Scam letter(s) from Daria Pogostyuk to John (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello dear John! It's really wonderful to get one more letter from you! If you write meagain then it means that you are interested in me, right? :) For suchlong time you are the first man who has caught my attention sostrongly. Yes,my dear,I live in Ukraine,Lugansk region - have youheard about it? I have many different hobbies but more then anything in the world Ienjoy sports. Since my childhood I have been going in for sport and ithelps me keep feet and always be in a good mood, as my mother said -in healthy body there is a strong spirit.... so I try to follow thisexpression. I like to swim a lot . It's the activity I can be involvedwith for hours. Unfortunately it's not always possible to go swimminghere in Severodonetsk as swimming pool is far from my home and itbecomes more and more expensive... I have achieved notable success inswimming - I got Master Degree in swimming but I'm not trainingprofessionally anymore... no time :( I think about my future family very often. Being involved into others'family lives I start to desire to have my own family more and moreevery day. It seems like I know how it all must be... satisfied andcaring husband, beautiful and healthy children... and harmony in thehouse. By the way, I am fond of cooking. I become truly creative whenI prepare meals... and there is no ****** pleasure from it than to seewhen someone is eating it with appetite... it's the best reward. I really like our communication but there is one thing that upsets me.When i decided to look for love abroad it was complicated for me atthe very beginning because I do not know English, i can not speak orwrite in this language. But my friend who is happily married to a manfrom foreign country has advised me about a company that helped myfriend to communicate with her future husband . This is not a datingcompany but a translation service . They provide translations fromUkrainian into English and vice versa . Tender Kisses and Soft Hugs ..Dashenka
Letter 2
Good day to You, Dearest! Your letter brought me a lot of joy today:)I must say that your letteris a very pleasant surprise. I was looking forward to get your reply,i was thinking about you and wondering what you would write me in yournew letter:) My dear,thanks a lot for the compliments that you told me:) It is very pleasant for me :) Yes,I have a degree in swimming :) Iadore swimming and if I have such possibility - I do it :)Yes,I likecooking very much! I like to prepare ukrainian,russian,italian food.And I want so much to learn the way of preparing the Japaneese food. Ithink it is very interesting. Do you like it? Have you ever tasteukrainian dishes such as ukrainian borsh,vareniki,pirogi? :-) If notyou have a great chance to taste it :-) I believe that you are honest with me, i feel it through yourletters... your words are sincere and intentions are expressed rightbasing on your heart desires. It's fabulous to realize that you and meare getting closer to each other more and more with each new letter.At last after so much time of being lonely, after all crushed hopes,after tears I cried, I found a man who I feel so good and comfortablewith , who understand me so well, who has the same life values i makes me feel so happy! I also realize that I actually believe in love from the the firstsight. Do you belive in love at first sight,too? It's really amiraculous event which can happen with two people... one touch, onesight can just turn each other's life from up to down... and it willbe changed forever. Dear, I know that we speak different languages but this littleobstacle doesn't make us feel different to each other. I am notconcerned about language gap, I know that i can overcome it for theright man like you. I am willing to put my time and efforts to learnyour language. I want us to be able to understand each other andexpress our thoughts and feeling directly! A sensual kiss over your lips:) Yours Dasha
Letter 3
Hello,my dear! I came today to the agency to write you a letter but the manager ofthe agency told me that my account is over and I can't write lettersanymore,if I don't fill the account up. But I gave my last money fortoday to write you a letter and to tell you about it. :( Mydarling,I'm so upset now and I really don't know what to do. Becausemy salary is not so big so I can't pay for the service now! I wastrying to use the automatic translators in the Internet but honey itis really awful and it is really impossible to read the sentences. Ifeel inside me that it is not the end of our story and that we haveall the chances to be together and to be happy. You became a closeperson for me and I promise you that I'll never forget you and you arealways in my mind and in my heart! It is not right that two personthat are interested in each other can't continue their relationshipbecause of the life situations. Honey,I'm so upset now and I reallydon't know what to do. I want to cry now....Of course it would begreat if you could help us in this situation of course if you don'tmind but it is your decision. My dear,I'd be very glad if you couldhelp here by paying money at least for more several letters because Ireally afraid to lose you. You are not just a passing man in my lifeand I can't just let you go. I miss you greatly!
Only yours
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