Scam letter(s) from Sandra Adam to Ron (USA)

Letter 1
Thanks for your email can you please download yahoo instant mesenger on your computer
Letter 2
well if i may ask do u have access to yahoo instant messenger at home and if i may ask again have you ever Chat with someone in Ghana before and when did u join mydailyflog
Letter 3
Oh Okey sweetheart, do u have cell number and if i may ask do u receive txt messages ,if u do then give me your Cell Number
Letter 4

Ok so what are you looking for , have you ever been in a serious relationship before?Do you care to help me come and stay with you in the state so that we can live as husband and wife ?
Letter 5
well First i think you have to send me some money to renew my passport and visa and that Cost $350 , pls if u know u are serious tehn send the funds Via western union online service ok so that i can go and renew my passport and Visa before we continue with the rest , i am tired of being singel so i really want to be with my future husband and i think thats you
Letter 6
well i dont need all the funds , all i ask u First is to send the $350 for the passport and Visa first so my address is
First Name:Zenabu
Last Name:Ibrahim
City:New Town
Zip Code:00233
Thats the address u should be using to send the funds ok Love you my Husband
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