Name: Racheal Watford
Age: 32
Name: Anna Polownikowa
Age: 28
Name: Elizabeth Denkyi
Age: 30
Name: Eugen Velu
Age: 25
Name: Helen Brender
Age: 30
Name: Elena Novoselova
Age: 26
Name: Irina
Age: 27
Name: Olga Sycheva
Age: 25
Name: Julia Averbyh
Age: 27
Name: Jane Roberts
Age: 32
Name: Natalia Korikova
Age: 27
Name: Onchan Pratoomtod
Age: 24
Name: Anna
Age: 37
Name: Mercy Laryea
Age: 34
Name: Sandra Cox
Age: 32

Scam letter(s) from Olga Dadiyko to Marc (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello Vincent! Let's correspond! I found your profile in Natalik dating site and I would like to try to correspond and to meet.
So, I attach my newest pictures to this first message and I'll try to write more about myself more in details. And you'll write me about yourself. Also, send me your photo too. OK?
Well, I was born in 1985 in St-Petersburg.
Now I live in Russia, in the Northern part of Russia, in town Norilsk.
If you have Atlas of Russia - you can find my town without big problems: you should find big river Yenisey, in the middle of Russia - my town is located in the Northern part on this river.
My present job is economist and work in commercial firm in my town.
I have no own flat or house at moment, and I rent a room in communal flat.
My family (my parents) are pensioners already, they do not work and they live in other part of Russia - in Kaliningrad region.
I'm single at moment. I never was married before, and my main goal of these searches via Internet - to find a guy, to try to arrange our real meeting and if everything would be all right - to plan our common life together in future.
I decided to finish Economic Institute. I did it last year, and my job now is economist, because I'm graduate of Economic Institute.
Well, it's my basic information.
OK, I'll try to write about myself more in detail, OK?
1. My personality, character, attitude.
Very hard task. I'll write most characteristic features, which mark me out from the grey and dull crowd of my friends, ok?
I have really wild sense of humor, I'm witty, I'm very educated and extremely informed. I'm romantic. I'm not far-sighted, I'm able to do a lot of ****** things because of momentary impulse.
I'm never spoiling for a fight with people, I do not like to humble and offend people without a very good reason.
I prefer to keep mum, even if I see some real weakness and imperfection of any person. But if he (she) ask me about it - I'll say honestly everything what I think about it.
My main defect - I'm quite lazy. I know I'm able to do a great lot of things, but quite often I think about it only.
On the other hand - I can be a very active. I think, the main problem - I'm person of my mood.
If I want to do something - nobody can stop me and I'll work as the dog, to reach this goal, but if I understand I should do something, but I have no wish to do it - I'll lay on my sofa and to repeat again and again - "I should do it...I should stand up and do it...I should stand up and do it...I should stand up...(*my snore..I sleep and I see the dream how I stand up and do everything what I should do..ha ha ha)
2. My emotions.
I'm quite emotional girl, I'm not able to ****, but I'm able to maim if you'll hurt my feelings. :)
I think my main character in this question - I'm very emotional person, but I'm able to keep it inside me.
I'm not able to sob violently in cinema or to laugh loudly in public place. But it does not mean I'm cold like an iceberg.
I have one girlfriend who react as the child, we are afraid to joke when she is near, because she will be neighing like the horse and to scare people around, also we are afraid to tell her sad or scary stories, because she will sob bitterly and scare people around again. I think it's extreme kind of open feelings, but I'm more outwardly restrained girl.
I look forward to your answer!
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