Letter(s) from Marina Lebedeva to Jonathan (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my friend Jon. Today when I have received your letter I was simply very happy that you have written to me and I at once have decided to answer you your letter. I am very happy to have such friend as you. For me simply unexpectedness that you have written it to me, I shall be very glad to get acquainted with you and to learn you better. I live in Russia, in small city under name Medvedevo. My city not such big, but it very beautiful and at him is as well as at the cities the history. Here it is more than women than men. I the girl with common sense of a life and humour. In it city I was born here again while I passes lives. I more time am in searches of the love, but not as I cannot find which that person could grow fond, with whom I could carry out the life. With whom I could create family and to be happy, but I and yet have not found anything. And I have decided to try to search the love here in Internet. I shall tell to you about myself, I was born on August, 30, 1980, and me now 28 years, my color of hair blond, my eyes green, my weight about 54 kg, my growth makes 175 see. I do not have harmful habits, I do not smoke, I never drink also I did not try drugs as I know that all this harm for health. I care of myself and about the health. I go in for sports, in the mornings I run, 2 or 3 times a week I want and I am engaged in fitness to support the figure. I not to time was not married at me there are no children. I work in hospital as the children's doctor (therapist). My trade very much to like me and I am very happy that I do for people kindly. I live with the daddy and mum, my mum to be already on pension and mine the daddy too is on pension and it works in security agency, I do not have brothers sisters, I in family one. My mum and the daddy grew me very strictly and gave me good education and have learned me to much in this life. I always was very obedient, I always liked to study and never shirked employment at school, I was very diligent and I liked to study as I knew that it will be necessary in the future. Especially I loved a history, algebra, chemistry, biology and the English language, I very much liked to study and learn unknown to me. But most of all I loved the English language, I even remained on additional employment to study the English language. To me even then the teacher spoke that I the given birth American. After school I have gone to study in Medical University of the children's doctor of the therapist. Now I work in hospital and I fly children. I like to listen to various music, I like to listen to classics, rep, pop, and music on mood. I very much like to read a lot of literature. What your preferences in music, the literature, you love what kitchen, what your values in a life. I dream of my family that near to me the person loved for me my husband was always. I think that our purposes are identical in this life and I want to know about your private life as much as possible. And I shall be very glad to share all that at me is in my life and I shall be very glad to learn about YOU as much as possible. I think that you will be very happy to learn about me and I shall be very happy to learn about YOU. I am going to finish to YOU my letter and I shall wait very much for your letter. Write to me all that you want to tell about yourselves and that YOU would want to divide with me. I shall be very happy to receive YOUR letters and to write to YOU. The friend from Russia Lyuba.

