Scam Letter(s) from Tatyana Starigiana to Jaap (Netherlands)

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Letter 1

Hello my dear new friend Jaap!!!

thank you so very much for your answer and for sharing your e-mail address with me, i think it is really better to communicate in our e-mail accounts, it's much more private and safe here and here i exchange my photos with you, sweety :)))
Jaap, i am very happy because I have 3 photos of you !!!! i like them very much, you are a very handsome man !!!! you are very charming ! you know, honey, i have a special flash card and i can save all the information i need on it, so i saved your photos and your messages for me and now i can reread them any time i will be in the Internet-cafe and install my flash card in computer ! i will also try to print your photo, honey, and i will be looking at it when being sad, because when i start thinking about you my mood becomes so bright and fantastic!
i can see that you are a very smart and intelligent man and I would certainly like to know you better and to tell you more about me. Internet has become a real power in the area of finding a second half, so I also decided to try my luck. I am 26 years old but unfortunately haven't found the man who I could connect my life with. I do not think that I am too demanding, i just want to love and to be loved. I am working in the Human Resources Department in the trade center called "Metro" and I adore my job because it is connected with communication and giving people job. I live in Ukraine in the city called Poltava. I am often so different and unpredictable!!! I am freakish and fluffy, I am tender and uncomplaisant! I love and hate, I am laughing and crying, I am demanding help from a person and decide all problems by myself, I make compliments and offend! All in all I am a 100% woman!!!! J)))))))))) My temper is good and I am very easy-going…sometimes I like sitting in silence and dreaming…my favorite color is green. Green is a color of grass, summer, of piece and mutual understanding…my favorite smell is a smell of the forest after the rain or of a frosty winter morning! And also I like a smell of spring!!! Everything is blooming with different colors and walking in the park is the best entertainment is sunny spring weather!!!! Spring is a time of love and feelings….and I wish to be with my Prince to share my heart and sincerity with! The world is so beautiful and I would like to share my world with a special King who I believe will once enter my life and will never leave it…I like spending my free time interestingly and with use! I prefer visiting theatres and cinemas, walking in the night city…sitting on the grass and dreaming…listening to the birds singing…we always have too little time in life to notice these pleasant and so important events of nature!!!
I am a kind and responsive woman.
and what are you searching for, Jaap ? I am very curious to hear your life story!!!

innocently yours,

Letter 2

Hello my dearest sweetheart Jaap!

Thank you so very much for your wonderful letter! your letter was a real present for me today!
Jaap, thank you very much, I am very good today because i received such a great letter from you and my mood is on million backs now :))))))! you know, sweety, I also have the same feeling that we want to know so much about each other, but we should try to be patient :)))) we have so much time for our correspondence and with every new letter we will be knowing each other better and better :))))! honey, thank you so very much for telling me more about yourself ! Jaap, you are a very interesting man and I like you very much :)))))! i ma sorry you had to face such a sad thing in your life as was probably very difficult for you, but i believe that no matter what happens in our lives, always happens for better and if we didn't have a bad experience in the past, we wouldn't have met now :))))! it's great that your parents live not far away from you, thanks for telling me more about your family, honey, I am interested to know everything about you!!!! honey, I can really be different. I can be an angel and I can be a powerful woman. But by all means I want to be a mystery though being sure that people know me and like me. A person cannot be all the same all the time. Sometimes i want to be naive, sometimes i want to be freakish, or a powerful demanding woman. I can really behave different ways! This is how i like to behave in the sexual life. Maybe by nature I am a bit of an actress, because I like to change and I like to change my behavior. But I like powerful men and I want to feel like under the wall with this man, I want to have a man who will be able to protect me in any situation. My dear, by the way, sometimes I like to sing, i think it's bad to be sad in the company and we should try to behave such a way in order people to feel happy in your company. so when i am in the company i am not embarrassed to sing, to dance, to tell jokes and people really like me. I think we should be merry or another way it won't be interesting for surrenders to be with you. But I am all the time talking about me, was so involved about telling about me. i should be interested in your life! who do you live with, my dear? what do you do for fun? how would you like to spend time when we will be together? My honey, you were asking me about my family, I bet you weren't. I don't know why, but I adore writing you letters so much! So you will have to listen a lot, because when I begin writing you letters, I can't stop, I am trying to tell you too muchJ I just miss you very much and want you to feel closer to me. So, i can say that in the whole world there is nothing closer to me than my family. I consider myself to be a lucky one to have my own members of family. I can proudly say that I am a member of a full family. To my mind it's very important, especially nowadays, to have a united family. I have Mom and dad! and maybe that's why I am sometimes freakish because I am used to such a thing that all attention is directed to my personality only because I am the youngest in the family, I love to be at the center of attention))) my Mom and Dad are very good people-kind-hearted and friendly. I don't usually see lots of my parents, because I live apart from them right now, but every time I have a free minute I try to visit them or they just come to me. I adore my Mom, she is a teacher of English language and Dad is an engineer. They are my best friends, my advisors. Also I think I should notice. My family has traditions. It'll be too long to talk about all of them, but I can tell you that when I was a little girl, I liked on tradition. We used to gather together in the evenings and tell each other how we spent the day. I liked to tell about my day, my achievements and fails. What I can say exactly is that my family is a real support for me. They try to help me in everything and I am grateful to them. thanks for telling me what kind of woman you are searching for, honey, and I think we suit each other greatly :)))))! it's interesting that you work only 4 days a week, sweety :))) i am impressed :) honey, i think that you have a very good work and I am sure you like it very much !!!! it's great that you have a daughter, Jaap! it will be a real honor for me to get acquainted with her once and i also hope that we would become very good friends :))))) my week is easy, baby :))) i work days a week form early morning till late evening and on weekends I usually visit my parents who live in the village not far away from the city where I live, baby :)))!
Nowadays our life is so wild and busy, that often people become too concerned about work and well-being and completely forget about native people and friends! and i think that in our present society it is the most a awful mistake! we forget about real values of life! we forget that we should first of all value people around who are always near when you are joy and sorrow! the bigger cities become, the more lonely people are and it's really very sad...i think people should devote more time to each can live in a certain region for 10 years and not know your neighbors because everyone is busy with their business and don't pay much attention to each other!!!! i would like to find a man who i can be happy with, who i can gift my love to and who i will be able to make the happiest man ever!!!! it's very important for parents live in the village and i have an opportunity to visit them on weekends only, so i am also, like all people of the cities, have to stay alone with myself in the evenings! i dream about having a happy family and a smiling husband who i can meet every evening and cook for him!!! if a person has love in his heart, then this person is considered to be happy! i would like my man to be everything for me : my friend, my lover, my husband, my everything! i would like to wake up smiling to him, to greet him and to cook breakfast for us! to meet in the evening and to have wonderful romantic evenings together! to have rest together and happy weekends! you will probably ask me why i am still alone ...well, i was not lucky to meet the right man in my country, unfortunately...i have lots of friends but it appeared to be so that all my girlfriends are married already and they have their own families and all their attention is directed into them! and it's wonderful...making new friends is a rather difficult process, because as far as i have told you earlier, people become more reserved....that's why I decided to try my luck in the Internet...i believe in a miracle and i believe that my destiny can wait me in another part of the world! and as far as right now we have a possibility to get acquainted with people from another countries, why not to sue this opportunity? what i a destiny will smile to me?

faithfully yours,


1. !!!!!!!
My mum surprised me!? She gave me to wear my old childish suit!?
I was wearing it when I was at school! "Look at your daughter I am too big for this suit! Or yopu still think that I am a little girl?
Then try to hol me on your hands like you did in my childhood! You surprised me a lot!"

