Scam letter(s) from Olga Titova to Michael (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, honey Michael!!!
I enjoy reading your letters.
It brings warmth to my heart. I wish that I can hear your voice and sense the warmth of your soul.
Dear I wish to tell you more about myself. I don’t have any bad habits, I don’t smoke, and never used to, I’ve never taken drugs, and don’t drink a lot. As you have already learned, I’m a barman, that’s why I know a lot of different prescriptions of delicious and alcohol cocktails? and I like to drink some of them at time to time, my favorite cocktails are “Pina Colada” and “*** on the Beach” have you ever tried them? If you want I cold treat you with these and another nice drinks, if we become together. As about a food, I like sea-food, I like Japanese cuisine, there is very nice restaurant in my town, which calls “Yakitoria” there cooked very nice sushi and tea, I like to go there sometime with my girlfriends. My favorite color is blue, dark blue and violet. I like to listen to music very much, I like to listen all kinds of it, except only hard rock. I like music of Sting, Madonna, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Scorpions and many others. I also enjoy watching nice movies, I like to go to the cinema, or just stay at home, and watch nice film while I drink hot green tea or hot chocolate. How I wish, I could watch films with cuddling with my beloved, and just enjoy being together. I like to read sometimes, I often read woman’s magazines, I try to find out some necessary and interesting information for me. Three days a week I go to the gym, because I wish to be in shape, I hope, that even when I grow old, I’ll be beautiful granny?
As about my family, I have a brother, he is older then me for 3 years. When we were kids, we hate each other, like all sisters and bothers? but now, he is the dearest person in my life. Our parents divorced when we were kids, I was 6 years old, and my brother Anton was 9. It was very hard period in our life, because our mother have to worked on three jobs for us. My brother and I very thankful to her for this…But there was a terrible accident with mommy 16 years ago…She worked at the laboratory, on the chemist plant, and accidentally she overthrow some kinds of chemical on her face….it was maybe the most terrible period in our life. She spent at the hospital about two months, and unfortunately doctors can’t replace her beauty…After this accident, she hated to take a picture of herself. She is retired now, and I live with her, because she needs help. But most of all, she said, that she wants to see her daughter happy, mommy wants to become granny sooner?
I wish to find my right man so much, and I think, that my ideal man have to be honest first of all with me, and trustful, I know, that trust is the main thing in relations. I also want him to be affectionate, and able to love, family oriented, tender, serious, good mannered with good sense of humor. But I know, that all of us are not ideals, so and I’m.
Honey, I think, that you have all these characteristics and I’m ready to make a peace with some of your vices and I hope, that you’ll be in the same way. My dear, I’m really happy with our Internet-meeting, and I’m sure, that it could lead us to something very beautiful, and we could bathe in the whirlpool of our love and happiness….I hope, that you think in the same way….
I’ll wait for hearing back from you soon.
I send you tender kisses and warm tight hugs.
Yours Olga.
Letter 2
Dear Sir, Michael. We want to appeal your attention, that Olga is a client of our firm.
She uses our firm's service of translation and Internet services.
(because she has no her own PC and Internet connection).
Unfortunately, she can't reply to your letter because her account is over.
Our firm can provide a guarantee, that all your letters will be translated and your lady could receive them in time and answer to you. If you're interested in the girl,and want to continue your communication we can send you information about our service and payment, which is rather small. We hope for our future cooperation. Sincerely Yours,
Manager of TF "Olimp"
Andrey Markov.
Letter 3
Dear Sir, Michael. Thank you for your letter and your interest in Olga Titova. We hope for our future cooperation that will be both pleasant for you and your lady. We want to let you know about the services we provide for you and your lady. You can choose the service you like and subscribe to it depending on the quantity of letters and pictures you would like to get. We provide unlimited correspondence including letter translations, printing your photos and scanning+sending your lady's photos in limitless quantity. You can subscribe to one, two or three months of unlimited correspondence. All prices are indicated in United States Dollars.
The costs relatively are:
one month of unlimited correspondence - 200 USD;
two months of unlimited correspondence - 350 USD;
three months of unlimited correspondence - 500 USD.
We can also provide the service of unlimited translation, it includes letter translations only in limitless quantity without printing your photos for your lady and scanning+sending your lady's photos to you.
One month of unlimited translation - 150 USD;
Two months of unlimited translation - 270 USD;
Three months of unlimited translation - 400 USD.
====================================================== If you would like to use another services we can also provide letter by letter translation, printing your photos for your lady and scanning your lady's photos for you: one letter translation and printing - 5 USD;
(translator service - 2 USD; Internet service - 1 USD; printing
the letter - 1 USD; taxes and other payments - 1 USD);
scanning one photo - 3 USD;
printing one photo - 3 USD. After you decide which service you want to use you should make the payment via the Western Union in the name of our client Olga Titova.
You will fill in the form where you should write:
name of the receiver: Olga Titova;
address: bl. Komarova Lugansk 91000 Ukraine. After you make the payment you send an e-mail with the following information: your full name, the country you made the transfer from, the sum you transferred and the money transfer control number (MTCN) It's necessary for your lady can receive money without any problems. When your account is filled up again you will be able to write to your lady and get her responses. We will notify you when your account is running out. We hope for our future cooperation. Respectfully,
Principal of TF "Olimp",
Andrey Markov.
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