Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Korelova to Georg (Norway)

Letter 1
Hello! I am 'koroleva' from moteplassen. I hope that you remember me?
I hope we could know each other better and become friends or may be more than just friend.
I understand we live in different countries and we have different cultures, that is why I want to know more about you.
Besides we live in world where even space seems close and if we want to meet we can sit in to the plain and in few hours we can see each other.
I understand may be that it will not happen. Anyway I'm interested in our communication.
I would not leave a lot of letters to you on site because I'm interested in private communication.
We could more about each other with help e-mails. I'd like to tell you some words about me.
My name is Ekaterina.
My height is 168sm, weight 56 kilos. I send you my photo I hope you'll consider me preatty!
I'd like to see your photos too.
My birthday is on 5th of march 1977, my sign is fish. I was married 3 year ago, now I'm divorced. I don't have children.
Now I'm lonely and I'm looking for new relations.
I can write you about my unlucky marriage later if you want. I live in Khabarovsk. It is on the Far East of Russia. It is city with beautiful nature.
I am manager in TV company. I'd like to know more about you. I hope we can continue our conversation. I'm forward to receive your letter.
Letter 2
Hello Georg! How are you? Thanks for your photo!
I'm glad that you answer me again. It means that we can have a good correspondence now.
I hope we can be good friends. I told you that I am manager in TV company in Khabarovsk.
Its name is "Guberniya" its site is
You can see it but all the information is in Russian.
I work there with clients. In general I work with advertisement.
I receive calls from our clients who want put an advertisement on our channel.
I get a lot of clients in the office.
I like my job but it is difficult and I always tired. As I told I live in Khabarovsk. It is on the Far East of Russia.
The population is about 700 000 people. Our city is not far from China.
My mother and father live here also. I don't have any brothers and sisters.
But I have a lot of friends and I can spend with them my free time. I was born in Poland, but my parents have moved to Russia when I was only 4 years old.
After we have started to live in Khabarovsk I never travelled abroad.
Therefore I'm interested in culture and life in your country.
I hope I'll know it thanks to your letters.
I try tell you about me and life in Russia. I'm a lonely girl and look for serious relations. I really want to know more about you.
I hope we can find something to talk about. Tell me about your life. What are you looking for site of acquaintance? I like you and it seems to me you are a good man.
I'm glad that I found you and I hope we will continue our communication.
May be it is destiny. I don't know but I'm glad that I have met you. I'm followed to get your letter.
Letter 3
Hello my friend Georg. I hope I can call you this way? I'm glad that we continue our correspondence, I'm loking farward you letters
and now I hope you will not stop write me. Today I have a good mood from the morning.
I woke up very early, had breakfast and took a shower.
Usually I work 5 days a week, but sometimes I work on saturday to when I have a lot of work.
Mo work is far from my house that's why I use a bus to get there.
I spend 30 minutes to get my work. I want to tell you how I spend my free time.
I told you that my parents live at the same city what I do. But I live apart of my parents.
I often visit them and we have a good time together.
I have a lot of friends and I visit them at weekends. When I stay at home I watch films and listen to the music. I prefer classic music and pop music.
In general i listen to the music of russian comporsers and singers.
I like also Madonna, Enya, Enigma. This music is calm and helps me to relax when i'm in bad spirit. I like sport. I go to the gym and swimming pool.
Usually I go to the gym or to swimming pool in weekends because I have no free time when I work.
Other my hobby is dances.
I dance already very much for a long time and to like me this kind of sports.
I am not the professional, but I am engaged there about 2 years and I like it.
Our collective dances Russian national dances in national suits.
Sometimes we act for spectators on some holidays in our city.
I visit trainings to support the form and it is good to dance.
Usually training happens once a week in weekends or on Friday.
I try not to miss training because it is very cheerful.
Our collective has many girls and some men.
Together we do a composition of dance for celebratory performances.
Our head very good woman and she helps us to move beautifully.
When I dance that my mood improves also I feel well.
