Scam letter(s) from Marina to Forrest (USA)

Letter 1

Hi my new friend Forrest!!!
I am very glad to receive from you the letter. Thanks that you are interested in correspondence with me. It was very interesting to me to receive and read your letter. Thanks for your interesting story about itself. It is very interesting to me to know about your country as I very much for a long time dreamed to visit and more to find out about your native land. If you have a lot of story about the native land I shall be always glad to hear it from you. I as am sure, that you it is heard about my country but as also I can tell to you a lot of interesting and useful. Well, I am sure, that now we should find out more each other, and then we can start studying our countries. I so understand, what you disturbed with distinction of age between us? Now I want that you had no to me any doubts concerning a difference of age between us. The matter is that I like men of advanced age as I had no the father in the childhood and I always dreamed to have the father as the defender and the keeper of the family center. I think that the man at your age is reliable in all cases. I like your life experience.
Therefore I want that mine the man was for me the husband and the father simultaneously. You understand me?
As I am sure, that you interested with my sizes. And so. 89*62*91 it is the sizes of my body in a grasp. My growth of 165 centimeters.
52 kg. The size of ******* 1,5 or XL. My eyes brown, hair fair-haired, I have no tendency to corpulence. I do not smoke and I do not drink alcoholic drinks. From music I very much like classical music and dancing. I very much love art and cookery so I shall diligently concern to your stomach. As to the English language I studied it at university during 5 days. How you think of it? I as very much would like to find out your parameters. You will write to me in the following letter?
As you interested likely with my past? And so, when I was small we with family went on a resort by our machine in the south of Russia to Black sea. We lived on resorts of Krasnodar area of 2 weeks and when came back home we have got in failure. Mine the daddy and mum sat ahead, and I with the grandmother and the aunt sat behind.
At collision with the big automobile mine mum and the daddy have died at once, and we have received strong bruises. Since then I have no my parents, only my grandmother, which now 67 years. She the kindest person in my life. I very much love her and always I try to help her.
Unfortunately we live separately. She lives in village, and I live in city as I work here and it is very inconvenient for me to go from village to my work as it is more than 25 kilometers. My grandmother lives in the big two floor house where we earlier lived with family.
And I remove an apartment in city centre in the big 12 floor house on 7 floor where nearby there is my work. I very much love children;
therefore I on the full program am given my work, in fact children this future and flowers of a life! Unfortunately the wages of the tutor are not enough for a normal life of the young girl, therefore I should earn additionally the time nurse in rich families. Again the small story about me. Now I finish my letter and I shall wait very much for your answer. Please, write to me more about your family and about your work. Tell to me everything as all is interesting to me about you. As send me the photos, it is very interesting to me. Well,
I embrace you and I wait for your answer.
I think, that it will be pleasant for you to see my photos which were taken by my girlfriend in my house. How you like it? I wait your photos.
Your new friend Marina
Letter 2

