Letter(s) from Tatyana Kozyreva to Jose (Spain)

Letter 1

Hello! I will tell at once. I wish to get acquainted with you and I hope that you give to me a little your attention
Also will answer me. I the young girl at the age of 25 years you can look my photos which I send to you.
I the decent girl with good moral qualities and manners. I love cooking food, to listen music,
I go in for sports, I spend my free time in a family circle. I sociable and cheerful. I think that to us
It will be interesting to have conversation together. I search for serious relations! I very much hope that you will answer me
And we can begin our dialogue. You can write me the letter back on mine e-mail I will wait
With impatience also I will tell to you more about myself...
I wish you good day!

Letter 2

Hello Jose!!!
Jose thanks for your answer. I looked forward your letter!
It is very pleasant to me to begin our dialogue together my friend!
But I hesitate a little.
I never spoke with the man on the Internet and this my first letter.
I hope you you understand. I will try to tell a little about myself in this letter and I will send to you
My some photos. I hope to you my photos will like!
My name Tatyana, to me of 25 years. I never was married and I have no children.
At me good formation, I know some foreign languages, I am able is tasty to cook food and
It to like me! I live in apartment together with mum and the grandmother.
The father I never saw And my mother speaks nothing to me about it. At me normal character.
I work as the nurse in a kindergarten.
I love the work! As whom do you work Jose?
What your character? I wish to learn much about you.
Why you have decided to get acquainted on the Internet?
How you like to have a rest? What do you search in the girl?
I will be glad to answer your questions. I do not know what to tell about myself.
What it is interesting to you to know?
I send to you I wash a photo me on lake and one more photo.
I hope that tomorrow I will come in cyber-cafe and I will receive
from you the letter and your photo!
You will send to me? I will wait!
Your new girlfriend Tatyana.

Letter 3

Hello my beautiful Jose!
I am happy to receive your letter. Your words warm me!
It was pleasant to you my photo? What in me to like you?
How your mood? How there was your day?
In this letter I wish to tell to you about my last relations with guys
And to ask you too! I think it very important questions.
Probably on what you do not wish to speak that to the reasons on this theme or you
It will be sick, then tell to me I will understand you! I will not ask any more about it!
But I very much want it the nobility Jose! I had relations with guys in the past
But all has ended is sad. Because all of them thought only about sex, alcohol.
I do not want so! I wish to love and be favourite, me the necessary caress, love, understanding,
Tenderness. I want sincere love! In college I had a guy which liked
To me. But in in a consequence of our relations with him I have understood that he not that person which is necessary to me.
I am a pity have understood it late. Because then I have seen him with other girl and to me was very sick!
Then I had a guy he to me liked. We have got acquainted casually. But he was from other city.
We met him some time, but then he was gone also I very much for a long time did not see him.
Probably he has found to himself other girl. We never saw him more!
Other guy has left from me to other girl because of money because that girl had a rich father.
Soon they have got married.
At me last relations and then I have decided to wait the man have not turned out.
But here I have got acquainted with you and now I communicate only with you Jose!
You very much like me!!! It is not a pity that I can touch you, but I can feel
You under your letter! Jose you can tell too to me about your last relations
In detail? You sometime looked at the night sky and stars? It so is beautiful! Sometimes I look
On stars I see their light and I think of you Jose!!! I would like to hold you during this moment
For a hand and to speak with you. In the past to me it was lonely but now in my life there is you and I am glad to it!
I send you a photo which I have made in the summer. It is photo to like very much to me and I hope to you too!
My mum, the grandmother and Lucky transfer you congratulations. And I send you my most gentle
And hot kisses for you!!!
I with impatience will wait your letter.
Your gentle and sincere Tatyana.

