Letter(s) from Mildred James to Jonathan (USA)
Letter 1
thank u for us mail ,am really happy to recieve i hope u are feeling fine its late here i will go to bed but i want to hear from u again yeah and sent u some pictures in my next mail okay .take care and wishes u the best bye
Letter 2
hello jake i have sent u the pic now hope u will be glad to see yeah and as i told u am currently in Ghana now but i was born in Australia but my father has dead in some years age so am lonely there thats was why i came to mum in Ghana and have even completed my nursing course in Ghana here yeah babe u are only man i haave meet in this cherry blossom and hope u are going to be the luckiest man in this world for me and take me serious as i do yeah can u contact me when i give u my cell phone number 00233271990662 u can sms or text me a message when u are online okay .thank u very much good bye and wishes u all the best of luck
Letter 3
u embarrass me this morning i dont think u love me ,u will not take care of me so u can find another woman ok i dont know what u try to say u want to insult me or what ???/? what is that dont contact me again okay?am not here for that and dont tolerate that at all u can find ur way ,my mother is ill so am taking her to the clinic dont write me again okay?i know u dont love me so look for the right woman whom u love ,why do u tell me that am a man or something else pretending am a female ,it really y pain me alot and can find ur way bye
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