2. Do not look...
You thought I am not a shy girl? Because I sent you my phot in a swimming suit.
It is not so! I just want you to like me.
I want you to see my body and fall in love...If you liked me, will youi write
Me about it in your letter? Now I will be nervous...

3. In Kiev.
On this phot I am in Kiev. Kiev is a big and wonderfyul city, but there
Is too much political fuss there. One group pf people want one president
To be lectioned, another group is against. They are waving with posters,
Flags and even figth! Kiev is a city of political fights...

4. On stones.
Here I was resting on the Azov sea in 2006. It's a dirty and not very deep sea. Black sea is much better!
On this photo I look like a cool girl who is indifferent to outside world.
I am not interested in anything but my music in earphones:)

5. To wipe a table.
Here I am cleaning the table after party. Clean table is very important!
When you had party - clean after yourself! I am making funny face not
Because I don't want to clean the table. I like cleaning. I am making my
Face for a funny photo... My face is in reality much more beautiful!

6. It is I.
In this photo I am a quiet, soft and caring girl, like I am in reality.
I am looking in my photo and thinking I was a man I would also love
A woman like that in the photo....

Letter 3

Hello, my darling Jaap!

Again I got your letter and my heart beats faster!
How are you today? I'm OK, in good mood.
thank you very much for your letter. I am very happy that we got acquainted!!!
why don't you consider yourself to be an angel? :))) i know better, sweety :))) so you also like having lots of fun :))) then we are going to have a great time together, Jaap :))))))) i can imagine how much we will be laughing and joking once we meet, people will consider us to be crazy,and we will just be madly in love with each other :))))! honey, we are so similar with you :)) i am also very serious when the need is, but when I relax, be aware, baby :)))))))) so like a real man you have periods? :))))))) ha-ha :)))) i am kidding, sweety :)))) Honey, have I ever told you about the love story which happened so long ago? You are so wonderful in your letters, that I can even trust you my past love story. If you want to know about it of course. I was graduating the university and fell in love with a wonderful and kind person. At least I thought so. His name was Eugene, we were almost the same age. We fell in love and started going out. So I thought that no matter what I will keep the relations and definitely marry my beloved prince Eugene. But he had other plans. After a year of going out I started to know more about him, that he was extremely jealous and thought that I am his thing, or possession. He was jealous for everything: friends, boys, group-mates and even parents. I was not allowed to wear make up and skirts, only long ones. I was banned to go anywhere without him. Like in Asian countries, you know? For love's sake I was tolerant to everything. But one day, when I thought about life and my future I understood that I don't want to be treated like that. He was inadequate sometimes and I was really afraid of him. Love turned out into hatred and fear. I was afraid to leave him because he was threatening to commit a suicide. And like a stupid and naive girl I believed him. But one day, I told him not to come to me any more, I told that I don't want to see him. I burnt the bridges. And as I found out I had nobody near, all my girl friends were gone forever, I mean that they were not my friends any more. I was not allowed to see them, so they quitted even trying to see me. I was like a lonely flower in the desert. I didn't know what to do and thought that my life is finished. But everything turned out to be changed for better. As usually. Now Eugene is married happily and has a daughter, Anastasia. And his wife Valeria is pregnant with a boy. I asked him whether he is so strict for his wife and jealous. He told that she is like that for him now. It is like a punishment for him, my revenge :) Almost a year after our break-up we didn't see each other. But then we suddenly met in the city, and started communicating. I found out that he is perfect for the role of my friend. He wasn't the right person for me, but that was a real school of life. As you see, I am very tolerant for the beloved person. And it is almost a year since I am alone. Desperately seeking someone. So I decided to put my profile on the dating site. And I have contacted to other men, but you are more clever and intelligent that they. So I preferred you. And you, are you contacting with anyone else? Since that time of my past love I prefer mature men, who have their head on shoulders. Who are wise and experienced in life. Who know how to treat women and respect them. Like you…
Jaap, i didn't change, i just want to have serious relations, that's why when it comes to telling about myself, I get serious, baby :))))) wow, sweety, you have a very responsible job, i am so proud of you !!!! honey, i am working in Human Resource Department in Metro and i have to deal with employment, right, sweety! I am working in a personal department and my work is connected with documents. there are 5 more women working with me in the office, we are very friendly and celebrate together holidays even!!! I am offering people a job, collect their documents when they begin our workers. i am working by my speciality which i received at the university. thanks for telling me more about your country, sweety!!!! it sounds like a wonderful place with friendly people and lots of positive energy in the air :))) it's great, I like the way you are telling me about your country, honey !!!!! I also like pizza a lot :)))))) i like cooking very much, Jaap, I know millions of recipes and so I will be able to impress you with my cooking abilities once we meet, sweety :))))! you have a wonderful daughter, honey :))))) all girls adore shopping and cinema :))))) honey, I am glad you like my pictures :) thank you so much for your compliments! you are a real gentleman, Jaap, and definitely know how to make a person feel happy !!!!! i also think i will not wipe too much of a table if you see me in such position :)))))) your pictures are great, honey :))))) my sweety is such a very handsome man that I can only wonder how he managed to pay attention to me, but I am very happy that he did and we are together now :))))!
I think that it's really necessary to be honest to each other if we want to have a strong relationship, and that's why I decided to write you a letter and to tell something about me, something specific that I usually don't tell the people when I see them in the first time, may be because when you meet in real, you always have time to discuss everything, and you don't have to hurry up, but we have only one opportunity to communicate, through the letters, of course If I had phone, it would be much easier, because one letter, even big, or may be huge can not be as good as two minutes of phone conversation! What's more phone conversation, even long, can not replace you one minute of real meeting! When you see person and realize that you want to communicate with this person, you see the face, the real behavior. May be it's strange! But if to think about it, that's true. So I think you are tired of the beginning of this letter! I must say that I am not the professional in writing letters and I think that I can not do it very well, but still, I will try! So about me! What can I say? Let me think! About my appearance, you can look at the photo, I don't think that I am beautiful Like an angel, but I think that I am nice looking. About My family. It's not very big, only my mom, Daddy and me! I always had a dream to have a brother or sister, to have someone who can be so close to me, and play with me and to help me you know, It's wonderful, I think, to have brother or sister, who can share with you everything! But my parents had another dream, the dream, where they could give everything, only to me. Some people say that if child is living in the family, where he/she is the only child, he/she can be really selfish, but I think that it's not true, I was always lonely. I didn't have someone to say to: here is my candy, I want to share it with you! Well, I think that you are sleeping now! Sorry for my long thoughts! I am not living with my parents anymore because I want to try to do something on my own, without any help! May be that is stupid, but this is the way I want to live my life! Honey, I also have a few question for you so that I could know you better and better form day to day! How long do you think people should date before getting married? Does living together before marriage help or hurt the relationship?? Sweety, i will be waiting for your answer with impatience!