I want to send you some photos where you can see me in
dancing suit. I hope that you will like it. Tell me about your hobby. What do you usually do after work? Now I finish my letter. I hope I will get your answer soon. Your friend Ekaterina.
Letter 4

Hello my dear friend Georg. I'm glad to get your letter again. I'm very interested in you. We communicate several days already. I'm ready to continue our correspondence,
because I like to get your letters very much. I think that I will work tomorrow therefore I have a lot of work now.
But I do not know meanwhile I will do on Sunday, I will probably visit my parents.
I think that today here +10C. It not so is cold :) I told you that I live apart of my parents.
I've decided to live alone long time ago and now I live alone.
I don't have my own apartment and I have to live in the hostel.
I hope you know what the hostel is. I have only little room.
Of course it is not very convenient to live there but i got used to. I pay little rend for this room. I'd like to rent an apartment but now it is yet expensive for me.
I pay 3000 rubls for my room in the hostel and the rent for the apartment is 8000 rubls. I often visit my parents and i can stay there for a night. They have a little house
in the country and I spend weekends there to with my parents. My mother's name is Dasha, she is 57. She doesn't work no more, she is a housewife now.
In summer she goes to the country and spend a lot of time there.
My father's name is Andrey he is 59. He is a teacher of russian language in college in our city.
He loves his profession and spend a lot of effort to be a good teacher.
I love my parents very much and we are good friends. Now i hope you can image my life in Khabarovsk. I'm interested in your life very much. I'm looking forward news from you. Ekaterina
Letter 5
Hello my dearest friend Georg.
I received your letter as usual. Yes I work today on Saturday because I have a lot of work now. I hope you understand my English. I learned it at school and in the Univercity.
I spend a lot of time to write you a letter. Now I can write you a letter
and learn some new words.
But i think my English is not good. But i try to master it.
I read books in English and listen to the English songs. Though we have a long distance between us but i feel intimacy between us. Our correspondence gives us a good opportunity to develop our relations. I hope we became good friends and may be even more.
Only we can decide it. I like you very much and I hope we will develop our relations in future. I hope our contact will not stop and we will continue our correspondence.
I want to say you i will never do it the first. I'm interested in our dialogue. Today a had a walk with my friend Masha. She lives in St.Petersburg and she came here to her parents.
Petersburg it is the big city in the northwest of Russia. I think that it is the most beautiful city in ours country with fine architecture and buildings. Also it is cultural capital with many monuments.
Earlier she lived here then she went to the St.Petersburg to study and stayed to live there.
She likes very much to live there.
We walked in our park and then we went to the cafe. I know Masha from my childhood and it was a great pleasure to meet her again. She comes here only once a year to visit her parents. We were talking for a long time and had a good time together.
She wants me to go to the St.Petersburg. It's usual that people go to another big cities to get the money.
In our city we don't get a lot of money that why majority of people don't want live here. But I got used to live in this city. My parents and my friends live here.
I can't imagine my life in another place. Now I finish my letter and i will wait your answer. Ekaterina
Letter 6
Hello my Georg. Thanks for your letter today.
I can speak only in Russian and English. I think that in English I write better than I speak. However I can speak too.
I never was in Petersburg. I think that cost of flight from Khabarovsk to Petersburg about 25000 roubles.
It is very expensive to us. Today as usually I have woken up in 7.30 mornings to go for work.
Usually in the morning I always have breakfast and I take a shower.
I should look beautiful therefore I use a few cosmetics for the face.
It occupies about 20 minutes every day :)
I should be on work at 9.00. I spend for road about 30 minutes. Our boss watches, that nobody was late for work. I try to come always in time.
If I am late, for this purpose I always have a good reason and I inform on it in advance. On my work I should answer all phone calls and meet all clients.
For me it is very difficult to communicate all the day with clients, because all people very different and to each person it is necessary to find the approach.
Usually by the end of the working day I very much get tired also to me it is necessary to have rest. Also I have the big desire to see your letter.
