Scam letter(s) from Britney Wayne to Tony (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Tony, Thank you for your mail ..I would like to know you better too ..Do you have yahoo messenger too so we can have a private conversation.i think thats easy and fast too ..i am online on yahoo messenger now .what do you think ?
Letter 2
i am planning to write you a long mail but please be patient with me ok ? You can still tell me more about your self .you have kids ? you want kids ?
Letter 3
Alright Tony i hope to read from you when you wake up .... Are you Online everyday ? Try to download Yahoo messenger today pls so we can chat ..Ok ?Take care of your self and Good night ..Sweet dreams.

Martha your new friend .
Letter 4

Hello Tony,

So nice to read from you again ..Well to tell you a little about me..Well..I am a Lady with a good Senses of humour,i am 29 years Old Single and Looking for the right man thats ready to love me for who i am..I am new to this Online dating of a thing so i am just giving it a trial if its gonna work out for me and the thing i want you to know is that some men dont know the Worth and Value of a good Woman and Likewise Some Women too dont know the Worth and Value of a good Man too so only God knows where the right One is..

I was born in USA but preently i am in Africa with my mom..My Father is a Mexican while my mother is an African,but my dad died in the USA in a Car Accident and it really pained me so much,now i am missing him so much...I dont know how my life is without a Father in my life but i am getting that out of my mind little by little but i always thank God for my Mom because she is the Only one i have right now and i just thank God for my Life..
To tell you more about myself,I am a lady doesnt smoke,who doesnt drink and i am honest and trust worthy.I’m searching for my life long partner to share a Great Life of Love with; romance, long slow kisses, feeling very special, intimacy, spirituality, pleasurable communication, dancing, meeting of the minds, opening a door for you, flowers, traveling and other exciting interests and adventures, A GREAT LIFE of LOVE!

I am one who strongly believes in respect and that without respect, you can’t experience true love and generate a healthy relationship. I believe in a smaller “wow” when it is first a friendship and then a larger “Wow” later as it evolves into a Beautiful Loving committed relationship. I believe it’s not just what you are like on the outside, but more about what you are like on the inside. I’m seeking friendship first, (no game playing please) with someone who appreciates some of the same temperaments and interests I enjoy.

That special someone is a man with integrity, is spiritually compatible with me, having similar beliefs - New Age and is responsible, intelligent, has a sense of humour, positive, is clean and neat in habit and appearance, romantic, passionate about living and loving. I would prefer that someone to show interest and be supportive of my spiritual work. He should be financially secure, and has 'been there, done that'.I like an adventurous person who likes travel, nature and enjoys being home. He is a man who is at peace with himself. I am hoping to connect with people of like minds to form friendship first and then leave the rest to the Universe. I'm just a regular lady who is trying to get eternal life and who's waiting for Jesus to return.I'm not a materialistic individual or vain. I respect this world as I knowit,realizing that I'm called to be a citizen in the kingdom to come. I'm not a religious individual or anything like that, I'm just trying to gain eterlal life. I go to church and i pray to Almighty God, I just follow Christ. I understand that ones possessions do not determine the individual.. So I don't seek someone because they have niether do I avoid someone because they don't have. I'm just seeking someone who beleives in unity,co-operation, truth, love, dedication, partenership, trust (not in me but in God). Someone who knows love and is able to recognize it when it's present. Someone who is not caught up in beleiveing that they exist only to be entertained, and won't see me as a "source of entertainment". I guess basicly,someone who truly lives for God.

Everything else after that is cool. I am simple lady that enjoys living and having fun. It is great to be alive, so many things life offers to experience and be a part of. I want to find a simple man that can smile about life because he too sees all the great things about life. I want to find somone to build an everlasting friendship with, one we'll both value until our end.... So if you think smiling and living life too...I am very outgoing and spontaneous like to have fun and travel alot. I like to cook but also like fine dining. the rest you will have to ask maybe its you.., Anyway i think i have to stop here and i look forward to read from you too Tony..

Letter 5
Hi Tony,

I am very sorry for not writing you so soon ..My Landlord disconnected my computer because i was owing him ....Right now i am in my neighbours apt using thier computer to write you..Anyway how is it going with you over there and i hope there is no problem and aswell i guess your work is moving on fine ..I am so much happy to receive back such long reply from you and i can see that its like you really know what you are looking for and that really interest me.....Actually i live in Nigeria (West Africa ) and i live in the city of Maryland,Lagos,Nigeria,23401 .....I am alone in the house with my mom , and i told her about you ,she hasnt seen your picture though and i told her that its like you really know what you are looking for .....How was yesterday and how's today going with you,,tomorrow is a Councillor election and there wont be any movement tomorrow so i will be at home all through...I hope things work better for both of us and aswell i can feel a kind of Chemistry in between us, i feel we are both looking for the samething in life ..Whats religion Tony and do you really believe in God ? Do you have any kid(s) ? And do you plan to have any if you meet the right woman ? Get back to me please, and like i told you that my other pictures are in the other harddisk and i dont know how to install that but i will try to find you 2 of my pictures ...