With warm wishes,kindly yours Raisa...
P. S. Give me if you can 1 more your picture.
I wait your letter.
1. Dance...
" I wish I could have wings instead of hands!
I would fly as a bird in the sky around the
There are so many interesting places to see
al over The world!? "

2. Friend...
3. Friend....
I adore to be congratulaed on my birthday!
Everybody is wishing me much happiness,
health and love!
Everybody is kissing me on my cheeks and
present me some gifts!
And after that I will have to wait a year for
the new birthday to come!
So my lifes goes from one birthday to
Birthday is a wonderful but a bit sad
holiday for me...
But with my closest friends were are
having fun during it every year!
4. Night.
During a cold and snowy evening, let
a lonely girl give her smile to you.
Maybe you will be liabe to make her
warm? But how?
Maybe to invite her to a warm house,
give her hot tea and even make
Her warm with a hug?
No! It is better to look at her with eyes
full of love!
Your sight will make her warm as the
sun in spring!
Oh, I am already warm! Thanks!
5. Xoxo!
My best friend and I went to the WC to
have a private talk there during
A noisy party.
Why would they take a photo in this
not polite place?
6. White bathing suit..
7. White bathing suit...
The sea... The Sun... Water... Sand...
Disobedient girls...

Letter 4

Hello my beloved baby Jaap !!!

I am back to you, sweety))) happy as always because weekends are over and I can write a letter to my precious diamond, to my love and my destiny, to YOU, honey!!!
Jaap, honey, you are so romantic :))) sweety, you do not have to kiss the floor, or I will be feeling too embarrassed :))) but I understood what you meant and I really appreciate your respectiveness and honor, you are a fantastic man, my dear and i adore you already with my whole heart!!!! sweety, you are so wonderful, i am still wondering how I could be so lucky to meet you on my life road, and I am very happy that everything happened so :))))! Honey, though we know each other for such a super little time yet, you became so native to me, that it seems to me that I know you for my whole life already. Frankly speaking I also want to meet with you, I want to meet with you and to get acquainted with you in reality. You sound so wonderful in your letters, I think in reality you are much better. I am sure that you are a very good and decent man. I would like to meet with you a lot, but honey, I would like our first meeting happen on the neutral territory, I mean on the territory of the neutral country, I think it will be wonderful, very romantic and comfortable for both of us. Please, understand me the right way, we have never seen each other in reality yet and that's way if you will come to my place, I won't be feeling comfortable, the same way if I will come to your place, you will feel a bit not that good. And if we meet in the neutral country, it will be such a romance...two loving hearts met the unknown for both territory...and they begin to discover each other and the new will be like a fairy tale.... sweety, thank you so much for answering my questions !!!! honey, I agree with you that everything depends on people's feelings and the situation they are in as to how long they date before getting married !!!!! honey, and I also think that it's always good to live together before a marriage, because such a way it is possible to know each other better and to become closer to each other !!!! sweety, i want lots of different pictures form you :))) send me everything you have :)))))!
Honey, weekends were great, such a pity you weren't with me!!! I was at my parents' place on Saturday evening and we had a good time with them, watched a movie and played cards!!! I was a champion!!! I have won and was so happy!!! And my father was very frustrated because he lost)) we laughed at the end and had lots of fun!!! And on Sunday I came back because I also had to clean the apartment where I am living and I met an old friend of mine! I was so happy to meet her, we studied at the same school and had lots to discuss!!! We went to the cinema and watched a new Russian movie "The Best Movie", yes, it was called such a way! It's a comedy)) and then we drank a cup of tea and I went home, because I had to wake up early today ((but it was funny to meet with my classmate!!! We were very good friends! Honey and do you visit school or university meeting of classmates? I think it's interesting to meet with people who you haven't seen for many years! And for sure I was missing you very much! I feel that my heart hurts a lot when I am walking and you are not with me, baby…But I try to think of better things, that soon we will meet and will be together, happy on forever!!! And how were your weekends, my love?

You passionate princess

In august 2004 my mum and I have been to the pansionate situated in Crimea.
The weather was really fine and the Black Sea was calm and warm. It was the most remarkable trip in my life!
I really adore watching these photos and remember the days lead with my mum, warm sea and hot sun.
In cold days and bad weather these photos are very important for me to become in better mood.

Letter 5

Hello my angel from a far away kingdom Jaap !!!

