to know how you feel about me.I just need you to make me happy and smile the rest will come by nature,I dont know you but i want to get to know you, everything u said during our conversation.
Please just make it real. i Promise i will make the same i need details, i need action behind the words, i need you to come fast to my aid and make me happy i can't wait to meet you and get to know each other but in person face to face.i need you to be sweet to me more and talk to me sweet the way you care for me, just makes the relationship be more warm and lovely, more real.
Lots of Love From