Scam letter(s) from Ulyana to Alex (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Hello my dearest and darling Lex! How are you?
I wish to begin the letter with you, that all in an anticipation of our long-awaited meeting! I all time represent our meeting. Interestingly as we will behave as soon as we will see each other? I think, that we will be as the become puzzled schoolboys:) Certanly, I understand, that we never met before and at first we will be confused before each other a little, but I think, that we will quickly overcome this awkward feeling, after all we adult people. Besides after all we from the different countries and to us are about what to talk. We can tell each other a lot of the interesting!. Besides it is very pleasant to me to conduct with you conversation on the Internet and I think, that actually we too can behave how we conduct in dialogue through the Internet. You agree with me? I would like to study culture and traditions of your country. In each country there are customs and holidays and it is very interesting! You agree with me?
Also I wish to tell to you, that today went again to agency to pay all documents and tickets, but I did not have not enough money. You represent, as a whole the trip to your country has appeared very expensive. The trip in Netherlands costs 875 Euro. At me is only 450 Euro. Thus me does not suffice 425 Euro! To me have told, that if I will mourn over all documents and tickets they will begin at once process of preparation of documents. They will send at once the questionnaire filled with me for reception of the visa to Moscow, thus I should not go most to Moscow. Now all problem consists only in money! Today I have collected all friends at home and have called mum. We have arranged tea drinking and each of my friends has wished my of good luck and happiness in private life. My friends very eloquent and each of them said a beautiful toast! My girlfriends were delighted with you. I have shown all your photo and they envy me a little, that I have found so nice man! I have told, that you very good and interesting person. In the world of really very few people similar to you character and behaviour. You very brought up, polite, careful and understanding man and to spend with you wonderful time together to me will make great pleasure. I hope, that we can create the happy future. I really hope, that you that man whom I searched for all life! You have made good impression upon my mum and on my friends is very big plus and my mum is very glad, that I have chosen you from all men who live on our planet! Probably we could have children! Children for me mean the world on the Earth! This finest, that enamoured pair can create! You divide with me this point of view? But I think, that it is better not to speak about creation of children on the Internet and it is better not to hasten with it. When we will meet, we will have enough time to discuss all details which concern our future life! My darling, thus you see, that all already know about my trips to you. But how I can arrive to you if I do not have not enough so considerable quantity of money? I did not know, that in general the trip will turn out such expensive! It is really sad, but I think, that it is necessary to search for an exit from this situation as we after all so long waited for our meeting! If I have afflicted you I sincerely apologise before you as you after all have already started to plan time for our meeting, whether not so? But I wish to tell to you, that I really did not assume, that the trip will appear so expensive as I never flied so far! On it I will finish the letter and I hope for your fast reply!
With all care and deep feelings, yours Ulyana!!!
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