honey, thank you so very much for your passionate letter, you are so lovely, really! every time i receive a letter from you, my mood becomes so great and i am smiling, i think you can feel my smile too, because i always feel what mood you were having while you were writing a letter for me!!! baby, you are a real prince from a fairy tale and i am very happy that we are together!!!
Jaap, sweety, it's so important for me that you like my letters and enjoy reading them so much, you do not even imagine how significant it is for me, honey :))))! i also thank God for letting us find each other, it's a real miracle that has happened in our lives and we should value it forever !!!! my sweety, i am so happy that you liked the idea of meeting on the neutral territory :))))) it's great, honey ! honey, frankly speaking I dream about us meeting somewhere where it is warm, where there is a sea and beach where we can lay and enjoy each other's company :) it will be so romantic, baby :) or, my love, we could meet, for example, in Prague ! honey, I have heard that Prague is considered to be the most beautiful city in the world! I don't know whether it is truth, but we can check it together :)))))) what do you think about it, Jaap? honey, but i also think that we should know each other a bit better before our meeting and then our meeting will be the most significant and unforgettable in he Universe !!!! wow, my bikini is driving you crazy, sweety? :)))))) i am impressed, this is the result which I have been expecting for :))))))) i like driving you crazy, baby :))))! i hope you will have a nice working day, my Teddy Bear :))) your air kiss was very tasty and sweety, honey, thanks :))))!
Sweety, today we have an Old New Year)))))) sounds funny, yes, honey?)))))) This is a Day when we celebrate New Year by an old calendar! It stopped being an official holiday, so no one has days off, but we still celebrate it a bit and this day people usually have a dinner with beloved people! Ukraine loves holidays as far as you have already understood, honey ))))) so, baby, Happy Old New Year to you )))))))) and am sending you my warmest wishes, my darling and let all your dreams come true like a fantastic miracle in your life, honey !!!!! My love, I also have a very good mood because I am going to have my Birthday soon ))))))))) honey, it's going to be in January, 19, so on Monday ))))) I am so happy, baby !!!! Only I am sad that another holiday is passing and I am not with you…my love, but I have a big belief in my heart that since we meet, there will be no single holiday that we will be celebrating apart form each other! All miracles will start coming true once we get together!!!!! God exists and I believe that He will help us in getting together and living happily forever!!!!! Baby, I have not been thinking yet how I will be celebrating my birthday…. This will be a working day, so i i will stay in the city and will not be able to travel to my parents! i will celebrate my birthday at work first, we will drink a bottle of champagne and will eat candies, and then, in the evening, i will cook something tasty and will invite my beloved girlfriends and we will have lots of fun together as usually, sweety :)))! Honey, you are a person number one invited! My VIP baby!!!!! I love you so much and I know I will be missing you strongly on my birthday, honey….sometimes lie is unjust and doesn't allow us to share wonderful moments of our life with beloved people!!!!
I guess you want to know what I like and what I don't? I like life, every minute of it, you realize that you are living, doing something good, sometimes making mistakes, sometimes trying to correct them (this I like the most), trying to be happy. I don't like when someone prevents me from being happy! And you? What would you do in such a case? I would tell him/her that I will fight for my happiness and for my love. You know, my friends are telling me that my problem, is that I am telling the people what I think, is it bed? I remember when I was a child, my mom took me with her to her friend, and she was also her boss, and she also had a child, a boy! When I saw her friend, I didn't like her from the first look! And I told to my mom: I don't like this woman, she looks like a which from the fairy tale! you know, I saw the picture in the book. Then my mom told me, you shouldn't have told this, this is my friend and I like her! In a couple of years she realized that my words were true, that woman never liked my mother, in fact she liked my father! But my father was an honest man, and they with my mom has a strong family, but this is another story! I think I didn't tell you a lot of my hobbies, I like jogging, because when I am running, I have time to think, to think about everything, about my life, about what I like and what I don't like! Do you want to have kids, sweety? Does it matter to you what your family and friends think of your partner? Do you like to take a lead in the relationship? just a few question which came on my mind and which i am very much interetsed in ! Our life is like the dance sometimes fast and slow from time to time! Now you are sleeping for sure, I would be grateful, if you would tell me next time not to write such a boring letters! As for my English, as you may be wonder, how can the girl from Ukraine know English quite well (not brilliant I want to say) I will tell you, I always liked different languages, I know, Russian, English, Ukrainian and Polish a bit! I have understood that you are very interesting man, and I dare to affirm that we will enjoy our correspondence. Very strange and unusual things happen to me so often. They change my life and my attitude to it and I begin to take the same events and things in a different mind. For example, I used to like love stories and novels full of love, happiness and luck. Pretty ladies, brave knights, strong emotions, crazy love - one for all the life. Of course I used to fancy a wonderful prince which would come to me. Perhaps these are only my naive dreams but I don't loose the hope...... My life is always full of music. Its charming magic melodies bring me to the wonderful land of fantasies, flowers and sunshine. I like to walk in the park in spring or in autumn and admire the black velvet of the evening sky when the alive lights - the eyes of the far away planets - appear on it. But I think it could be even more romantic if you were close to me........... I am sure the life is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is a saying that youth is an ability to challenge the fate. And it's true!!!!! There are sooooooo many interesting and wonderful things in the world! Every your next letter I will wait impatiently, be sure. So, I guess it's time for you to write me the letter, but how can you do it if you are sleeping now, wake up please!

innocently yours,

Last summer we were having rest in Crimea.
We have also been to the excursion around the city called Simpheropol'. There is a big zoo over there! It is so interesting to watch the animals!
Every animalreminds me of a person! We notice qualities of character in them that people have and laugh at this.
Maybe alines are also watching us the same way, like we do it with animals?
I wonder what we and aliens have in common!
Maybe they, like you and me...are also searching for their love....? But they are searching it in different galactics! "Attention! Excursion on the Planet Earth of the solar system! The UFO object leaves at 7 o'clock by Aquarius time ! The cost of excursion is 20 Arion dollars! You will see lots of funny people on this planet with their every day businesses and strange searches of love! ...people form the planet Earth are the only in the whole Universe who can cry an, laugh and even love! Do you hear a loud roar of the broken pipes? This is the laughter of the aliens!
they are laughing at us.... "

Letter 6

Hi my lovely angel Jaap !

sweety, how are you doing?
how was your day today?
what have you ben doing during the day, baby?
Jaap, sweety, it's so pleasant for me that you like my letters, baby, which make you think about me ;)))))))) it's a real balsam on my soul, sweety :))))) if you feel perfect, honey, then I am doing the right thing with your feelings, baby :)))))) honey, I a so happy that you likes my ideas of possible places of our meeting :))) baby, as for me, i will need a travelling visa to any country I would like to travel, so if going somewhere I will have to apply for it and receive it anyway, as far as I know, baby !!!! oh, honey, i don't know where we can go and where it is warm now :))))) honey, i have never travelled abroad, so it's hard for me to be broad-minded about the world around, but I think it must be warm in Spain, you know, baby? :))) oh, yes, honey, we will be playing, running, swimming and i promise to allow you to swim, honey :)))))))))) if you like swimming, of coarse :))) but if you prefer hugging me instead if swimming, then you are always welcome, sweety :)))))! honey, thanks for answering my questions :) sweety, i also think that it's always good if partners are equal in a relationship, when they work as a real team !!!!! then relations are just meant to be successful and ever-lasting, baby !!!! just like our relations with you, honey :))))! Jaap, as for me I don't care what others think about my partner, but if relations are serious, then it's always very pleasant when your family and friends like your partner, especially family, sweety!!!! I am happy you liked the UFO story, baby :))))) oh, my honey, thank you so much for your wish to send me a present for my Birthday :))) sweety, I appreciate it so very much !!!!! sweety, the thing is that it's so dangerous to send anything through post. sweety, there is nothing worse than Ukrainian post!!! many things get lost and, sweety, if I were at your place, I'd better send it to me not! plus even if the post works well, i am renting apartment as far as you know. and the thing is that the old woman who is the owner of the apartment lives in another room in the same apartment with me. and, honey, you won't believe, but she is a not very good woman. i lock my door on the key her not to visit the room i am renting. once my mother send a gift to me, because she knew that i won't be able to visit her on weekends. and do you know what, honey? this woman received a gift and didn't give it to me! at first I and my mother though that the post was very bad, but then i visited the post and they told me that they gave the package to the woman who said that she is my grandmother! honey, awful! but unfortunately I do not have money to rent a normal apartment :((( such a pity... bit, baby, sure you can have my address just in case you need it once : Ukraine, Poltava, Emel'yanova street, 15/48. thank you for your New Year congratulations, honey :)))))
I want to ask you some questions to know better about your character. I want to ask you how are you resolve your conflicts with your partner, friends or parents. Well, we all have a different "boiling" point and if you are ready to explode you, you should take time out from the argument and cool of. About this I've read a lot of psychology books ( in Russian of course). Are you in conflict with your parents, friends, at workplace? What happens when you argue with them? What do you do or say? As for me, I made a conclusion that most of us don't really listen to other people when they talk, because we' re too busy thinking about what we want to hear. To really HEAR what someone is saying you have to clear your mind of all the other things going on and turn your attention to another person. Also I never shout and I hate it! The chances are you'll scream and he\she will scream and nothing will be resolved. This isn't about blaming yourself. It's about understanding your behavior an finding more effective ways to disagree with other and resolve conflicts.

