Scam letter(s) from Anna Ashley to Joseph (USA)

Letter 1
hello baby, thank u very much for ur quick email to me actually can i get ur phone number so i can let u know when am online ? well this is my yahoo IM id (lovinguwithall) hope u get that and add me there. well i can not know what to tell u much about my self unless we meet online chat and u can ask me questions u want to and i will answer them honestly. take care baby and for our meet it depend on u am ever ready any time u want me to move, i hope u understand. but i want to know do u like allot of ***? let me know. take care and see u. If you will send me 160.00 dollars I will be able to come to you in the states. It will take 3 weeks to get the visa, i will then need your help with travel money, but i promise i will more then repay u with ***!!!!!!!!!!
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