Letter 2

Hello my friend Jon. I was very happy to receive again your letter, my mood is much better as I have come and I read your letter and I shall write to you the answer. I shall write to you as it is possible is more often as I would like to learn more about you and about your life. I of me at home am a computer, but I cannot always write to you. I search for persons which always will be near to me with which at us there will be a full mutual understanding. Which I shall love also he me will like. I would want that him I as interested his love instead of as a doll for sex. I would want that at us with him the present novel was. It should be tender and kind and I very much would want that he loved children. I think that you approach under this description. As I do not sit at home, to me to have much to work that I could lives, pay taxes and eat. I am very happy that I have met you here and I very much to study you, your style of a life, your vital positions. My city Medvedevo to be about capitals of our Native land of Moscow about 800 kms. I am very much interested in you and I want to know from you as much as possible, what we have with you the general, what your interests, what you most of all like to do, how you like to have a rest and spend freely time? I very much love the parents and when I was small we went with my parents to the grandmother in village and I there had a rest, there fresh air and pure water. I very much like to have a rest on the nature, sometimes we go with friends to cinema, we walk on our park, sometimes we come into cafe and we sit at a cup of coffee and we talk about a life. It is a lot of to whom from my friends has more carried than to me they have husbands and at me are not present. As to me to have it is a lot of to work, I do not like to go on bars and discos and to search there for the happiness. So I decided to search for the love here in internet. I search for serious relations, I want to create happy family and to live in love and the consent. I love a life, but she is a little boring when beside there is no love. All people good I believe in it but everyone in the different way. Each person is meaningful to a life and something is given to everyone also the person it should find in itself and that is advanced that is given to it the destiny and the God. Each person is free also it in the right to do all that that it will want also should limit nobody it. People work to earn for the foodstuffs, or for the family and for itself to have good rest and to divide that that at him is with the favourite person. The life gives us many opportunities and will be silly if we shall not use these opportunities. If only one thing which cannot be replaced: we - people and we should not be lonely, at each person should be the love and a number the favourite person. And that we do all we should shares about the the near person, and the piece of bread or the whole life has no value. The god has created all over again 1 essence Adam, but in a result the God has created and Eva. And since these times each person search of second half. And I have dream to find to the feelings a solitude and love. Yes I understand that it sounds similarly to dream, but dreams come true if to this to aspire. And all that you very much will want will come true, but it is necessary to aspire to this. I wish be clear to have someone a number to myself. I very much like to go in for sports and I like to be engaged in fitness, I like to run in the mornings to support the body. How to be spoken a sound body it is a sound mind. I very much like to travel and go to campaigns. But I not to time was not abroad, I so would like to look as other people live in other countries, what their culture. But first of all I dream to find the love here on internet and to be happy together. For me now the main question in, where my love? The main thing in love and family happiness is a lot of love, care, to correspond each other and to be happy together. Unless you so do not think? I am real specific that I want in the man, but I have real strong belief about a marriage. I think, that who really matters the person - inside. I want, that the person was intellectual and alive with sense of humour. I have a hobby to prepare for various dishes. I like to find new instructions of cookery and to surprise friends. They always loved my dishes. My favourite dish the baked hen with garlic. It is loved by all my friends. It - is very tasty, and I think that you would be pleased having tried my dishes. But I am confident, that it would be pleasant to you also. You can tell to me more about your life? I would like to look more than your photos. I like to speak, much, and to want whom - that that I can hold intellectual conversation to all o'clock in the morning. I think, that we to have good chance to know each other better... Spring – my favourite season, I like to look, how the nature comes to the senses after winter. I not the winter person. I think that after that letters you will know more about me. I believe that the main love in mine a life still will arrive, the God will help me with it. Tell to me more about independence, that you like in people. What do you want from the woman, it is possible to rely on you, you keep your word? Please excuse me if I set many questions. - my first experience of acquaintance through the Internet, but this way has it similarly to me, I shall wait your answer and timid will not ask, please, me something in what you are interested also I I shall answer all questions. Your friend from Russia Lyuba.