Letter 4

Hello my beautiful Jose!!!
I missed on you very much. How are you my dear?
You always in my heart and now I do not know that occurs to me. I wish to speak to you
About my feelings to you Jose!
I can arrive to you. And I have documents for travel. But I do not know how many will cost
Travel to you. It will be possible the price a problem for me. You understand?
I hope that you understand me. During ours with you of dialogue you became very much
To relatives for me. At me such feeling as though I know you already very much for a long time!
I do not know that such love. But I have to you feeling which I never tested.
I think that it is love. It cannot be described words. I was afraid to speak to you
It. Whether because I do not know you feel too most or not. You understand?
I am afraid to make an error. But you like me very strongly! I speak you it
Because I cannot hide from you anything. Probably I have fallen in love!!!
When I think of you and I read your letters to me well and warmly on a shower.
Sometimes I feel that my heart not with me and where that is far. I think it with you Jose!
I very much worry to speak about it but me it is necessary to tell to you all!
I have very much become attached to you. I think of you constantly, I wish to be closer to you.
Even in a dream I saw us with you together. Remember I spoke to you about my dream?
My life really very much has changed when we have got acquainted with you!
And now I think that I love you Jose!!! I wish to know what feelings you have.
Please tell to me it. What do you think of me? What do you feel when read my letters?
I very much worry. I have fallen in love with you Jose and I think that will be further. You that man
Which I searched, which I waited all life! And I very much hope that my feelings to you
Will be mutual!!!
I already miss on you and I wait your letter...
Your sweet Tatyana.

Letter 5

Hello my beautiful Jose!!!
How your day? I am happy to receive your letter.
I very much waited your answer!
When you write to me you do my day beautiful!
My beautiful this morning I was in travel agency. I have learnt the price of tickets for
Travel. The price of tickets 840 euro. I do not know as a smog to find it. What do you think?
You can help me?
I send you my photos where I on the sea and other photo which I has made in the summer.
I hope to you it is pleasant!
Jose you like to look TV? Various films? What? Comedies or
The insurgent? I like to look romantic films and comedies. Yesterday we with
Mum looked a film in which our Russian actors acted in film. It
There was a comedy.
I did not look a film, I all thought of you, about us with you. Thought of that,
How it will be? Also I do not know. I cannot even present it. Would be
It is good to appear now in your embraces and to go with you to cinema. As
You think, we would look cinema or enjoyed our kisses? I
Would like to kiss you, Jose I very much would like to try yours
The finest kiss. I am assured, that it the best.
Jose, You would like, what I would make to you massage? I have finished yesterday
Massage courses, and now I can be engaged in medical massage. These courses
I on work had three times a week. I have made all perfectly well.
Would like to feel, as I the hands knead your body, and
Its each part enjoys tenderness and caress of my hands, Jose you
Wanted it?
Jose, and you could make massage to me? As though you have made it?
My mum and girlfriends ask me much about you, I tell, and they
Say, that are very glad that I have met you and asked you to transfer
Words of gratitude for that that you have changed my life. You have brought in it
I will sleep today and hopes, that you will come to me in my dreams, you
You will make it? You will kiss me at least in a dream???
I will wait!!!!!!
I miss and send a kiss when you will read the letter up to the end that
You will feel heat in the heart, it I have transferred you a kiss with
The letter. Has warmed? I too would wish to receive more than yours
Your gentle and tender Tatyana.

Letter 6

Hello my beautiful and sweet Jose!!!!!
My dear in case of travel to you I am obliged to buy tickets for travel to that tourist
Agency in which I did my documents for travel - the visa and the passport for travel abroad! You
You can look it www.rusturism.com I spoke to you about the price of
tickets 840euro. You can help me
My beautiful? And I cannot arrive under other tickets. I am obliged to buy tickets for travel
In that travel agency where my documents for travel this obligatory have been made
Travel agency condition! You understand?
Jose I miss you, and I wish to be with you and only with you. You
Looked yesterday at stars? You have received my kisses? I have recollected history about
The volume, that when the person is born, there is a new star, and when
Dies, one star falls. One star - one life. I looked
On the sky also searched for our stars. It is very interesting to me, that occurs,
When two persons, enamoured one in another become together?
Jose how you think? I think, that they unite. Also become
It is more and more brightly. I hope, that written English you understand mine and
You understand my feelings.
Jose you know, what happens yesterday? I, as well as thought, have met you in
The dream. It was so perfectly. We have met in the street, I went on
To street also thought of what that, you went to me towards and thought of the. And we
Have casually faced, Jose, you have asked, I will go with you to cinema or
No. I have told, I do not know. You had one more ticket, and you have invited
Me. And I have gone with you to cinema. But cinemas we did not look, we it is more
Communicated with you. When the comedy has ended, we left cinema
Happy and happy. You have told, that spend me. When we have reached
To the house we did not wish to be separated. We stood about my door and
Talked. Also have not noticed, how became close one to another and we
Have kissed. AS our FIRST KISS was fine!!!!!!
On my body there has passed a pleasant shiver. I have fallen in your embraces, and you
Has kept me, and we continued to kiss.
Jose, you see dreams? You can describe them?
I would like, what our dreams would become a reality, you want it Jose?
I send you the kisses, and I hope, that tomorrow I will receive yours so
You will send them to me?? I will wait tomorrow.
Your most gentle Tatyana