I can read your letter on the working computer also. But if I have no time I go home and at once I go to my house computer and I open your letter.
I have great pleasure to read all your letters. I finish my work at 17.00. But if I have a lot of work I can be late till later time. Then I go to have rest home.
I make to myself a supper and I watch TV or I listen to pleasant music.
Also sometimes I visit my parents and I have a supper together with them. They are always glad to see me in their house. I think that my day not so cheerful. It is my usual day.
And it is always pleasant to me to receive your mail because it brings in my day many positive emotions and a lot of good mood.
I hope that we can continue our correspondence in the future also. Now I want to finish this letter and to wish you good mood. I will look forward to your reply now. Yours Ekaterina.
Letter 7
Hello, Georg.
I am glad to see your mail today! I hope you have a nice day today?
I see that you are really a very good person and our relationship should be developed further.
With every new day I learn more about you, your life and your dreams. And this seems to me wonderful. I told you earlier that I was married.
Our marriage proceeded within 3 years and then we have divorced.
It's a very sad story, but today I want to tell it to you.
At first I was very happy when we got married with Vladimir.
My former husband's name was Vladimir.
I thought I'll be always happy and we could live together long and joyful life.
We made plans together and we wanted to have children in the future. But once I began to notice that Vladimir came late from his work and sometimes he even didn't appear at home for night. When I asked him he explained that he had to stay longer at work or spent time with his friends. I didn't like it and because of that we argued fiercely every day. I understood that it couldn't be continued for a long time and soon our marriage will be destroyed.
I asked him to think about it, but he was not interested in me anymore.
My friends told me that Vladimir cheated me with other women. At first I couldn't believe that, but then I understood that he had other women. I realized that he didn’t love me and he was interested only in ***. I suffered much about it, but I couldn't do anything. Once I have told him that I gave up on him and I didn't want to live with him anymore. I wanted to divorce from him.
At first he didn't want that, but then we have spoken about it and understood that divorce is the best solution for us and we cannot live together anymore. I understood that he needed only *** and he has only one desire to find a new girl for that. I was very angry with him and I had a long deep depression after that. But now I have a good life and I think little about him. I don't want to end my life in loneliness and that's why I want to find good relationship.
Perhaps our relations are a good beginning for that...
I don't know... Time will show what will happen with us in the future. I hope that this history was not boring for you.
Already late here, and it is necessary for me to finish this letter.
I hope, that you will understand my feelings because your words now play very big role for me.
You my good friend, and me are pleasant to know your opinion on me. I'll wait for your fast reply. Ekaterina
Letter 8
Hello Georg! I am very tired today because I was on work all the day and now very much late here. Now I will go to sleep and I will answer your letter tomorrow. I wish you pleasant evening. Kiss you. Yours Ekaterina
Letter 9
Hello Georg. I think that you became very good friend for me now. I receive a lot of good mood when I see your letter in my computer.
And I think of you much now. You became the joyful and light side of my day. I am very glad that I have found you in the Internet. I am very happy with our correspondence. I never had correspondence on the Internet and I have no other friends on the Internet.
I write only to you and I like to talk to you. I would like that our friendship developed in the future. And I will do for this purpose all possible.
Certainly, we are very much far apart, but it not a problem, when we use the computer for our dialogue. The Internet this very good means for our dialogue and we can always be in touch.
But me it is sometimes very terrible, because I am afraid that our contact can interrupt.
I hope that you continue to write to me and I can learn you more every day. Today I went to shop to buy some things for myself.
I have bought for myself a new blouse and a small raincoat.
I think that the woman should look beautiful and consequently I try to buy beautiful things for myself.
But I cannot spend many money for purchases in shop because I should keep it for other expenses. You often go to shop to buy new things for yourselves? It is important to you to look well? I always pay to the appearance special attention and consequently I buy new things for myself.
Also I buy a few cosmetics. It is very important for me!
And I very much like to go long on shops. I understand that you like to drink coffee. However I prefer tea than coffee.