Hi again my pleasant friend Forrest!!!
How your affairs now? I am very glad that our correspondence proceeds also we can find out more each other. So it is pleasant for me, that now I have that person with whom I can share about the affairs and about the feelings. You know, that the person requires the best friend, as with the help of him it is possible to overcome all to mountain and troubles and as to share pleasure and happiness! I so a long time dreamed to have the friend the man that he was for me the friend and the ****** partner in whom I can be sure on all of 100 ,
and then have from him the child and do happy family! I am sure, that you as dream to meet the good girl who can become the best, the most careful for you one! I am right?
So our life is created and we always live in hope for the best. We in Russia have saying, "For the god hope, but itself too try", therefore we should be very diligent in searches of the partner of a life! If you as well as I are adjusted to meet the future you should know 2 rules to which I always adhere! In the first in our relations there should not be no lie, only truthfulness can make relations happy! In the second mutual aid and respect each other. If you will adhere to these rules us cannot frighten neither distance between us, nor other circumstances which will be a barrier on our way. And you as think? I shall be very glad to know your opinion, in fact your ideas and feelings for me will be as are important as my own opinion. I think that in relations between the man and the woman always there should be a world and the consent, but the deciding opinion should be always for the man.
At us in Russia long since the husband is the head of the family, he extracts I peep and protect the family center. The role of the woman as is great, in fact she contains cosines and is warm in family,
brings up children and to care of the husband. I am sure, that in your country it occurs similarly to, but in each country the traditions and principles about which I as would like to know. You will tell to me about family traditions of your country? To me will be so pleasantly!
As I very much would like to find out about the nature of your country. What nature in your country? Russia is very rich the various nature! It begins from the most glacial district up to subtropics! I have no so many words to express all beauty and a miracle of our nature. It is better for seeing once, than many times to hear,
therefore I would like to carry out excursion especially for you sometime. So at me fuss a question for you. You are going to come to Russia sometime? We could have with you very pleasant time traveling together across Russia. You know, I so am tired to be one, therefore I would agree to all to be with that the man to which I shall trust. My grandmother spoke, that I have big Romantic soul and for me shine the big future.
During a holiday the Christmas in Russia is present tradition when girls guess about the future partner. My grandmother as helped me and my girlfriends to guess, as she very skilled in it. You imagine, the guessing foretold to my girlfriend Natasha that she will have the husband in 2007 and will live in Russia, and my guessing foretold to me that I shall get acquainted with the foreigner and we shall marry in the autumn of 2006. That is now in the autumn of 2006. That is now I start to trust in a guessing; in fact I have got acquainted with you! And there can be it our destiny? I do not want to hurry our relations, but I so am surprised with all that occurs around of me!
When I went to school I adored geography, therefore a lot of time gave studying of other countries. I read much additional books about travel and romanticism. Why your country always suited me in the side. Now I understand, that my destiny has settled down in such a manner that I should see all of charm of your country and study your entire world.
Ah, I so dream much, and I have so much about what to tell to you, but my time in Internet - cafe expires also to me it is necessary to transfer the warm place where I am poured in the wonderful world of relations with you, to other girl who as has correspondence with the man from your country. I ask you to not worry! Very soon I again shall come to this place, and we again shall meet you in our marvelous letters and we shall continue ours the virtual relation. I very much hope, that our correspondence will bring to we only pleasure, and perhaps to our destiny we shall meet you sometime. With these words I would like to finish my letter and to wish you only the most pleasant!
I wish that you were accompanied always with success both on work and in private life. Have pleasant time and even think of me a little. I shall wait very much for your answer and more stories about you and your country.
As also I would like to see your photos if it is not difficult for you send me as more photos, in fact to me will be so pleasantly to see you with each your letter!
I so would not like to leave..., but it is time to me to go. See you soon my lovely friend, write to me more likely...
You're gentle Marina
Letter 3

Hi my dear Jeremy !!!
I again at last can write to you, I hope that you do not take offence that I write to you letters not every day? I with pleasure would write for you more often but while I have no such opportunity... But I frequently think of you, and I hope that you too have feelings for me... You have?
In general, I`m the woman with open and fair soul and I very much am afraid only of one thing - a deceit. Yes, I the strong woman and I never allow itself to cry that others saw it. But my soul very vulnerable and my heart has many wounds - so I ask you, do not play with our relations. We should be fair with the each other. I look for relations which will be constructed by tendernesses, love , trust... I want to live in a long and happy marriage. I think that the lie can destroy any relations, therefore I cannot forgive a deceit. I think that you should understand me. Both of us adult people and we do not want that our hearts have been broken. We should try to make our relations nice and pure.
I want to tell to you about the city. My city Yoskar-ola not so big. I love the city because it is my native land. In it it is a lot of areas, the big parks, wide streets with fine houses, cinemas,
theatres and shops. Our city city of youth. Hundreds young people study in institutes, schools, colleges. At us it is a lot of pools,
gyms and other places where the youth may spend the free time Tell to me more about yourself - about the hobbies how you will spend a free time? In the free time I usually read books. I love female novels about love. It helps me to forget about a severe reality and to live a life of the main characters which is filled with romanticism and love. I would like that my life was similar to these books:-) Tell to me more about the city, where do you live. All will be interesting to me about you...
Let me to finish on it my letter and to look forward to your answer...
Your true friend Marina
Letter 4

