Romance scam letter(s) from Marina Demina to Sean (Canada)
Letter 1

Hi my dear.
I am glad nevertheless that you have written me the letter.
ÉÞ you already know me call Marina. And I live in Russia in city Vladimir.
Why you have decided that I not the real girl. If I am beautiful that I can not find the real love under the Internet.
I have addressed in agency because I do not want to live in Russia and I done not interested with young people in Russia.
And they are not ready to serious attitudes.
I would like to live outside Russia, I would like to live better than in Russia. I shall have the best life in other country.
And consequently I have addressed in agency.
And in a structure I have written that I from USA as I had problems at registration and consequently I have put this country, in it I do not see that suspicious.
If you do not trust in real love on correspondence why you ÍÀÏÞÐÕÊÕÝ in agency and there were registered?
Letter 2

Hello the my dear friend!
Many thanks to you, that you have answered me, and have shown interest to me, it is very pleasant.
As you already know me, call Marina, and I live in Russia. The city in which I live, refers to as Vladimir, is not far from Moscow.
It is rather small city, but beautiful enough which is in the Moscow area.
I 25 years am old, and I was never married. I long enough am in loneliness.
To tell the truth, when I have seen your questionnaire at once has decided to write.
Though I certainly was not sure that I shall receive the answer by virtue of the certain criteria of selection:
Age, a residence or simply I shall not interest as the person. Has and still tried.
I do not know, whether it will be interesting to learn, why I have decided to get acquainted such unusual way.
I have decided to take advantage of advice of the girlfriend and to find the destiny.
Young years irrevocably leave, and so now already it would be desirable to find the kind, understanding person close to you on spirit, to interests and mood.
So it would be desirable to realize in this life that there is a person who waits for you, thinks of you and to care, at last.
And as I hope, that this beginning of our correspondence.
And we shall write each other as it is possible more often to deepen mutual understanding and trust.
I want, that you knew, before we begin development of our friendship, that I the sincere, open and fair girl.
Probably, our friendship will develop, in what that greater.
I search for serious long-term attitudes to create friendly high-quality family. Serious attitudes are necessary for me.
I want to inform you about my biography.
I was born in city Vladimir and to this day I live in this city with mum. At us a small apartment and with mum basically the place suffices us.
The father at me is not present, because it has left my mum when she was pregnant. And about it does not regret.
I of it when did not see, and I do not know where it. And it when was not interested in me and mum.
Mum the second time did not marry. Certainly, I always dreamed of fatherly care.
She brought up me one, and I am grateful to it for fine education. And it is natural at me there are no brothers and sisters.
I always dreamed of the brother or the sister. We have not enough relatives and they live in different cities. But each year we gather in special cases.
My mum is the most dear person to me on light. All right, it is a sad history and I shall not tell a detail of my childhood.
Concerning my formation I have finished 11 classes of school number 30 in Vladimir.
To me study was given easily. At us the class with an inclination on foreign languages was. And consequently I likely have gone to the Vladimir State University.
Where I have studied 5 years. Also has finished with distinction. I gave a lot of time to study so I have practically nothing to tell about student's life.
I when did not like to go on discos though all my friends with whom I studied, had a good time.
After the termination of university I have gone to work in school, and taught Russian and the literature. But has got under reduction.
And then young teachers did not want to take. It may and to the best. As at school to teachers pay very little.
On the tiny salary you will not live. But then my girlfriend has offered to work as the seller in shop where I and work now.
As to my hobby. I very much like to read, the love to books at me was showed from the childhood.
As I play on a piano, earlier I went to musical school. But I already for a long time did not play.
For maintenance of the good physical form I two times per one week visit sports a hall and I am engaged in power shaping as I go to pool.
I very much love water and to listen to noise of water.
You may not worry concerning understanding of the English language.
I well understand the English language, I can write and translate. If that you do not understand that, do not hesitate and inform me about it.
I did not have good practice, but I continue to study the English language.
As I think, that on the English language everywhere is necessary.
Unfortunately, I have no computer any the house, and, hence, I shall write to you about the Internet - cafe.
The Internet of cafe is located in the city centre.
To reach up to the Internet of cafe to me, it is required 30 minutes of movement by bus from a house.
But I think, that I soon shall save up money and the purchase to myself the computer. At us not each family has an opportunity to buy to itself the computer.
As to my character, I very sociable, the friendly person.
I do not love quarrel, and I try them to avoid. Many speak me, that I very economical and patient probably was the truth.
I kind and sincere, like, when people with me are fair, this main thing for me that the person was fair and open.
Because I such also do not love lie and a deceit.
I love a nature and rest on a nature with friends. We frequently gather in the summer on shish kebabs. By the way this my loved season.
We go with spending the night we take tents and we are arranged on a coast of the river. I think it the most popular rest at us.
As I would like to travel much. It is my dream. But while I can not do it.
I neither when and nor where did not travel. I even when was not on the sea.
Certainly, it sounds likely for you very strange, but actually I when was not on the sea.
I would like to feel this smell starve noise of water. I think, that my dreams are feasible, and I still shall visit on the sea.
I hope, that perusal of this letter will help you slightly to study me and to know about me.
I want, that you asked to inform me your biography so we may become close each other little bit more.
Too it will be interesting to me to learn you slightly. But I think, that it only began our correspondence.
I search for the serious attitudes based on love and TRUST, with the purpose of creation of family And therefore the friend on the correspondence is not necessary for me.
On it I shall finish the letter to you my friend. That you the letter have read thank up to the end.
I with impatience shall look forward to hearing from you the my dear friend. Sincerely yours Marina!!!!!!
Letter 3