Letter 7

Jose you wish to make for me tickets for travel itself and to send me them? My beautiful
I cannot arrive to you under your tickets for travel and now I will explain to you why!
I spoke to you that I have documents for travel - the visa and the passport for travel abroad. And when I did
My documents in travel agency I concluded the contract. And in case of my travel I am obliged
To buy tickets for travel to that travel agency in which my documents have been made!
You understand? I spoke to you about the price of tickets for travel -
840 euro no more not less! You can
To help me my prince? Then I can very soon and quickly arrive to you for our meeting! You see
That I am serious the girl and serious relations with you in a real life are necessary to me!

Letter 8

Hello my beautiful Jose!!!!!
Jose I am glad to receive your letter.
I am glad, that we are familiar with you and
Steels so are close to one another.
I hoped to receive your kisses, but likely you have not had time to send them
To me, but I will look forward them tomorrow.
I am very happy that we soon will meet you and we will be together. We can continue
Our relations in a real life and it will be the happiest time!!! I already represent
As you will meet me at the airport, and I will run to you in your embraces!
This morning I was in bank and have learnt as you can help me. I have learnt that
The most reliable and fastest system of transfer of money - "western union".
Probably you know? You can go to bank and ask "western union".
That you could help me on this system to you it is necessary to know my information :

( name, surname, country, city, address ).
Name - Tatyana
Surname - Kozyreva
The country - Russia
City - Kirov
The address - street lenina / the house 17 / apartment 23.
It will be necessary for you.

And that I could receive then your money to me it is necessary will to know your information too!
I hope you has understood all that I have explained to you my darling.
My prince Jose when you will help me I will go to travel agency
And to buy tickets for travel. I will give you full details of my flight to you that
You could meet during time me at the airport of your country! Also tell to me the closest airport to you
That it was convenient to you to meet me!
After that I will arrive to you immediately!
Jose you know, that today happens. I have come today from work home
And to lay down on a sofa to have a rest and has fallen asleep. I slept hour two and here
Has felt, that who that awakes me. I have not understood at first who touches
My back but when has opened eyes has understood that is Lucky will be
Me. You remember it? Jose I think, that he wanted, that I would transfer
To you greetings from it also have woken me, that I would not be late in the Internet
Cafe also has come there before closing.
Jose as your relatives concern me? What do they speak about me? That
Think of us with you? As you think they will well concern to
To that that we will be together? They will not be against? I do not know your country and
People. I know only you, and you very much like me.
Jose my mum, my girlfriends and the grandmother, constantly speak to me about that,
That I would transfer to you of their congratulation and good luck on every day. I
I send you their congratulations now. Jose the Grandmother says, that wanted
That you would try its pies. And you want? Jose my girlfriends and
Mum ask, what they can present to you? What gift you
Wished to receive from them?
Jose You wish to be my man? I wish to be your girl, and I
I wish to feel your love, your passion, your smile, your tenderness
And your pleasure.
Jose between us the big distance. But I think, that for us it not
Will be the big problem. And we will be together. I almost am completely assured,
That you that with whom I wish to be together. It is interesting to me as yours
Relatives will concern ours with you to relations. What will they think?
I miss and I wait for your answers.
Yours and only your sincere and gentle Tatyana.