I want to let you know
I would have flown you
To be where you are
No matter how far...

Your fairy tale, your princess Raisa, from your fantasy.


I will translate the song about love for you:
Maybe I will stay with you!
I will stay as a pleasant taste on your lips,
I will stay as a fire in your eyes,
As a breath of wind in your hands...
I will stay as a snow on your cheek,
As a light somewhere far away...
I like this song very much...

Letter 7

Hello my beautiful sweetheart Jaap !!!

how are you doing, baby?
sweety, my heart is shining because I am writing you a letter again!
Jaap, my dear, I am sorry, but I do not understand what you are talking about...i have not been sending you picture of another girl...what do you mean, baby?
sweety, you know, every person has his weak points and i have also got one which i would like to tell you about but it will be our very big secret :)))))!!! my big weakness are animals :))))) yes, you are possibly laughing at me now :)! i adore animals and every time i appear to have a free time, i always visit the market of animals which is not far away from my home!!!! and when i appear to be there....i just appear in a real paradise of little God's creatures!!!!! oh my God, they are so lovely, so small, so helpless, that i immediately appear to have tears on my eyes! so many little puppies, kitties....they are so fluffy and wonderful that i immediately want to take them on hands and be tender with them! and when sometimes i am tired after work or someone offended me...or something has happened, all i need is to look at this beautiful angels and they always make my mood better and i forget about all the problems and disappointments and my eyes are happy again :)! honey, frankly speaking i have always dreamt about having a pet at home, but as far as i am renting apartment now, the owner of the apartment doesn't allow me to have animals at home...but i would even not be able to have them, because i spend all the time at work and would possibly not be able to take care about a puppy or kitty the way i should! because they are like children - always need your attention! Honey, and do you little animals? do you have a pet at home? when we will be living together, i would like us to have a little puppy and kitty and they would be wonderful friends!!!! or we could take a little rabbit and feed it with carrot :))))) with a big and orange carrot :)))) or a small pink piggy :)))))))) its name would be Borya :)))))) so, honey, tell me about your thoughts, i will be waiting for them with impatience!!!!!

i kiss you and miss you,

Letter 8

Hello my orchid Jaap !!!

honey, how are you today, my dear?
baby, i want to smile and dance today, i am so happy that you are in my life now and that i can share everything I have with you, baby!!!! you will ask me what I have...honey, i don't have much...but i have a sincere and innocent heart for you...i ave my appreciation of you !!!!
You are possibly already wondering why orchid….because I have always been connecting this flower with the man's strength. You are the strongest for me, the real man and I am choosing you, my orchid. Every time I look at this flower, I am thinking about you. Today I was walking, alone…yes, sometimes I love to spend time with myself, it gives me forces. Have you ever tried to do it? I think yes, just various people spend time with themselves with the help of different ways..they read, listen to music, watch TV…and I walk. This way nothing can abstract my attention. While walking I am thinking about my life, my falls and goals, about my good and bad deeds and..and about how some people when loving each other cannot be together. They prefer to live this way. They don't want to talk to each other about their feelings and that's why afterwards live with the people they don't love but whom it's easier to be with. Darling, what I would love to tell you is that we should always talk about our feelings, what we like and dislike about each other, because from day to day we will be receiving more information about our lives and I want our relations to have a perfect background. I want a serious relationship, not just communication and dating for fun. I am a woman in the full meaning of this word but haven't realized myself up to the end yet. I think that together we will find the rest unknown parts of each other.

Yours with passion

This is a song of a Russian group "Tatu". This song tells about a girl Which has fallen in love and cannot fall asleep..she is all the time Dreaming about her beloved man...she is trying to count till 100 to Fly far away form her thoughts about love and to fall asleep sooner, But her love is so strong, that this doesn't help her and she is awake For the whole night!.. You know, honey, on the contrary, I am Sleeping well at night. My mother taught me to think about something Pleasant before falling asleep and then it appears to be easier to Fall asleep :))) so I am thinking about you and me...somewhere...far are also thinking about me...and maybe this moment you are Looking at my photo and writing me a letter of love...and I am Dreaming how we will you will look at me for the first Time...will take my hand....will embrace me...kiss me...and I am Falling asleep with a smile on my face. Maybe I will see you in my Dream?...

Letter 9

Hello my dearest prince Jaap !

