Scam letter(s) from Victoria Alekseeva to Ricardo (Mexico)

Letter 1
Hi my lovely Richard!!!! I was very glad to receive your answer. At me all is good also I hope that at you too all well.
And you have fine mood.
I know that in my city is Western Union. In your city is Western Union???
But I did not know as it operate.
Today in evening after I read your message I came to bank.
In bank of me have assured that this company the most effective and successful in system remittances.
All is very simple. For carry out transfer money is necessary for you to know my first name and my last name.
And my address.
I should know almost the same only is little bit more.
Your first name, last name, full address and the sum transfer money.
And ten-character control number transfer money. To me have told that it refers to as MTCN.
Or something on this similar if I am fair has not remembered it precisely.
It is necessary to receive your transfer.
I need you send me 12,900 dollars for international passport, visa, ticket and foods in your country
My data: My first name: Nadezhda My last name: Marina My address: Russia, Tatarstan, Zelenodolsk, Sovetskaya 10, apartment 65, 422540 Inform me when you can do it?
As soon as I shall receive money, I shall begin to legalize papers to arrive to you.
I think that we with you shall lead fine time. Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I shall look forward to hearing from you to me.
With love your Nadezhda.
Nadezhda Marina
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