Letter 3

Hello my dear Jon. I am simply very happy to see your new letter. It is simply fine that people have invented this way of communication internet that people could communicate at a great distance, from the different countries and in various parts of the world. Is not present at me is not present web cam, I understand all that so it will be better, but there is no such possibility, my computer very weak and internet as weak it will be not not supported web cam. But we can speak on the phone with you if you send me number of phone, and I will inform when I can call to you. It simply very big opening of the person as we can communicate quickly and reliably. Internet gives us many opportunities and that we could meet. I hope that we shall have good conversations and who knows probably we we can meet sometime each other in a real life. With everyone new I learn the letter about you more and more and we all become closer and closer the friend the friend. I very much to know about you all that is at you in your life and I shall divide all that that is at me. Ask to me questions what exactly you you want to know about me and I shall write to you all that you want to know. During this small time that we write each other I understand that I cannot without your letters any more. When I receive your letters my life is filled with happiness and pleasure. As I to know that there is a person to which my destiny is not indifferent and it wishes to know me. Your last letter was simple very fine that I simply could not constrain all pleasure and that it would be very unfair to not answer such charming person as you. I hope that we with you shall find there much in common between us and our relations I can become something big than the usual friend on correspondence. And relative that that I while one, I can tell that now I not one at me is you and I am very happy. I want that our relations developed further and more deeply. If we have chance will open something it new in each other as if the page in the book is looked through and the new chapter in our letters, and the further the more interestingly begins. There is no schedule or the recipe about that how correctly to create family, there are no special laws. We can create nobody such laws as creation of family or an interdiction on that that we communicated with you through internet, to us nobody in the right to forbid and we choose it that to us is necessary and that for us to do and as us to build the life, destiny and family. I think that being the wife I should be soft, careful, capable to forgive, pity to love the husband and to help it in everything, to prepare I peep, to listen to all that that we speak me the husband that was new. You agree with it that I have written? On the other hand I want that you could always protection of me when to me it is necessary and to offend never me, to not beat, always to notice as I look in a new dress, my hairdress, to kiss before work. I shall be very happy to have own traditions of family small holiday of family. In the days off I shall put on my favourite dress, I shall prepare for your most favourite dish, to put flowers on a table, in it evening I shall think only of family, I shall overlook about all mine of a kind commercial activity and all troubles during this day, I shall light candles and I shall wait for you. I decided to learn better more from you why you search the woman on internet? Men from my city at all do not pay my attention to my private world, they I examine me as though I very beautiful doll and them anything any more does not interest. More from men I do not know as to find myself in this life, where their place in this life. In an intergrade I prefer mind, experience in a life, belief, trust, honesty and tenderness. I want that with me that was with whom I shall feel like as though I in a fortress and nobody will grieve me. For this reason I decided to search for the love here. My English is good, I have houses a computer and I shall write to you letters so frequently as I can, as it is necessary to work to live. I was simply is very happy that we write each other letters and with everyone the letter more and more we learn each other. I very much hope that here I meet the happiness and the love with whom I can create fine family. Yes I think what to begin relations with letters it effectively, here it is possible to write all that you want to tell, but you could not tell this if you saw a lot the person and looked it in the face. I think that you agree with it? There is no any a need to pretend, you can be oneself. I shall write to you all about myself that it will be interesting to you to learn. I want to find that person when it will be cold to me it will heat me and to calm when I shall feel anxiety and a pain, will listen to me when at me is what to tell to it, will appreciate my love and care, and I shall feel like near to it loved. I very much need in loved to the man which will be not only as the interlocutor and and as the friend close to me, the partner in my life and the favourite person. And I want to know about your life. What your dreams, your purposes in a life? What do you do for work and whether to like you your work and what you like to do for the pleasure and soul? Tell to me and a place where do you live. I want to find the person who will love me as the woman as the person, but not as a nice doll which you can show everyone and be proud of it. I am a woman and I want to be loved and to like, but to not play game with me, the wife should be proud of the husband. And wise wives should give belief to husbands, estimate the most important for him features. I think the man should support the woman herself about respect, not criticize her in the company, not touch self-respect of the woman. Always do a congratulation occasionally a new dress, a dress of hair or boots, to be grateful for a dinner, to not compare it to that as mum to it prepared, bring flowers and a kiss at departure for work. I think that a usual life - mutual respect and understanding. Both the husband and the wife Responsible for a happy life of family. I believe, that the real woman should To create the convenient house with its beauty, care and fidelity. I shall respect, love and caress my future husband, I was probable already had time to disturb you, and you are tired to read my letter Well, to allow me to finish my letter. By the way, my mum and friends ask about you, especially mum. I have told to it, that you are decent and good the man, and my mum is very pleased about our correspondence and ours of the relation. She wishes us good relations in the future. My mum asks, that I have told to you greetings from It! I shall wait for your following letter! Write to me soon! Your friend from Russia Lyuba.

