Romance scam letter(s) from Elena Ryabinina to Patrick (USA)
Letter 1
Hello Pat, how are you really missed you so much i do think about you all day and nite but sometimes i feel guity for lying to you.. but i want you to know that i truly ve a very strong feelings for you. Pat, i want to tell you that from the depth of my heart i want you and i know u wont trust me anylonger cuz of the past. how are you doing at the moment..ur kids and mom...are u married or to a great day, bye
Letter 2
Hello Pat, how are you doing? im somuch happy reading from you cuz u made my day... i also enjoy talking to you on really missed hearing ur voice and also missed chatting with you..Pat I want you to know that i am real and i ve feelings for you... Pat i am homeless after we stopped chatting, i guess u know that and till date im still hussling to make things happen.. i wanna leave here as soon i culd cuz im fed up of here things is to difficult for me down here has not been so easy but i still ve to move on with it cuz life is all about ups and down..wen are you always online maybe i culd make it to you someday...take regards to your mom
Letter 3
Hi Patrick, how are you doing.. pat i wokeup early this morning thinking about you and i noticed that you are far away from me but your presence is all over me.. i feel good wen i think of you.. your words strengthen and make me feel good. i love you somuch wen you sound romantic.
I ve been having hardtime with my network and its really cheating on us cuz each time i missed talking to you makes me feel so bad and weak inside of me. i promise not to let you go cuz you are my crown and i will alway treat you like a king.
Pat i am always busy during the day but this time i find it very difficult to do been without you cuz i think of you all day and sometimes i ve no appetite to eat and sometimes dont feel like trading for the day. i guess you know i trade ( buying and seeling) provisions where i make my daily living. its not encouraging to continue suffering but i know someday im gonna get over it.. i love you somuch and i cant just get you off my mind.
U came my awesome way and make me feel better and realize myself that i ve the potential of being a woman at home. i love you so much cuz you are the man ve been seeking for years and i promise not to let you down and i want you to know that its our time to testify and be together as man and wife.
How i wish i could be with you, hold you, kiss you, caress you and make you feel as if u ve never feel any woman in the past. i love you so much and i want you to know that you are my angel. pat i love your pics.. you look so cute and i wish i culd kiss and suck your dick and lick ur cum, wanna make you get hard and feel the quality in me. i love you sommuch pat, have a love celebration... bye
lot of love and kisses
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