Romance scam letter(s) from Tatyana Sapugolceva to Jose (Spain)
Letter 1
Hi my dear!!! I am happy that you again answer me. I am very close read your letter and understand almost all. It was very interesting to me to read it and I to learn a lot about you. I like you very much! I very much want to find out about you more and more and more. I want that, wrote to a thicket that I was pleased to your each word, each letter. I think, that it will be interesting to you learn more about me. As I wrote earlier, I live together with my mum. She is very good mother. At us with her very good relations and she is my best friend, the assistant. She the most dear person for me. I very much love and respect her. We always with her can find common language. I think that you are understand me good. My mother know that we are write to each other. I have told her, that from you the letter has come still. As well as I,she is very much pleased, that I at last have found such person as you. But she speaks me, that I should be very cautious, that me have not deceived. But I see, that you are serious and I believe you. I don't have any secrets from my mom. We live together with my mum. My father has left us 5 years ago. I had a lot thoughts about him. I love him very much. But at them with Mother recently were disagreements. I guessed, that all goes to divorce. I don't see him for a long time. I don't know at all where he now. But I very much miss him. I don't have brothers. I have only one sister. How she live in Moscow, together with the husband. I don't have the computer at home, therefore I write to you from the Internet cafe. It is very convenient for me, because I don't have computer at home. i have some hobbies. In free time from work, I like spend time with friends. I like to listen Classical music. I like Bethoven and Chaykovski. And what music do you like? I simply like good modern music which cheer up. I very much like to be on a nature. I like to be in the wood and on the lake. I like camping very much. I like to float. Each Sunday,together with my girlfriend ,I go to pool. I swim very well.
In the childhood I always borrowed prize-winning places.Do you like to float? I very much love animals. I have cat Barsik. It is very beautiful and clever animal. I have brought up it from my birth. It have the same character as at me. I love itself to think out any tasty dishes and prepare for them and at me Well it turns out. Today I prepared a pie with apples and with raisin. I have thought up the recipe. All my relatives and friends like my pie. They speak, that better me nobody may prepare for him. It is very a pity to me, that you can't try and estimate this pie. I think that you like it too, and you too would approve my culinary abilities=)) I very much love Russian kitchen. I want to know what dishes do you like? What drinks are you prefere? And what do you like to be engaged at leisure?
What kinds of sports do you like? I want to know all abut you=))I like to look the big tennis. And still I love basketball. Can you tell me more about your life are more best? I shall finish the letter. If you may, send me more your photos.
I hope to receive your letter soon and shall try to answer faster.
Have a good day. Your Tatyana!!!
Letter 2
Hello my love!!!
My dear just come to the internet cafe to see your letter. I think that I still some time will be here, and I hope to receive from you the letter. My dear I already spoke to you all my full data and my full name. If you have not written down it, I will speak it to you once again:
Name: Tatyana
Surname: Sapugolceva
Middle name: Sergeevna
City: Orenburg
Volodarskogo str. house 12, flat 15.
My love it is my address, and I think that you should write down it!-)
My dear I asked to you your phone number. My love please give me your phone number, I think that I can call you. I really very much wish to hear your voice. My dear I waiting letter from you, and some time I will be here. kiss you. your Tatyana.
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