Letter 4

Hello my the closest and road for me the person Jon. I with the great pleasure read your letters, I am very happy that you write to me and my mood rises also to me to become is very happy and it is good. It is pleasant to realize that someone thinks of me and writes to me such fine and lovely letters. I am always very glad to your letters and I hope that at you all well, I'm fine and my parents send you regards. Well love washing send to me the phone number and inform me a phone number and I will tell when I can call to you a phone number. My love you understand that I do not have phone it is broken also to me it is necessary to buy other phone number. When we only with you have started to get acquainted I did not think that all so to turn out as you know that I for the first time try to search for the love here in this huge world. And I am happy that you have appeared in my life, you have appeared as a beam and the dark sky both I became bright me also has blossomed as a rose. I feel that ours with you acquaintance to become more and very much and borrows very important step in my life, and you become more important for me every day. With you I would agree to lead all lives full of love and happiness. It is all a riddle for me which has been given to people very sad and it is sad. I am very happy that now all on another not as earlier, girls married not on love and as the parent will tell. I am happy that we are free people and we in the right to choose that that is necessary for us in this life and whom to like. I always imagined that the Love is a bird with wide wings and she where wants there and flies, where will want there and to land and anybody it is to a bird not in the right to prevent. On flies highly on the ground, it reminds us people that we in the right to decide to live as us and whom to like. I have to you feelings, I want that you required me and I shall be mutual to your feelings, I feel that that I can give you my love, warmly, care and tenderness all that there will be no at me I to regret for you. I assume that marriages are created in the sky, but we on the ground and we should search for that that to us is granted to heavens and the GOD. I would like to assume that you are created for me and that you my second half. I think that in the person his soul is important, not that as but looks, as our soul this the most valuable that is in the person and we should appreciate not beauty and sincere well-being. I dream of that that my beloved never will betray me, will not be jealous, and I think that the jealousy is a weak attribute oppress. If two persons like each other, they should trust each other all and share all that at them is. All that can that I write false that you are possible to rely on YOU and that really sincere, fair, fair and brave and YOU I shall be as behind a stone wall which nobody can break. I simply understand that such the man as you never will deceive me and will not betray and will be always fair and fair. The deceit and lie all this most bad that is in this world, and these character traits I do not decorate the person, they only spoil it from within and the person ceases to be the person. I hope that at us with you all will be fine also our relations will develop further and we shall trust the friend the friend all the most valuable that is in our life. I want to see your happiness and to share the happiness with you. I want to know that does you happy. I shall try to do so that you were always happy and lives were pleased.. I think of you much and always I recollect that that you have written to me and whether I think all at you well. Know that you to me are not indifferent also you is borrowed in my soul and in my heart a lot of place. I very much like to read your letters and to write to you the answer. I think that it probably and we once can meet you. I shall wait for your letter. I tender kiss and embrace, YOURS Lyuba.

Letter 5

Hello my lovely Jon. I am very happy to receive your letter and I hope that at you all very perfectly. At me all too is very good also I is very happy to receive your letters and to answer your letters. You began for me very dearly and I always wait your letters. Excuse certainly that I can can write to you every day as though to me it would not be desirable, but I shall try to correct a situation and I shall try to write to you of more letters and to wait your letters. As I spoke you that I work as the children's doctor, it not and is easy as to each child it is necessary to find approach and it is simple when I come home I very much I get tired. To me to have it is a lot of to work, and in a month I receive 250 $. If I would not have parents that I I do not know as you lived on these 250 $ as it is necessary to buy, pay all taxes, to pay on internet that I could write to you letters. At me remains very few money that I could descend with friends at cinema or sit some times in cafe and have a drink coffee. But also for this money to me to have it is a lot of to work. But I all the same love the work. How at you today has passed day, how your affairs, how your health? I hope that at you all well. Your letters it for me the big happiness and I am very glad that you are in my life and fill my days with happiness and I know that there is that to whom I is not indifferent. You do me very happy when I receive your letters, I hope that you too are very happy when receive my letters. I never forget you when I rise I I think of you and when I lie down, I eat, I go to a bath all time I think of you. How you think lovely that that we speak here and conversation 1 on 1 is the big distinction whether or not any distinction for you? I understand that through internet not probably all to tell and show the feelings, it cannot be so bright and is delightful if we were together and looked each other in the face. It is very fine also I know that in this world there is a person to which I I am not indifferent also is very happy. For me it is very pleasant to know that we understand each other it is the most important fact in ours with you of the further relations. For me simply to meet very big happiness of you in my life. I think that ours with you relations can be more more than simply friendship. Your letters heat up my soul and my heart, you always with me in my heart. I think on the account of that that we should meet you, we should see each other, look in the face each other as through internet all emotions are lost and it is difficult to understand each other. I want to tell to you about sexual experience and I hope that you too will tell to me about sexual experience in the life. In Russia all men dream only of that to take the girl in bed, but it it is not necessary to me, I do not want that that it has taken me for the first time and that it has taken the pleasure, they need one of sex and silt more it is necessary nothing. The love it something greater than it is given by the person to learn happiness in this life, and men I present it only as sex and no more. I think that it incorrectly to count love for sex and I hope that you agree to the account of it with me? I want to have sex only with that the man which to me is expensive, which I love also my feelings from him are mutual. I shall be devoted to it, I shall never change to it, I shall give it everything, my body and my soul. We will learn together all depths of pleasure. Our passion of love will be the biggest and the best, we shall enjoy the friend the friend all life while we exist in this world, and our love will always never die away she will shine as the bright sun which never to sit. That that we with you now not together and far does me a little sad. But I become sure that that time when we with you in the future we shall meet you and it will be the best day in my and your life. What do you think on the account of it? Ours with you a meeting... I think that it will be very much the important point in ours relations. How you think? I very much grieve without you. Yours forever Lyuba.