How is your start of week, baby?
Mine is fantastic, honey, I am back to the city and I am very happy to write you again, sweety )))
honey, I am very happy that you liked the song which I sent you, it's very pleasant for me, baby :))))! Jaap, please, honey, still, explain me what you meant when you wrote em that i sent you pictures of another woman? what pictures, sweety? of which woman????? I think it will be great us to meet in February, my dear :))) i will be more than happy :))) wow, honey, you propose Spain, Barcelona :)))) then I will try to receive all the necessary information as for what i will need to be able to travel there and as soon as I have some news, I will immediately write you about everything, honey!!!! honey, but don't you think it's a bit too early to meet in the first week of February...maybe we should take our time and talk to each other more and meet a bit later...what do you think about it, baby?!
The weekends were wonderful, my love, on Saturday I went to my parents house to celebrate my birthday, we decided to celebrate it earlier, honey, because on Monday I would not be able to be with them and share my holiday! my relatives and friends also came. We prepared meat on fire, really delicious. I mixed special souse with white wine, spices, onion and ketchup. When everything was ready, we sat and started congratulating each other on birthdays, 3 of my relatives had birthday, baby, can you imagine? )) I was presented some lovely fluffy towels, some beauty boxes (with shampoos, conditioners, body milk and so on), some perfume ("Magnificqe" Lan Come), also a warm blanket and a wonderful plant. I liked all the presents, they were surprise for me. My mum presented me a little bit of money, because she knows that currently I have difficult financial situation, and that I borrowed money even. I also thanked her and her present was a useful one for me. Do you know why, honey? Because now I can pay for Internet and write you, my sweetheart! ))) I am so happy, baby!!!! I wouldn't survive without your letters, my love! When that lovely family evening was over, I stayed at my parents' place. On Sunday I didn't do anything special, just cleaning and reading books and fashion Magazines )) I had a strong desire to write a letter to you, honey, and just to say hello, I don't know what is happening to me… I talked to my mother about us; she confirmed that she wants me to be happy. And also she wants me to meet you. She's so kind and sincere that I have no doubt that you'll get on well with her. My father also congratulated me with our relations. I was very glad! It was a family dinner like then, years ago. And union of a family is the best present for me. My dad seems strict, but that's only his image:).
Baby, today we also had a small celebration of my Birthday at work and drank champagne for my health and ate candies :))))) everything went goo, only you were not near, baby....
Today is also a big religious holiday, baby, – called Kreshchenie in my language and Epiphany in English. Usually people go to church early in the morning, before the dawn, and christen the water. Then we splash small drops of water on people and on the corners of the house to purify from evil spirits. It is an old tradition in my country, even my granny being younger went to the church with her mum, my great grandmother. As for me I like going to churches, though I don't do it much. Usually I go there on Easter and sometimes in summer. But after visiting it I feel great as if I was born for the second time. Inside the church I also feel wonderful, though some people say they have dizzying or splitting headache. Maybe they have more sins than me, who knows :) In general I believe in God, and when it is difficult time for me or whenever I am sad, I read prayer, I mean I don't read it, but say it from myself. Though I know the most important once you say it by heart. I just think that we have to have God in our souls, not in churches. But you may disagree with me. Honey, I am praying to God every day to make our meeting happen soon and to connect our hearts for the whole life, I know that with God's help we will be very happy together, sweety…..! I could kiss you a thousand times, honey, and still not be satisfied. My love for you is endless, so tender, so hot and complete. I swear to God I want you in my life. I love you more and more with each day passing and it eases me to know as tomorrow approaches, that I will love you more then yesterday and tomorrow will be more then today. My love for you cannot be measured by words alone as love does express my true feelings for you. When I think of our love it reminds me of all the things you are to me. You and only you have given me so much hope and have made me realize how much I want you! You show the true meaning of how a man should treat a woman. Baby, please accept my heart as your own and listen to both of ours beating as one. You are my reason to live. Without you I'm nothing. The years will be a test, but nothing will keep me from loving you, or from being by your side. I love you more than you could even know, you are my world. I just wanted to let you know how much I love all that you are and will be. You're truly my love, my soul mate, and my best friend. For the first time in my life I have something to believe in. You've seen me at my worst and still take me as I am. I thank God for you every day because I know you're heaven sent, you are my angel. I love you from now till death do us part. Right now you live far away from me and I really mean it's killing me but I know in my heart that we are doing alright. I don't want to lose you to anyone else or anything that anyone wants to say about you. I want you to know I love you from the deepest part of my heart. I'm always so lost for words when it comes to you, I just wish there was another way that we could be together. I want you and always will and there is nothing that will ever change the way I feel about you ... I love you! Love can make you do things that you never thought possible. See, there's a place in me where your fingerprints still rest, your kisses still linger and your whispers softly echo. It's the place where a part of you will forever be a part me. I promise, you'll always be in my heart. I love you. Ok, my sweetie, I must run to work now. I'll miss you till tomorrow. 1 hundred kisses is all that she misses… (that's about me)

Your future wife and forever little princess,

Letter 10

Hi my shining star Jaap!

My honey, how are you?
How was you day?
I as always missed you very much, though from day to day I become more and more sure that we are created for each other and nothing can appear before us to organize us a hardship, I know that we are created for each other and that's why I am not afraid any more that we will lose each other, I value our relationship very much. I have always been waiting for you, my prince and you came, you stepped into my life from my dreams and saying that I am just happy is saying nothing, I am extremely happy and I want this feeling last forever, baby !!! :)
Jaap, sweety, thank you so much for your wonderful Birthday congratulations :)))) well, baby, maybe you are right and it's not early.....i know that even 10000 letters cannot substitute one meeting...ok, baby I will try to receive all the necessary information about my trip to you to Spain and as soon as I have some news, I will immediately write you about everything, honey !!!
Dear, yesterday I was lying in bed and was thinking about lots of things that happen in our lives. And one question came to my mind. I know that when building a family only one member of family, either man or a woman should build career. And the second one should support by all means. Sweet, I would love to tell you that since my childhood I was taught that it should be man to build career and woman should support, give all her love to the man and do everything necessary to help him morally and physically (you know how) !!! And what do you think about it? Maybe you think that it should be woman to be on the leading positions or do you agree with the way I was taught ? Sweetheart, it's important for me to know your point of view. Maybe it's a bit weird that such kinds of questions come to my mind, but it seems to me that this is one of the best ways of knowing each other better. I am looking for your reply, my darling!

Two kisses from me

Letter 11

Hi my shining star Jaap!

My honey, how are you?
How was you day?
I as always missed you very much, though from day to day I become more and more sure that we are created for each other and nothing can appear before us to organize us a hardship, I know that we are created for each other and that's why I am not afraid any more that we will lose each other, I value our relationship very much. I have always been waiting for you, my prince and you came, you stepped into my life from my dreams and saying that I am just happy is saying nothing, I am extremely happy and I want this feeling last forever, baby !!! :)
Jaap, sweety, thank you so much for your wonderful Birthday congratulations :)))) well, baby, maybe you are right and it's not early.....i know that even 10000 letters cannot substitute one meeting...ok, baby I will try to receive all the necessary information about my trip to you to Spain and as soon as I have some news, I will immediately write you about everything, honey !!!
Dear, yesterday I was lying in bed and was thinking about lots of things that happen in our lives. And one question came to my mind. I know that when building a family only one member of family, either man or a woman should build career. And the second one should support by all means. Sweet, I would love to tell you that since my childhood I was taught that it should be man to build career and woman should support, give all her love to the man and do everything necessary to help him morally and physically (you know how) !!! And what do you think about it? Maybe you think that it should be woman to be on the leading positions or do you agree with the way I was taught ? Sweetheart, it's important for me to know your point of view. Maybe it's a bit weird that such kinds of questions come to my mind, but it seems to me that this is one of the best ways of knowing each other better. I am looking for your reply, my darling!