But for me there is no special difference and I can drink also coffee when there is no tea :) Today I have good day and I wish you all the best during your life. I will wait news from you. Your best friend Ekaterina.
Letter 10
Georg, at last, again I can see your letter!
I waited all the day long when I can see your letter and now I can read it. I always have the big desire to read your letters. Tonight after work I have visited my parents. They invited me for a long time to itself on a visit for a supper. We have pleasantly spent time in a family circle.
My mum well cooks also I always with pleasure I agree to taste her tasty dishes. I spent with them all the evening long today.
And I have told him that I have correspondence with you. I hope that you not against it? My parents with the big interest watch my private life and always are interested that the new has happened in my life :)
I have told him that I have got acquainted with you on the Internet and you from other country.
They very much were surprised to it because they badly imagine that such the Internet and how possible to get acquainted here.
I have explained to them as I have found you on a site of acquaintances and that we correspond long enough time. My mum wants that I have found the love in a life and worries about me always.
They are very glad for me that I have dialogue with you and that I rejoice lives now. I also think that the most important in relations between people this mutual understanding and trust.
It is very pleasant to me to have dialogue with you and I will continue it certainly. When I have come home to me it became a little sad.
I was absolutely alone and to me became very lonely.
At one moment I have thought that very well if you were near to me. I wish you fine time. My best regards to you! Yours Ekaterina

Letter 11
Hello my Georg. This unusual feeling when I see your new letter.
Usually I always hasten to leave work home faster to read your letter.
And I always enjoy, when I open my mail and I see the message from you.
I want everything in your life goes well so you can have a good mood every day.
I spend a lot of time to write to you, answer your questions and ask something.
And our communication is like a dialogue. This is a very special connection, very personal and very important. Nobody can prevent us and it's unique. Forgive that I did not write to you in these weekends, but I was on a residence with my parents and I had no computer there. Today my girlfriend Irina with husband Petja on a visit came to me. It is a married couple and they are married 5 years.
I have invited them for a long time and only today they have decided to visit me.
Her husband is engaged in computers and he has helped me to instal some software on my computer. I understand in computers a little and consequently sometimes I ask some my friends about the help. I was glad to see them at myself on a visit because me boringly constantly to be alone at home.
I have made a tasty supper for them. We sat on kitchen and communicated long time. They very good pair. I saw that they are happy, when they together.
To me it became very sad in a soul when I looked at them because during that moment I have thought that I am very lonely.
When they will leave, I will remain absolutely alone and it will be very bad to me to be alone. Dear, Georg, you became very dear person for me during our correspondence.
I always think of you when to me it is bad also gives me new forces and confidence.
When to me I am lonely also I think of you. Now when they have left I can write you the letter.
I can tell that reading of your letter is the most joyful moment of my day.
And I always run on my computer to see some lines from you.
Your answer is very long-awaited for me. Tomorrow there will be a new day and I again can see your answer.
I miss you already!
And I look forward to your reply... Yours Ekaterina
Letter 12
Hello my most dear Georg. This is a strange feeling, I have never seen you, I learn you only by e-mails, but when I open my mailbox and see a mail from you, I have a great feeling.
This feeling cannot be expressed by words, I feel some joy and some fear.
I fear that some day you will write me that you want to stop our connection.
But when I read your words, I understand that you are interested in our communication. Today I have the day off on my work.
Usually I have no day off in the middle of the week, but today in our department there is a check and my boss has let off me home.
Therefore I can be engaged in cleaning my room. I love cleanliness and an order in the house, therefore I take a free time always to do cleaning in my house.
And my mood raises, when I am engaged in cleaning. Then I went to shop to buy some products.
I use public transport to go to shop.
On it a lot of time leaves and usually I buy only the most necessary for me. You have the car? Or you use the public transport also?