Letter 6

Hello my lovely Jon. I am very glad to receive your letter and my mood today fine as I know that at you all well and that you have not forgotten me and have written to me. These days I thought of us with you much and I hope that at you all perfectly and I am very glad that you understand me that I cannot write to you every day. I can arrive to you if you is not against and we can spend Christmas and New Year together. But I shall always try to write to you as it is possible is more often that ours with you feelings were more than simply friendship. At me it is a lot of ideas on us with you and our relation to each other, but I am sure in that that I have found the person of which dream I searched for all life and with which I want to lead the rest of the days, and this person YOU are. Now I understand one that my life without you simply is not possible without you because I to you have more strong feelings to you and they is not similar to friendship, I think that it is feelings Love, I want to be near to you that you were happy and to be the happiest girl on it light near to you. I do not know as me to explain to you all feelings of love and happiness which I test to you. I LOVE YOU and I want to tell these words only to you as you have made me happy and you have given me the care and love and I know that if I shall be near to you I shall itself happily the girl on all light. Your letters are full love, care, happiness by a life. When your letters reach me and I read them my heart starts to beat faster and my love grows to you with each your letter and every day. And I simply did not expect that I meet you, I am simply very glad that you are in my life and you have given me a lot of happiness, cares and love. My feelings and love grows to you every day and I want to be only near to you as nobody will replace all that that is only at you. As soon as we have started to write each other letters, I had hope for that that at us with you all will be fine. I everyone the letter to me I understood that our I that that I searched here and I hope that you too have found that that searched. You are very necessary for me. I want to tell to you that all that I wrote, all my words, all my feelings all this started with my heart and soul and all this only for you. As I understand that it is necessary to know the person before will trust in it. Now I can be sure and trust you. Sometimes only, to hold a hand of that person which you love, it can force to disappear all troubles. Fine evening for me I was possible to take long walk with that special person in my life love you, and I want to tell to you it always, It - pity it only ours letters connect us, I want to see you actually, I dream, how you meet me at the airport as we search each other eyes, we find also we rush into embraces each other. I want to meet you very much! I know it you also want it, I have found sense of the life, I love you, and I miss you my love. My lovely, on it I shall finish the letter to you, I shall wait for your following mail with the big desire of love. You should know as I feel me so happy when I have read your letters. Probably sometime I be able to find all correct words, be able to tell to you. I wish, that these feelings will be mutual, and we could enjoy our love. But in the meantime I really hope, that you know deeply within the limits of your heart it Presence of you by my party is a gift, more precious than gold. I shall miss on you, I love you, and I want to be with you! I very much wait your letters as they fill my day with happiness and love. With love to you from Russia yours Lyuba.

