Scam Letter(s) from Anastasia Mosunova to Alex (UK)

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Letter 1

Hello, hello, my darling!!!
Oh, I am again here, I am again next to you in this wonderful Internet cafe that became the first place of our dates. I thank the skies that they gave you to me, that they gave me the possibility to get acquainted with the best man in the world. I have already written you that I enjoy rereading your letters, every time I find some new in your fine messages, every time I do not stop to be surprised by your intelligence and touching words addressed to me... It's an amazingly strange feeling of happiness that seizes me when I think of you!!! Thanks for your fine photos, I very much love flowers and it is pleasant to me to hear, that you are engaged in cultivation of colors. You have wide experience in it? How long you are engaged in it?
Thanks for warm and fine words for my family, me is very pleasant, that you liked my sister and its daughter Katya! Yes, I sent you photo which have been made during various time.
I some times re-read yours email, I completely agree with you. You have written the truth. Only I am surprised, really in your country there are no good girls who will approach under your description? The ideal of mine of the man, it should be, careful, love the wife, to be accurate, polite, clever, to respect with the parents and parents of the wife.
I am glad, that when you write to me email you forget about all and think only of me. It is very pleasant to me to hear it, I also constantly think of you!
So I continue to describe the days of my life. I know you are interested in it, do not you? Well today I went to the cinema and I had really a time of my life!!! I saw the film Death Race. I liked it immensely, because I really enjoyed watching the races. Speed and roads it's so romantic and amazing. By all means it's a masterpiece of modern cinema. I think that together with you this film was else more interesting and amazing for me. My darling, how I'd like to go to the cinema and to watch some romantic comedy with you. What do you think of this idea?
Baby, today I dared to tell my mother about you! I told her that I had a real chance that I managed to find the best man in the world and even to have correspondence with him.
My fantastic, my mum's reaction was very positive. She told me that if people have something to talk about, if they do not become tired of each other, if they have common interests - they are for each other. It sounds incredible but in spite of this distance that separates us we can feel so close to each other.
I cannot imagine my life, my being without you ….
I do not know what has happened to me. I have never felt such feelings. I feel that something inside of me changed. In my soul appeared new emotions that give me great life energy.
And you, you, unique, who changed me. It's all up to you …
At my job my colleagues also noticed that I have changed. My chief said to me: " What's up? You are thinking about something all the time. " I said to her that I have watched an interesting romantic film and that I was thinking of it. But in fact, I think that our relations are even more distinguished than any film.
Ok, I feel too excited now..
It's time to say to you goodbye.
I kiss you very gentle, bye-bye, my honey.

Letter 2

Hello, my dear friens and my beloved person!!!
Darling, you know, for me it's so important that I can call you not only my beloved man, but also my best friend who understands me and is ready to support me in every situation.
I am very grateful to you for every your nice word concerning me, I am really very honoured to hear such words and to understand that they are addressed to me. Again I see your photo and you smile for thinking!
My sweet love!!! You know, some people told me that I resemble a doll. So, my love I am a doll only for you. I am your small Nastya whom you should bare on your hands …
I cannot wait for time when I can give you my inside passion and love. Now I understand that all my love and passion are just for you. Ihave been waiting for you to give you all this and to be loved in back.
I am just a weak woman and for me it is very difficult to be apart from my man, my strong and tender man. When I am reading your letters I feel myself like the most beautiful, most needful and wanted woman in the world. That's all because of your attitude to me … I was a darkling, and now I am swan.
Thanks to you, Alex, thanks to your love the flowers of my heart and soul became to blossom and I changed!!!
It's a miracle, it's a miracle, my dear, it's a miracle of our love!!!
That is why it is so difficult for me to love you and at the same time I have no opportunity to express that feeling with touch, look, and kiss. I am too romantic maybe but I love you so much!!! Yes, yes, my unforgettable Alex, you are my knight and I am your princess.
And you know, that every fairy-tale must have a happy end.
Frankly speaking I have thought for many times of our meeting. Really, if I were an white swan I would come to you on my large wings and next to you I would turn into a luxurious lady.
I think that you agree with me that our marvelous relationship must develop, it ' does not stay on the same point. My love, it's up to us to create our destiny!!!
You know I have talked with my friends in my job and I was advised to go to the travel agency and to learn everything about my trip to you. So I decided to do that right tomorrow. Ok? After have consulted I am going to write you all the details in my letter.
I wait for your sweet letter and I want to say I LOVE YOU many many times.
Your heartiest, Nastya.
I love you Alex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Letter 3

Hello, my angel from the skies, hello!!!
I am so happy the skies gave you to me. I think that it is gratitude from the skies for all these years that I have passed in solitude, for all my tortures of being alone. My dear, you are sick? With all of you it is good? I very much worry!!
Darling, you know, before our meeting I did not have any purpose in life; in fact I had nothing to do. I must confess that sometimes I even had thoughts about death. Only my parents and my job prevented me from these awful thoughts.
But now, my best man, I have love in my life and this feeling gives me energy to live, to improve, to become better and better. Thank you, my love, thank you for you.
I am constantly thinking of our meeting. Darling, I promise you to be the most beautiful in the world, the most elegant and refined. Ok, I shall be very glad to meet you in my country. About please inform me when you will have time for a meeting? You already have all necessary documents for travel?
I want you to fell in love with me deeper and deeper day from day, minute from minute, moment from moment.
I promise you that I will treat like a sultan, like a sheikh! I think you have dreamt about it, have not you?
I love you, darling, I love you my baby.
You and the word "love" are synonyms for me, really! I love you! I love you!
Well, I became too excited (and you are the cause, it's time to say goodbye.
I kiss you million, no milliard times!!!
Your loving Nastya.



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