Two kisses from me

Letter 12

Hello my wonderful boyfriend Jaap !!!

oh, my honey, it's such a pleasure to visit the open up my e-mail account and to see that my beloved Jaap has written a beautiful letter to me !!!! sweety, you my head turn make my soul make my eyes shine with millions of bright colors!!!! you make me happy, honey!
Jaap, my love, I am so happy that we were behaved the same way even, sweety :))) it's so pleasant for me, baby :))))) honey, it's great that you would like us to take decisions together :))) you will be a fantastic husband, sweety, it feels like you are just a perfect man and I am so happy that I have been so lucky to meet you on my life road, baby!!!! yes, honey, I want to have children very much and it is my biggest dream! and what about you, honey?! wow, Jaap, honey, you have even found a hotel for us already :))) i am impressed, baby!!!!! i love Jacuzzi, it's such a paradise!!!! sweety, i don't go to sauna often, though I like it very much, i usually wear a swimming suit in sauna, sweety! it is not allowed to go to sauna in clothes, honey? i am impressed :)))))!
my love, I have been to the airport and I received all the necessary information about my coming to you to Spain, Barcelona. My love, I was told that there is a flight from our Donetsk airport. The ticket from Donetsk to Barcelona costs 650.62 Euro by Lufthansa airlines, the flight is Donetsk-Kiev-Prague-Barcelona and lasts 12 hours and 52 minutes! I was told that these are very good airlines and they are very safe and comfortable. and as far as I have never been abroad, I was told that I need the following documents, my love. I need the international passport, a travelling visa, a medical insurance, a document from work. The international passport costs. If to make a passport in a month, it will cost 250 Euro if to make it in two weeks, it will cost 350 Euro. if to make it in a week, it will cost 420 Euro. The travelling visa costs 95 Euro. A medical insurance costs 100 Euro. thanks God a paper from work is for free. Honey, I am just shocked with the prices. Baby, what do you think about what I have written and about the information which I managed to receive? I am shocked. I am honestly shocked with the prices. My love, I have been saving money but to tell you how much I saved, you will be laughing if to compare with the prices. I saved 100 Euro. For me it was a very big sum already. but now i see that it's nothing. I am so frustrated, my love, that I cannot pay for myself. It's awful, my money will be enough for a medical insurance only. I am shocked, baby. My love, I don't even know what to do? i want to be with you very much and i am dreaming about it for such a long time already. baby, can I rely on you in helping me to get to you? i just do not see a way out. My salary is too low. I receive 300 Euro per month. My love, I have found an opportunity us to have a talk!!! i have a friend, her name is Kate and she lives in the nearest house!!! She has a mobile phone and she agreed that i give you her telephone number!!! This is her telephone number +38099-72-19-308 !!! sweety, try to call from 8 to 10 p.m. Kiev time. this is the ideal time for me and Kate to meet, we will drink tea and we will be waiting for your call. sweety, and let's also make it like this. you will call and Kate will see that the unknown number is calling, if she and me are together at the moment you are calling, then she will immediately give me the telephone and you and me will have a talk! but if we are not together at the moment you call, she will not take the phone, she will bring the phone to me and then, baby, call back in about 10-15 minutes and if Kate is not busy and will be able to come to me, we will have a talk!!! such a complicated operation :))) but let's try!!! Because I want to talk to you a lot, my love! I want to hear your voice and to tell you : hello, Jaap! I miss you!!! :)))
Yesterday's night I was watching an amazing movie…it appealed to the deep and profound a great interest in me. I was so astonished that I even decided to write you about it. I still don't remember the tittle, but the content was about a man-doctor who lost his wife while she was on her mission of being a doctor in jungles. When she died he had the though that she was alive and lots of things were proving it, but nobody believed him. Until he decided to travel to the place where she died to see her dead body with his own eyes and to calm down. He traveled a lot an overcame lots of difficulties on his way but finally found people who knew her and one old woman said: I knew your wife. She came to our village to die. We couldn't save her body, but we saved her soul….he didn't understand her, she caught this, took his hand and went ahead o the small cozy house…she opened the door…they came in…and man saw a baby….small beautiful child lying in the house and smiling…(doctor's wife was pregnant when she went on her mission and when the bus crashed she was able to survive but anyway died while giving birth to her child…). Honey, I was astonished with these words…we couldn't save her body but saved her soul… I truly believe that our kids are a part of our soul, especially when they are babies…all our positive energy and all our positive emotions we give to our kids and then they grow up kind and tender… Darling, I would love to be a good mother, I know that when a woman is pregnant she has to control everything she is doing, because in spite of a thing that baby is not born yet, he is inside of his mother and feels every tear…every second of happiness…I know so many things about pregnancy and babies, I would love to have my own baby soon. And I will be very happy to see you in the role of my husband and baby's Dad. I've been thinking a lot about proposing you this, I feel that we will be happy together and baby will only strengthen our union!

I am forever only your
And i will be with you for my whole life

Letter 13

My lovely friend, hello my beloved Jaap!

I am very glad again because I am writing you a letter. During all this time I have been with you in my thoughts and eventually I can send you a flight of my thoughts through the Internet to you! To my beloved angel! And my dreams and thoughts will fly by the cables, will transfer into letters at the screen, will come from the screen to your consciousness and you will say : It's a long waiting letter from be dear princess!!!
Honey, every evening, when I am trying to fall asleep, i usually read something calm and about love – this way it is easier to fall asleep. Yesterday I was reading a newspaper and saw these lines there: Where do angels live? On the earth or on the sky? No! Possibly between them! But what do they want? What are they dreaming about? I know that the most beautiful angel is on the earth! I know that my favorite angel is also looking for a meeting with me! This poem of a famous author excited me a lot! It is written about you! Because you are my angel of love and hope! I want to love you and to pray for us to be always together! I would like to caress your wings! I would like you to take me high in the sky and tell me: Look out, my love! It's our planet! This planet is very big and beautiful! And you and me, high in the sky, look into each other's eyes full of love. We are happy that we have found each other in this big world! And people look at us and say: There are two happy angels flying! We would also like to love each other as greatly as they do! While you and me are dancing in the air our beloved dance… This was what I was dreaming about before falling asleep. I hope last night you also had a very good sleep. Because you and me were flying happy for the whole night. You are my angel, I know it! God sent you to me for love and happiness! Am I a dreamer? NO! You are really my angel! I believe in it! I believe in our happy meeting and living together!

Your little princess – angel!

These photos were made 2 or 3 years ago when I was going on aport dances
We had such a good company and all of the girls were my good friends and we
Were all of the same age :)! It was so great to dance and to walk together
And to go to each other's birthdays!!!!!....

Letter 14

Hello dear Prince Jaap !!!

How are you, my sweetheart?
I hope your well! :)))
Jaap, my love, yes, the whole sum appears to be a very big one, are right, sweety, it is 1300 Euro..... honey, thank you so very much for your wish to help me, I appreciate it very much and it will be super, honey! i also value very much that you would like to make present for me, honey :))) thank you so much, but it's up to you, baby! super I would be the happiest woman in the Universe if I had a mobile telephone and could have a constant connection with you and if i could buy a charming clothes and drive you crazy on our meeting, baby :)))) but it's all up to you, baby, I know that a trip is very honey, I have never been sent money, so, i don't know of any possible ways for you to send me money, baby...but, honey, if you want, i can visit a bank and ask them of nay possible ways for you to send me money, baby! and then I will write you about everything, sweety!
Honey, have you ever thought about the moment when your sight stops...when your breath is taken away...and heart begins to bit with 150 pulses per minute? Maybe this is the time when you reach something great in your life, when you find what you've been looking for or when you receive the unexpected surprise. Lots of things happen during the day and life. But your life is full only when you have a close person who you can share your happiness with. When you are in a grief, you may have lots of friends around who try to support you by all means. But when you are extremely satisfied and happy with your present conditions, you can find no friends around because of the greatest feeling which overwhelms your friends that is...enviness.. I would love to be not just your lover and beloved woman, for the most i would love to be your sincere friend for the whole life and no matter what will happen to us, I would love to stay your friend on forever... I hope you liked my thoughts, every letter to you is like a door to my heart and soul. I am sincere with you, my darling sweetheart.