I have a driving licence, but I have no car. I studied to receive the certificate for a long time, therefore now I think that I badly drive the car :)
And I have no experience of driving. Then I was only at home. I did not wish to go anywhere. I watched TV and listened to music on my computer. Tomorrow I should go again for my work, therefore today I have decided to relax. I thought of you much today. To me very lonely to be alone here and I have only you in my thoughts and dreams.
It was especially pleasant to me to receive the letter from you today therefore I miss you very much. What did you do today? How you spend yours weekends? I would like to prolong today to receive more rest for me.
But I cannot make it and tomorrow I should wake up very much early. Therefore I should sleep now. I will dream of you much and I would not like that there has come tomorrow, when I can see your letter again. I miss you already! Yours Ekaterina.
Letter 13
Hello my darling Georg! I feel that you became for me more than only the friend.
With each your letter I receive many joyful emotions. It is a little strange, when you are far from me. But I have for you full confidence.
For me it is very important to feel trust. This most important in relations.
When there is no trust it is impossible to construct relations. I hope that you trust me? And I want that we have continued to develop our relations. You became for me very important person in my life and I do not wish to lose you now.
I like you, because you the kind, gentle and careful person. Certainly, I do not know you completely, but I wish to learn about you more and I am always glad when I receive little bit more information on you. Today I thought of you much and I have understood that you became very important part of my life.
Though we communicate not so long ago, but you have brought in my life so much happiness, which I did not feel already very much for a long time. I am grateful to you for all and I hope that it only the beginning of our contact.
I will try to make all that it was interesting to you to receive my mail. I very much miss you my dear Georg!
And now I will wait for the new letter from you. I hope that I can see your letter tomorrow.
It is a lot of embraces and kisses.
Yours Ekaterina
Letter 14
Hello, dear Georg.
How are you? How your mood? I suppose all is well there at you.
Really, mine real name Ekaterina, Koroleva is my nick.
Here my address.
Pushkina, 47
680000 Khabarovsk,
Russia I have the joy in my life - it is your letters. I want to say to you that my heart beat faster when I think of you.
My heart beat so when I think of you! Your letters help me to feel your presence near me.
I want to feel you, your tender look, your smile, your hands. I need so much your warmth and care, and I think I bet not so much. I am seeking the pure love and romantics in relations.
I love it when everything is beautiful, wonderful, tender and romantic! I wish to have a family, my beloved near me, to feel care and constant support in difficult moments of life - that's what every person in this world rush to and me too. I am already 31 years old and I don't have yet what I am talking to you about. I was close to the happiness in the past, but my trust broke my heart.
I should trust the person that I am going to live the whole my life. To trust every his word, gesture, look, smile. In the world now there are so much meanness and deception that it necessary very carefully to treat the people that surround you. I don't say that you should treat with distrust to every person, but you need to know the person so well that you can be confident in him or her completely.
I know you not for so long, but I can say that you are very honest and open and it attracts me very much and gives me the hope that I can love and be loved! We are far from each other, but it doesn't prevent us from communicating and learning each other.
Though I have already thought that the communication through Internet is not enough to understand each other completely.
What do you think of it? I would like to see you not only on photo. But I don't know when it will be possible, because we are so far from each other. I like you and I think that our relations can be closer.
I don't know how to explain it in words, I just feel it. Your letters raise my mood. I feel so joyful in my soul.
My dear, what you feel to me? I ask you to think over this question seriously. Please, answer this question honestly and sincerely, because it is indeed very important for me, really! I will wait for your letter, and I hope you will write me soon.
Your Russian friend, Ekaterina
Letter 15
Hello, dear Georg.
I am so glad that I have mail from you again in such a beautiful day. Your letters allow me to feel your presence close to me. We are separated by long distance, but I feel that you are so close.
Georg, we communicate already for a long time. During this time you become to me more than just a friend.
You made my heart beat stronger. Now it is filled with tenderness to you. I know that I have a man to whom I can say all about me and my life, because I trust you.
Before I have never thought that I can develop such feelings through Internet, but now I know that it is possible and it can happen.
I want that you know that every time I wait for new mail from you. Now I need them.
