Romance scam letter(s) from Rose Lamptey to Brett (Australia)
Letter 1
Mr. Brett,

This is Mr. Paul Asare, the CEO of Speedway Travel and Tours .One of Accra's unique and leading travel agency with excellent service.I am writing to you in respect to your inquiries and of Miss Belinda BLANKSON of Ghana to enable her secure a visa easily to you in AUSTRALIA Mr Brett Fraser, I want you to know due to our hard working the people have chosen us to be one of the Best Travel Agency in the country and I think this is due to an excellent and genuine work performance in my travel and tourism industry.

Before I continue with the information and requirements needed for your lady Miss Belinda BLANKSON to secure a visa easily, I will like to say a Big thank you for choosing Speedway Travel And Tours. You are most welcome and we promise to serve you to the maximum.

Before Miss Belinda BLANKSON could travel outside this country she will need a visa, either immigrant or non-immigrant visa, the non-immigrant visa may include tourist visa etc.
We can get a her either a TOURIST VISA (NON IMMIGRANT VISA) OR IMMIGRANT VISA,We shall get her Visa with working Permit.I will therefore will like you to get back to me with a mail stating the type of visa you will need our firm to get for your lady.
Here are the requirement needed for her to be issued the Visa for her to travel directly to you without any difficulties.

You need to send her an invitation letter either by post or email (printer friendly) stating that you are the one inviting her and that you?ll be fully responsible for her stay both accommodation and feeding throughout her staying period.

But as a point of this because she is a Ghanaian,we can therefore prepare the INVITATION right from our firm. If only you want us yo do it that way.
You must also send us a proof of your citizenship or identity, this could be your Driving license, Passport or National ID or any other ID to show us that you are a citizen of AUSTRALIA as the Embassy will demand that.This is to let the consular know whom this lady is visiting and your national status.

First and foremost she must need to get a medical report and a police report, the medical report is to proof to the embassy that this lady has no infectious disease like HIV/AIDS, the police report should also proof that she has no criminal records here in Ghana, This is very much important especially when applying for a visa, and it?s also for your own security.

As you know Processing of the VISA time takes less than 2 weeks after she as get all the necessary documents needed such us the MEDICAL REPORT AND POLICE REPORT,We can help her get this documents within some couple of days and a scan copy will be sent to you as proof from our firm.
When all this is done much earlier, I can promise you that she can take the visa within a week. We have noted your personal information, We shall open your file as soon as we get the paperwork we ask from you

Our work here is to assist our clients, with some few traveling documents, traveling tips, airline bookings, traveling advices, insurance and visa process. and we offer a 100% money back guarantee upon visa refusal for certain reasons.But we assure you all work will be done well so there wont be any mistake that will lead to Visa refusal.
These are some few information packages you might need, if you have any question or need further information like the cost summary, don?t hesitate to call me or send me an email.
Thanking you for your co-operation, and believe we will serve you to your utmost satisfaction.

Best Regards,

Paul Asare
+233 273 202 249
Letter 2
Mr Brett, It is my pleasure to respond to your email. I assure you, i will handle everything to get your lady Miss Belinda BLANKSON to get her traveling documents and Visa within a short period of time. I have being in this profession for some years now and know what it takes to get things in right order. We know about the Africa system here and know how to go about it to get things fixed up. I have opened your lady's file now that i have the Invation letter and that of a scan copy of your passport, So I will go ahead and give you the Total cost summary for her visa package .If you go through and you agree than we continue further, confirm that and then we go ahead with every step needed.

1. Passport : 200 USD
2. Police Report : 250 USD
3. Medical Report : 250 USD
4. Insurance : 300 USD
5. Visa Fee : 200 USD
6. Ticket : 2800 USD ( Discount Flight Of One Way Ticket ) Due to Xmas.
TOTAL : 4000 USD

I will end here and wait for your reply, I remain grateful and faithful in working with you; We will be expecting your reply.


Best Regards,
Mr. Paul Asare.
+233 273 202 249.
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