Letter 7

Hello my love Jon. I am very happy to receive your letters, your letters are simply filled with love and happiness, I am very happy that you are in my life and I that I have met you. You have changed my life and my destiny, I shall be simply very happy also I want to be near to you and to give you all that is at me and all this only for you that you were happy and we like only me. I miss you very much, I want to visit you and looking in your eyes tell you how deeply I love you I think that you too want a meeting with me I'm so happy to know you, you cannot even imagine! I want to know that you think of it. My dear, my love Jon, in my last letter I told you about my love feelings to you. Tomorrow I'll get to agency, and I find out everything about the visa. As soon as I shall find out it, I shall inform you about the results. You want it? Whether I think that you will be very glad if I learn all and I shall inform to you and I shall not hurry you and I hope that you will take the decision on the account of that really you want that we have met you whether or not and will tell to me in the following letter? I love you, Jon, and I want to say to you it always I want to say to you, my darling, that I can't without you It is pity that only our letters connect us, I want to see you in reality. I want it very much. Our letters connect our close love feelings to each other, but it only letters My love Jon, I want to say that my mum and my best friends are very happy for us, they are all time ask about you, about your feelings to me and I don't worry say about our love feelings now, because I don't want to hide my love to you my Jon, I have found sense of my life, I love you and I miss you my darling. There's a sea between us, love, and I wish that it weren't true, for every day when I awake, I yearn to be with you. There are many miles between us, love, though you're always here in my heart, and every night, beneath the silver starlight, I pray for the day we'll never part. I love you and will love all my life! I at last want to arrive to you to carry out our dreams My darling, on this I will finish my letter to you, I will wait for your next letter with great desire Ok, I must go, my dear. I will miss you, I love you and I want to be with you In love with you love Lyuba.

Letter 8

Hello my love Jon. I am tired from everything, I am tired from myself, only your letters calming me at the difficult moments In such minutes, I would like to cling to you, to nestle on your strong body, and forgotten all I not represent my life without you, my Jon! I love you, and I am ready to repeat these words again and again! I am always very glad to your letters and I hope that at you all well, I'm fine favourite mine and my parents send you regards. Yes I have checked up all my love and I will inform you all information in this letter my love and I hope that you will be capable to help me that I could arrive to you favourite mine. And for me it will be simple very perfectly if I can see you my love and as soon as possible, I have grown fond of you and I wish to see you before myself. Yes it will be final informal conversation on so it is good as at you as English language is I native language, but I know it well my love. And the more so for love there are no languages. I can arrive to you on so much on how many you will want my love. My love and I know that at us with you all will be good also we can create with you a family in the future and I will become the citizen of your country my love. My love I hope that you will be capable to help me that I could arrive to you favourite mine. At us with you still only begins. Now I find sense in life. Today I talked to mum about us with you and about our future and that probably I soon leave in other country. It seems that to you about it. I LOVE YOU!!! For these some days, I have had time to find out the necessary information about travel to you I want to visit you and to meet you I asked about going in your country I need the visa, foreign passport and ticket. Lovely mine I have learned that all this will be there are 1050 $ that I could do the passport for travel abroad, the visa and then to book a ticket. That all this was is ready 10 days are necessary approximately can 14 and then I can take off to you and we shall be with you for ever. Only you and I!!! Now I do not know what to do, really we can not meet? It is a shame for me, to ask your help, but I do not have other decision of this problem, especially, you want it too, whether or not? These are very big money for me and I do not know as us to be with you that we could meet. The love washing can at you there is any decision of this problem? Your help is very necessary for me that I could arrive to you and to be near to you!!! Yes you have understood me, and it means, It since this moment instead of which my heart belongs only against you than whom it - is more. Now only you can solve, which my words for you mean. I shall not take offence, if you will write to me, That you have no any mutual feelings, I shall think, that it will seem shortly. I am very pleased to your letters, I always wait, when I shall enter the Internet Both I shall read, and I shall write to you! Heart checks mine, you have left a wound in my heart, And this wound is closed, when I read your letters! I do not accuse you, Did not exist opposite, I am pleased to this! I wanted to find people similar to my soul, I think, which I have found! It you! Soul, your feelings to me! I want to thank you for the big attention to me! You are necessary for me, you became important in my life and necessary for me! She is very happy for me, she bless us. I represented our meeting... You wait for me in the airport and worry for my arrival. We look around And we search each other in crowd, then with to become transfixed hearts we find each other and to rush into strong embraces. We stand having embraced, and all look at us. And for us as though nothing exist. I think about sense of money, and I'm very sad if this paper can prevent people to meet each other. In most cases the money play a main role in life but it's not right! I'm sure. I always not aspired to material enrichment and don't search specially for rich male. I appreciate human qualities and relations and I love you Jon!!! I love you all my heart, I want to be with you now. If it's mutually we will be very happy in our life. You are my love, my Angel. My heart is yours. I think, that it is the GOD have sent me you, now I ask HIM that HE has helped us to meet Every day I think about our meeting, and I think it's real, we must use this chance of destiny. I will miss you, I love you and I want to be with you In love with you love Lyuba.