Hi I am very glad to receive from you the new letter.
Thank for your following good letter. It was very pleasant for me.
I shall not hide, that again it was very pleasant for me to read your letter again.
I do not own written English language, but I try, that you have understood me correctly.
In this letter I shall try to inform about myself little bit in more detail. That you have better learned me.
As I have written to you in last letter, I very much like to read. That the love to books has arisen from the childhood.
I am very similar to mystical books or simply imagination. Also I love books about love.
I think, that such attitudes are possible, not only in books, but also and actually.
As I like to read the scientific literature. Historical books.
When is, the free time I sometimes likes to look good film.
Like to go to cinemas, it is now very popular.
My loved actor Keanu Rivz. I loved the trilogy "Matrix" with his participation.
It is fantastic film, the strong mutual love there is shown.
In this film I saw force of the love, the existing love there is shown.
Recently our Russian films also became interesting.
Recently we send at cinema with girlfriends on our Russian film "Bimer", " Night patrols ".
It - very instructive film.
Concerning music, that I prefer popular Russian music.
My loved Russian group it " Premieres minister ".
From foreign music it is pleasant to me Robert Miles.
Sometimes music helps me to relax. I very much love slow compositions, Like to dance at slow dance. And as very much it is pleasant to me Adriano Celentano And his structures Confessa, Mi Domando, Senza Amore.
I do not love a disco, and, hence, I do not go there. As I do not love noisy parties.
There drunk people are very noisy and many. I do not like drunk. Because itself I do not prefer alcoholic drinks.
As I do not smoke, and I do not like when girls smoke.
I love high internal temperature and the house.
As I have written to you, I go to sports a hall because support of a figure for me is important.
And in general I care about health.
I visit fitnes - Club. I very much like to float, and once a week I visit pool.
It very much helps to develop the physical form.
I want to inform you, that I very much like sweet, ice-cream is especial.
And in general from the foodstuffs I prefer the Russian kitchen.
My loved dishes it - a pizza, I very well am going.
Also I prefer the internal foodstuffs, and I invest all love in preparation of the foodstuffs.
My loved color, dark blue, green, red, white.
Dark blue color is very well combined with my color of eyes. And what your loved color?
I have almost passed to inform you, when my birthday.
I was given birth June, 12 1980. On mark of Twins of the Zodiac.
And when your birthday and who you on a horoscope?
What color of your eyes and what growth at you?
My color of eyes dark blue and 170 sm of growth.
You have a hobby? Than you are borrowed in leisure?
Probably, I have asked much, but I want to study about you a few lot of my friend.
You are very interesting to me. I have found whom it is special in my life. And, hence, you are very interesting to me. I think, that on it am possible to finish my following letter.
I shall look forward to hearing from you with impatience.
Sincerely yours Marina!!!
Letter 4

Hi my dear Sean!
I write you to wish good day and good evening.
Today I have come in the Internet of cafe in hope to find out from you the letter.
But unfortunately you have not written to me, I very much miss under your letters and would like that you have written to me.
You with whom that still correspond? I write only to you and would like to receive your letters.
I am very much interested in you my dear.
How you? How weather in your city? And than you are engaged I would like to know about you little bit more.
At us today fine autumn weather to shine the sun and soul is pleased.
At me today fine mood and that I wish you my dear!
Today I shall go to walk with girlfriends on our park where many people gathers.
Tomorrow I shall come again in the Internet of cafe in hope that you to me write the letter.
With good wishes your Marina.
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