Scam letter(s) from Julia Drozdova to Jens (Denmark)

Letter 1
Hello, my dearest Jag!!! How are you doing today, my dear? I hope you recovered completely from your cold? Is it cold over there now? Thank you so greatly for your letter and for such wonderful photos. To be honest your life style is so interesting to me. I can see you here in different clothing and with people of Hare Krishna, and these photos were taken so long time ago! You know, when I saw these your photos I realized that many times I could see people of Hare Krishna is my city of Lugansk, but they were wearing the red cloth. Is the color of your cloth only white or yellow? It is interesting to know about how you spend the time with your friends from hare Krishna company, what you do and is you keep very close relationship. I like you very much on this photos and the first time I can see the hair on your head :) You are blond! Why you do not wear the hair now? Does Hare Krishna requires wearing no hair? I just ask, because I am learning and I am very curious. Jag, I am back to work after the Christmas holiday. Christmas time was good. First of all I want to pass to you the greetings from my parents. We received many small kids at home, as on Christmas eve they come to the houses to sing the Christmas songs and we always give the sweets, pies and some money. It is an old tradition, coming from the old Ukrainian times. Some years ago not only kids were walking from house to house, but also adults, wearing the costumes of the different animals, holding the fake stars in their hands (made of the thick foil), singing the songs. Christmas is a wonderful season here. Some day we shall enjoy it in Ukraine together. Jag, dear, it would be a thrill for me to receive the video from you, where you would sing for me. I feel very excited about it and hope you will take it soon for me. Thank you so much. AS for your proposal to send me a book of cooking, it would be nice to have it. I will have double practice: in my English language and in trying to cook vegetarian food. I have not eaten meat for the last three days, but yesterday I felt that I wanted chicken so badly and I boiled some for me. Maybe you have some thing to teach me how to refuse consuming the meat. I think there must be some psychological motives. Jag, you can have this data, maybe one day the cooking book gets me, I am not sure of our mail service works good: 91000, Ukraine, Lugansk. Stepnoy Block 2/42. Jag, dear, I have to tell you something important. There are some circumstances that make me feel uneasy these days... I'm so elated since we met, and I want this feeling grow ever more firm and joyful! But.. I have something to tell you, it may seem stupid and vulgar, but I think I shouldn't conceal anything from you... I am in a difficulty right now. Unfortunately I can not pay for the translation service anymore, as due to the economical crisis in Ukraine I have my salary delayed and before the new Year I am just without finances. The costs of the translation fees got higher here and it is more than I can afford. I'm really frustrated about it and I don't know what to do - I can't imagine that I may loose you, my dear Jag. Less than anything I wanted to ask somebody to help me and I never thought that I would ever come to you with this stupid request. But I thought maybe I could be important to you too and you could support me at least a little. I really don't know what to do... Of course, I can't demand anything from you, and I'm not going to... I just don't want you to give up on me!!! I would have been so happy, if you could help me to survive these hard times, I wish you could support me in my need, my dear Jag! For the short time that I know you, I got very close to you emotionally and keep attaching to you with letter... I would really hate to loose you. I'm so sorry to tell you all this, but I want you to know everything about me, and accept me for what I am... I hope you are not mad with me and I hope to read you soon again. Have a blessed day. Your Yulya
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