Letter 9

Hello my lovely Jon! Thank for your letters and for warm words I love you, I adore you!!! You charm! I am very happy to receive your letters, I hope that at you all perfectly. Your letters all this that are at me, but I know that that day will soon come and we shall be together. Your letters are filled love and happiness. My love I is very glad that you are ready to help me and to send to me 1050$ that I could do documents and book the ticket and I all I will try to make till December, 25th on December, 25th to arrive to you my love that we could celebrate with you together Christmas and then New Year. I hope that you can help me this week and I will arrive to you favourite mine approximately by December, 25th or a maximum by December, 29th my love I will be already at you. My love I has written to you in this letter that you can send to me of money through the Western Union and all have painted favourite mine. My love than faster you will help me to those faster I will arrive to you favourite mine. I am very happy when I receive your letters and I write to you the answer. I have grown fond of you and in this life YOU are necessary for me only. Nobody will replace you. You all the best and fine that are in my life. You my life!! I LOVE YOU!!! Loved mine today went to bank and has learned on the account of the Western union that will be necessary that you could help me and that I without problems have received money lovely mine. To me have told that I should send you these data that you could send me of money: 1. My name: Lyubov 2 My surname: Polyakova 3. The country: Russia. To me have told that this information will be enough that you could send me of money. Mine that I could receive loved money when you will send them to me to me have told that will be necessary for me: 1. Your name 2. Your surname 3. The country 4. City 5. The sum which you will send me 6. Number MTCN, this number will give you when you will send me of money so to me have told in bank. This information to me will be enough that I could receive your money love of all my life. In my life I do not have enough only one, it YOU I with impatience wait for our meeting, it will be the happiest day! I love you very much, I two night in succession see you in the dreams These are indescribable dreams! I with impatience wait for our meeting when we can make love really!!! I dream to embrace your body shivering from excitation and to kiss each inch I want to make love with you, all over again slowly and cautiously, as if a boat shaking on waves Then quickly and violently, as if the broken volcano! I want to see you very much. I want to arrive to you very much! For ours with you the love is not present any distance and I very much love you and I believe you and I know that soon we SHALL be TOGETHER. I was searching for you all my life and now I have found you and I am not going to lose you. We will be happy together, I will do everything for it. I am strong enough to overcome all the difficulties and hardships which are between us. There is no barrier which can stop me. My love will overcome all the difficulties on our way to each other. We will be together, with your help. I will cross the ocean, just to be with you. I don't need anything else - I just want to see you, to look into your eyes, to kiss your lips, to touch your strong body. I will love you, my Light always, and it doesn't matter for me what will be in the future. I will love you, you are the air I breath, the reason for me to live. My love I was already resolutely adjusted to be with you. I do not know, that to me to do. I already for a long time to not feel aroma of roses. I have already forgotten taste of colors. My love I want to see a rose and to inhale its aroma. And it will be true, and it will be fine. My love I think, that when I shall arrive to you, you will stand at the airport with roses and I to receive from you roses and your fine kiss. My love I think, that it will be the happiest day, and I shall be, is happy on the present. My love I love only you and I think, that so you are necessary for me and only you my love. Loved mine, I love only you and I to think, that you have understood, having read this letter. My love I want to be with you and I want to kiss you my love and I can not live without you my love. I shall go from mind from love to you and you understand me my love. My love I want to tell to you, that you always will be in my heart, and that I wait, when I shall be with you and I to turn to the sun from the moon. And there is no life for me without you. My love each time I to consider days and I to think about you my love. My love I love only you and you my present and big love. My love I want only you, and I shall be for you the safe and only for you my love. My love I shall hold for you the safe, and I never shall change to you my love. My love I again and again to speak you, that I LOVE YOU my LOVE. I AGAIN AND AGAIN TO SEND YOU IT IS A LOT OF AND MANY HOT AND PASSIONATE KISSES, AND YOU MY LOVE. I LOVE YOU MY PRINCE AND MY LOVE. WITH THE BIG LOVE YOURS ALWAYS Lyuba.