Anyway i think i have to stop here and i cant wait to hearing from you...

Letter 6
Hello Tony, here are the 2 pix of mine that i can find for now ...How is it going right there with you and i have missed hearing from you ...Today is Sunday and i just came back from church ,do you attend church regularly,do you believe in God ? How is your daughter and whats her name ? i hope she is doing fine too... Well i am owing my landlord internet fee and aswell some other housing rent so thats why i am going through some difficulties right here... i will love to conversate with you more and more,sorry to hear about the viruses yahoo messenger caused on your computer..I just think its the easiest means for us to communicate and express our self to each other better...We just met Tony and i am not so comfortable to ask you for financial assistance but i just wish you have the good mind though .My landlord has been a pain in the *** and he has sent most of the tenants outa the house but i know mine wont be like that because my God exist and he wont watch me go astray ... So how is sunday and whats your plan for today ? I think i have to stop for now and i hope to read back from you soon..

Your New Lady friend.

Letter 7
Hello Tony,why is it that you send me short messages..Is it that you are ********** about me or something else ? Anyway how did work go with you yesterday and i hope all is well ? Whats the name of your daughter and does she stay with you?
Letter 8
Hello Tony,

Well ...Its 12:17 pm here and its really sunny here,so every where is hot ....I wish to see you too in person and that would be my greatest dream to come true..Although i have been searching for Long,i am still trying to get to know you though and know the kind of person you are exactly....Are there good Jobs around you ? tell me about the city you live in...Honestly i really need a support but i hope almighty send his support to me..Get back to me and do you have the picture of your dauther ? do you have picture of where you live ?

Letter 9
Hello Tony,

I am living in Nigeria (West Africa)Lagos,Nigeria,23401 ..I live in 2 rooms and a restroom and we pay some amount..If you want to rent house here in Nigeria,you will have to pay for 2 years at a stretch and our money has already expired so we are trying to pay for another 2 years rent before things works out properly.for us ..Distance in between us only put us apart but the heart matters most..I am sick and tired of living a terrible life here with my mom.If i were to be alone it could have been better..So how is it going there with you and send me pictures of ur house(inside). i look forward to read from you.

Letter 10
Hello Tony,

well,i only have the picture of my mom and my dad..I dont have the picture of me and my mom ..And besides its gonna cost me money to snap pictures and scan it besides i dont have a scanner..Honestly i am not after money,i am just trying to know more about you and the kind of life you live there..I am sorry for asking such question and i promise i wont ask such again ..It seems that really wanna ruin our friendship,only God knows whats the best so i better watch my statement.....I will send you picture my mom and dad..How was your day and hope all is well with you ?

Hope to read back from you..


Letter 11
I will look for my other pix so i can send them to you. .Well what i wanna tell you is that the distance in between us doesnt mean anything and i believe we can both work things out if you really want ... Because thats what i want from my heart, i would love to meet you in person ,dine withyou and have a deep conversation with you..So tell me how do you think this is gonna be possible ?
Letter 12
Hello Tony, Oh well i have my passport but just that i have my documents expired already and i will really need to renew them..Its easy for me to come to the states but just that its expensive for me to do the processing..I wish i could be buoyant for now i would love to come meet you and atleast conversate with you.So hows your day and what do you think we can do about that?
Letter 13
Hello Tony,

I am sorry for not writing you all this while ,i thought i told you that things arent that good with me and my mom here and my landlord wana send me and my mom outta the house but i thank God for helping me through...Anyway how is work going with you and how is your lil baby, i hope all is fine...Hmm Actually Tony i would love us to meet too,maybe if i should come to the States so we will meet and i think that would be the best..But the only thing is that i wont have where to stay if i come and besides the thing is that i have my passport already and i have my documents but they are expired and i will really need to renew them but i cant afford to do that ..Like i told you that life is not that going fine here with me and my mom here in Nigeria . .I have been unable to get a better Job here so i hope if i come to you and things goes well in between us i should be able to get a good Job ..I dont mind if you can assist ,let me know what you think about that idea and if you are comfortable with it ..I wish i could be financially buoyant on my own if not i would have been on the plane just to see you,dine with you and have some conversations in person...

Anyway get back to me as soon as possible.I cant wait to read from you...