Kisses from Raisa

Letter 15

Hello the closest person in the world Jaap !

How was your day yesterday?
I hope it was more than fine :)))
my love, and also today i decided to visit the bank to ask them whether there are any money transfers and i told then that i have a sweetheart who lives in Netherlands and he would like to help me with money! and they told me that there is a special Ukrainian Financial Group which allows to send and receive money with the whole world in just 20 minutes! baby, they told me that there are many systems in this Ukrainian Financial group with the help of which it is possible to send money! here are them : Anelik, Western Union, Money Gram and Privat Money! and, sweety, i was told that possibly from Netherlands it will be more comfortable for you to use Western Union! baby, i was told that i should give you my full name : Raisa Staruguna and give you my address : Ukraine, Poltava, Ivanova street, 12/42 ! and i was told that you will be able to send me money knowing my full name and address and in order me to receive money the, i will have to know your full name a special secret MTCN number! baby, this is all the information i managed to receive! hope it will be helpful for you, my love!!!
Did you miss me, baby? I did, thoughts were only about you: what were you doing, who you were meeting…My day was good and a bit cultural: I went to the Russian Dramatic Theater with my mother who decided to visit me unexpectedly. It was just great, spectacular and funny at the same time. The performance was about a British couple of lovers, everything mixed and they had to tell lies to their spouses, but failed in doing it properly. Just a lovely comedy. I don't think it is right to be unfaithful, I even can say detest it. I would think that this nuisance can happen to me as well, and I want to create a strong family. Telling lies to your beloved is no good in relationships, isn't it? Well, I presume there are situations about which you don't want to tell your partner not to upset. But that's another case. I'm a kind of person who wants to share happiness and problems with my beloved. It will be easier to solve the situation and find the way out. As in the saying "One head is good but two are better." Trust is good thing in everything: love, friendship and business. The only thing you should do is to find the right person. Unfortunately I'll have to return to my work now. See you soon in your next letter.

Bye, my sweetheart!!!!!!!!

Letter 16

Hello my sweetest honey Jaap !

How is the weekend for you, baby?
My weekend was rather tiring – had a lot of things to do, honey :)))
One thing to dislike weekend – is that I am unable to read your letters and write you, second thing to dislike weekend is that I have to do many household chores :))))) It makes me go crazy sometimes, every weekend the same- cleaning the house, washing clothes, ironing, cooking for the whole week…honey, I am really used to it and enjoy doing it as the difference from my every day work, but if I had beloved man who I had to do it for, then I would be feeling much happier...I would have an aim!!!! I only like doing household chores for my parents, because I see how grateful they are to me afterwards and how much they value it :))) and this is always very pleasant for me, baby!!!! But anyway, sweety, I want my weekend to be special! Whenever I have a chance and some spare money I try to go shopping at the cheap market. There I admire colorful clothes, try them on and feel a little happier))) Shopping can be healing at times…For women I mean, for men healing is meeting old friends, fishing, hunting, football-watching and so on))) weekends differ from the time of year. When it is weekend in spring you try to spend it somewhere outside, in the fresh air, with friends. And when it is a summer weekend you spend it either in the garden, or in the riverside or somewhere in the holiday house or forest…but the most boring weekend is in winter. Well, for me I mean! :))) The weather outside doesn't allow you to wear something smart, light, it is either snowing, or melting, or raining or it is slippery to go outside…Not good weather conditions…Yesterday was the same – strong wind and drizzling. Nasty weather, though today it is ok. I was not working so I decided to go to the market. But when I went out of the block of flats I was cold at once. The wind was so northern and strong that I couldn't even stand. It was almost a hurricane! And it was drizzling also, and it seemed as if it was drizzling with the snow. It was very cold outside and it is even unpleasant to go outside. We have a saying about this weather. Even a bad host wouldn't turn his dog out of the house. A good saying I should say, though in English it is not as good as in my language. So yesterday in the morning I wanted to go and buy (or at least to try on))) a sweater, but when I imagined how I would stand in open air half-naked, I started shivering from cold. But at the same time a strange idea appeared in my head. You know, honey I would be glad to go shopping to the boutique (not to the open market of course) with you. Do you know why? I imagined how we would go to fitting room and we would try the clothes on… and meanwhile we would be touching each other and you will be kissing my neck and start going lower, and I would whisper you: "no, honey, please, somebody can see us… "And this phrase would burn fire in you, and you would kiss me even more passionately… oh, what am I dreaming about. After reading it you would think what a naughty girl I am! Yes, I am, but it was you who made me dream about those things…

Your naughty girl sends her kisses…

Letter 17

My Dear Sweet Jaap !!!

I miss you, honey.... I want to be with you and hold you. I want to gently touch your face and cup your cheek in my hand as I look into your beautiful eyes. I want to snuggle and cuddle with you, to just be close to you. I want to rub your leg and stare across the couch as we talk of our feelings for one another. I want to hold your hand across the table at a restaurant. I want others in the restaurant to be jealous of our intimacy and our tender affection for one another. I want to lie next to you in front of a fire and gaze into your eyes while I rub your back. I want to romance you. I want you to know how beautiful you are in my eyes. I want you to know how much I cherish and adore you. I want to give my heart to you. I want your heart, I want it all.
I thought I would let you know that my love for you is burning very brightly this afternoon. My heart longs for you. My heart longs to leap at the sound of your voice. My heart longs to be filled with joy by your smile. My heart longs for my love, respect and adoration to flow to you as I gently kiss your hands. My heart longs to be warmed when I hold you in my arms. My heart longs to feel the passion as I caress your face, stare into your beautiful eyes and tenderly kiss you. My heart longs to see our love for one another grow as we sit on the couch and we share from the heart. My heart longs to express my love for you as I rub your leg while we talk. My heart longs to be calmed and comforted as I lovingly kiss and caress your bare arms. My heart longs for me to cup your face in my hands and draw you in for a tender, loving and passionate kiss. My heart longs to feel the sensual passion and desire as we feed each other grapes. My heart longs to express its desire as I tenderly and lovingly touch your lower back. My heart longs for me to feel the love and desire of your gentle touch. My heart longs to experience the sensual passion between us. My heart longs to feel the love and joy of us cuddling and snuggling close. I adore you my love.

With all the love of my tender heart,



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