Hi my dear Forrest !
My dear friend. I did not want, that you have offended. I corresponded Jeremy before acquaintance to you. I have Charged to him all secrets, thought, that he my true friend. And he Has deceived me. And When I wrote to you the letter, have casually written his name. Then I thought of him. And now I think of you, that I can lose you. Just now I have understood, how for me our friendship much means. Once again I ask you a pardon. I shall look forward to hearing from you very much. Understand, I want your love.
Letter 5

Hi my dear Forrest !
I have come to Internet - cafe after my work this dark spring evening to write to you the letter. Now... These minutes I think of how it is strange - to develop relations via e-mail. Earlier . while we were not familiar I at this time usually missed, cooked on kitchen or read. And now I in front of the display of the monitor try to write to you the beautiful letter. I hope that this letter is pleasant to you. I try to open the soul and the ideas for you. I completely frank with you because know that we should be absolutely sincere. How there were your days? What do you do by the late evenings? You have many free time?
Unfortunately many free time does not allow me to have the schedule of my work. It is interesting to you to find out more about my work?
I shall try to tell to you about it as it is possible more interestingly. My post refers to The tutor. I work in a kindergarten.
In general the kindergarten reminds the big fantastic world of the childhood. Here it is a lot of toys and very high level of education.
I spend a lot of time with children, therefore I should be always pleasant and kind. My problem to learn children to read and write and as to be kind and decent people. Our kindergarten is divided into 3 age groups it from 1,5 - 2,5: 2,5-4 and 4 - 6 years. I am engaged with children it is more senior than 4-6 years, therefore into my problem enters to teach them to write and read. In my group of 40 children in which are engaged I and my girlfriend Hope which also is the tutor. In 8 mornings children are immersed in this fantastic world and tutors are simply obliged to keep these feelings at children during all time.
9 mornings they have a breakfast, and then educational actions. 12 they have dinner and have walk on fresh air. The external territory of a kindergarten has the whole complex of children's sports entertainment. 1 - 3 pm they have small dream which so is important for children's psychology. 3 - 6 pm children also have educational-cognitive actions with viewing cartoon films and and documentary films for development. In 6 pm parents take away children home. At this age children very active and disobedient, it is especial boys :-) , therefore sometimes it is necessary to cope very difficultly with such amount of children simultaneously. In my case I should be simultaneously mum, the teacher and the doctor as children carry out the majority of time in a kindergarten. Frequently there are cases when children are injured at game and to render very important in time the first medical aid.
Well that's all that I can tell to you about the work. I was more than anything interesting cannot recollect, unfortunately. As you see, work at me cheerful and necessary. What can I tell about myself and that that as pass my days? In the morning I wake up and first of all I try to be going tasty to have a meal something:-) Then I accept a bath and I put on. I do not love a lot of cosmetics on the person, therefore I not give a lot of time for a make-up of my person.
Usually I go for work by a trolley bus. But sometimes, it is especial when to me sadly I go for work on foot. When I can hear singing of birds in the summer... Noise of trees.. Soft rustle of a snow in the winter I become quiet. It helps me to relax. I like to go on foot. And you love it? Now I have on one pleasant efforts more - I write to you letters. I like to do it... I would like to have an opportunity to write to you more frequently but unfortunately it while it is difficult for me. I was too much time spend for work and for a house.
I thought of purchase of a computer but it is expensive unfortunately.
Yes... By the way.... I send you the next photo... This photo is made on my girlfriend these days specially for you. A I and my girlfriend Nadejda with which we work as this photo together. We walked on park in this spring warm day and had conversation on you:-) Yes... By the way - tell Hi from me for all family. Tell that I wish them a sound health, happiness and success. And certainly, I wish the same and for you too!!!
How is the weather at you? Yesterday there was very good clear weather. In the sky was not cloud , and today why that began so cool and even the small rain was in the morning.
Oh.. I think that now very much late and it is time to me at home :-(
Probably it is time to me to finish this letter to you, unfortunately.
It is not very a pity to me that we can communicate more close... But probably it will allow us to find out better each other? On it I finish this letter to you...
I want to tell to you that I wish you the biggest happiness and success... I shall miss..
Yours friend Marina
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