Letter 14
Hi Tony, what i am saying is that i can come to meet you in US but i just wanna ask first if you can accomodate me.Secondly,i will need to renew my travelling documents and that cost some money also i will need to buy a flight ticket right here and i already confirmed how much that will cost but i dont have that kind of money but i wont mind if you can assist with the funds and also i will need you to give me the name of the closest airport in your city...So if i am able to get the money and you are willing to help too out of the money then i will give you my flight schedule so you will know what time to come pick me up at the airport...So get back to me please and let me know if you are ok with that.

Hope to read from you..

Your new lady.

Letter 15
Oh well .How much can you afford to help with ,because right now i am short of funds but i will see what i can sell to raise some money ..So you just let me know pls..Ok ? All i need is $3000 to get my travelling done but i dont have such amount.I can get part though like $800$ to $1000 ..So will you be able to help me with the rest pls ? Get back to me and i will give you my travelling details to let you know when i will be flying..

Letter 16
Oh well...the airfare is $2750 for round trip ticket and i will need to renew my travelling documents and my passport for $250 ..So all i will need is $3000 ..I an going to book for a round trip ticket ...And you will send it to me through Western Union Money Transfer ..You will send it to my name and address...All you will have to do is go to the Western Union Money Transfer Store and tell them you wanna send money to Nigeria..Here is my name and Address you are going to send the funds to...

Name.....Marthias Goodwill

Address....3 Wright Street





So after you send it,you will need to give me your own full name too which will be the senders name and your address...Get back to me please and let me know when you are going to send it . If you send it today i can get it tomorrow and go book the ticket.

Letter 17
Alright Tony i have written down the name of the airport ..I will need to renew my travelling documents and thats gonna cost $250 and i asked for the cost of the ticket to Philadelphia airport a round trip ticket is $2750 with tax...So i dont know how much you will be able to assist me with because i dont have huge amount of Money ..And please i would like to ask you something,i hope you are not the type that break ladies heart ? I dont want my heart broken again and i finally want to settle down with you if God permit me.So get back to me and i hope we will be together so soon..

Letter 18
Hello Tony,

I am writing this just to really know whats on your mind.I want to know if you are still interested and if its gonna be possible for us to meet.I have been raising some funds right here too so we can meet ..So let me know how much you have so i can support with the little i have with me ..How is work going with you and hows everything going with you and how's your daughter ?

Kindly get back to me please and hope to read from you..

Letter 19
Alright ..But my mom is worried too and besides she said she doesnt know if you are really serious with me ..All i just need is assurance from you and besides how long do you want me to continue to wait .Do you want me to continue to long my feelings for you and at the end things wont work out ? You dont send me long mails ,you dont even ask me how i am doing and things like that ..I need urgent response from you please and let me know when you wont be busy .

Letter 20
Alright here is the Western Union Information again that you are going to send it to below ...

Name....Marthias Goodwill
Address...3 Wright Street
Zipcode....23401 .

I will need you to give me your own info too ,like your name and address because the Western Union will request for that too ..Let me know when you are going to send it so i can quickly go and book for my flight,and when you send it e.mail me the Western Union details..

Hope to read back from you soon.

Letter 21
hey tony,how are you today ? should i still be expecting your mmessage ?
Letter 22
How do you mean you have been bust ? Anyway i am sorry to hear that ,and what i would like to know if that if this is a promise you are making or just ordinary words so i will know what to tell my mom ...And this is the part of the unseriiousness i use to get from guys on this Internet of a thing ,they tend to love me and want me in thier and later they ****** up.Anyway are you sure it will be done on monday "? Like i said i dont wanna continue longing my feelings on Internet.I want to see you in person and then talk to you . Get back to me ,and besides why do you keep writing me short message..You dont type much message,kindly please let me know now if you are really interested or not.Because to me that doesnt show any sign of seriousness..Thaniks
Letter 23
hey...not that i dont like it ,i just hope you wont break my heart ? you wont leave me for another woman ?i am scared,pls promise me you wont break my heart.
Letter 24
Alright thank you for promising me and i want you to know that i wont break your heart too..See let me tell you something you dont understand about me Tony,money is not everything in this life and the heart matters most.Money cant buy love,it cant buy a soul ,it can only buy material things..I am who i say i am and i want you to count on my words ..I really wanna settle down this time around,i want to feel the touch of a man.I want you to hold me close in your arms and never to let me go ...I wanna ask you a question,do you drink or smoke ? do you take drugs ?..i dont do any of it ,i am just asking so please dont be anoyed ..I wanna ask if you get the Information i sent to you ? And will you be able to send me yours ?
Letter 25
My other pictures are in the hard disk and i thought i told you that before and i will need to call on engineer to do this for me ...And i havent seen any one to do it for me . I am sorry .Anyway how was your day and how did work go today ?
Letter 26
Here are the ones i can find too..Its 5:53am here and i need to go to bed and sleep a little then when i wake up i will have to go to church ,maybe when i come back from church we will you have yahoo messenger ?
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