I wish you a good mood!!! Yours, Ekaterina p.s. My lastname Sushko
Letter 16
Hello, my dear Georg! I want to address you today with words of sympathy and respect. I hope that your attitude to me is sincere.
Believe me, I lack serious relations in my life. You won by me, my thoughts and my consciousness, my soul! Only you touch my heart, make it beat faster. I think of you all the time. I think about you, imagine you big expressive eyes. Wherever I go, wherever I look, I always see you. In my head the thoughts only about you, you are everywhere and always close to me, despite of many kilometers separating us. And I wanted to say to you that you are very important to me now. During our acquaintance I began to value you and now understand that I need you.
I could never imagine and would never believe that I find my man in the Internet. But when I learnt you, I understood that you are the only man that I want to present my man. Even if there is a big distance between us, despite of anything - I like you very much Georg!
I will wait with impatience for your letter. Ekaterina.
Letter 17
Hello my love Georg!
Thank you for your mail. I waited for the moment when I can get your reply.
I opened to you all the feelings that I had inside me, and I am glad that you answered me.
Your mails fill my life with sense. I began to understand that my life means nothing without you.
It seems to me that you and I are very close, but only unfortunately we are so far away from each other.
I think that we should meet; we should see each other, look into each other’s eyes, because through Internet lost are emotions and it’s hard to understand each other. Of course, it is difficult to talk about feelings, if we know each other only in Internet. I want to see you very much, hear your voice, talk to you. I dream about our meeting.
I imagine how it will be. It’s a pity that it is only dreams and if they come true knows only God.
Between us big distance, but in my dreams I am with you. I feel that our hearts beat in one rhythm and do you feel that?
I know that in Paris many tasty dishes. You tasted some of them?
I hope that you will at home soon and we will speak with you as before.
Wait for your letter, it is very important to me.
Yours forever, Ekaterina.
Letter 18
Hello my love Georg! I am glad to see your mail, your letters make my day more interesting and joyful, they give me a lot of pleasure. I already can’t live without your letters and without you. You get very dear to me during the days that we are acquainted.
I think that today you are at home and can answer me again this letter.
It’s difficult for me to concentrate on the work recent times, because I think only about you, my love. I get tied at work very much, and only thoughts about you, my love Georg, give me powers. But I think of the holiday oftener and oftener. I didn’t have holiday for about a year because I didn’t see any sense in rest as I didn’t know what I will do in my free time. But now I have you, and I want to spend this free time with you, what do you think about it? For me it is very important to know your opinion. I can take a holiday in the coming time, my holiday can continue for a month, but it’s important for me to know if you can spend this time with me? I hope you can.
I have never been outside Russia, so this journey to you will be the most remarkable moment in my life.
My dear Georg, I would be happy to meet with you. I want to speak with you and see your eyes, only that way we could understand each other to the end, do you think the same? Tell me please what you think about this everything.
I want to end my letter, and now I will wait with excitement for your reply. I hope that you will answer me at once.
Yours, Ekaterina.
Letter 19
Hello Georg! It seems that you have no time to write to me? Are you in Rome now or you at home? I hope that you will write to me soon as soon as you have time.
Certainly, I want to meet you. However it is difficult while.
What do you think? Ekaterina
Letter 20
My dear Georg. My conversation with you is the best that is during my day. I enjoy every letter that I receive from you.
I want to share my live with you, I want always be with you, feel your warmth and care.
Certainly, I want to meet you. Probably I will have holiday in the middle of November. What do you think of this time?
I am very emotional, passionate and hot-tempered person and it is usual for me to show my feelings.
May be it seems strange to you.
We didn’t meet with you in real life, we have only letters, which I cherish, but I have feeling that we know each other for eternity. I hope that you understand me.
The most important in relations between two people, man and woman, of course id the mutual understanding and respect in attitudes. Two people must trust each other first, take care of each other. Your life will be my life, and I will give all my love, care and tenderness to you.
I am waiting for your mail.
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