Scam letter(s) from Eniola Wright to Bob (Australia)

Letter 1
Hello Pravira,
How are you doing ?
Anyway am Eva Thomson,26years single and looking for my lost king.....I get known to Vijaya through Janet Amoako who i took her to a near by Hospital about some weeks ago and i introduce myself to him after she is delivered Honey...So she take me as her best Friend here in Ghana and told me that she don,t have anyone here in Ghana but she has someone in Australia called Julie and she also have her husband to be, called Vijaya......Well so when can we meet online so that we can chat to each other okay bcos i want to no more about you okay
Am here leaving with my GrandMum who is over 53years old and am the one taking care of her...i lost my Parents in a car accident and am alone here in Ghana....VIJAYA AND JANET HAS BEEN A VERY GOOD FRIENDS TO BE SINCE I GET TO NO JANET
Letter 2
Hello Pravira,
How are you doing and never be so worried about the death of mu parents they are gone now and i have nothing to do with it.....Oh sorry to hear that from you Mum and please send my greetings to your family especially your mum and dad okay....
Age is just a number and it,s love that we owe..i have been really hurt badly in my what do you do and do you have kids?Okay i will waiting to see your handsome face Pravira..
And in your next mail let me know the time you will be on line ok... Yours Ever,
Letter 3
Hello Pravira,
How are you doing and i really miss you so much Pravira...
Well thank you so much for your loverly pictures and i really like it Pravira...
Okay Pravira but i hope they don,t beat you up when they go mad............hahahahahha........

Hey then you have expirence in these for so long but please you have to take care of yourself so much and you have to think that you have someone here in Ghana who really do care and love you so much and willing to be with you there in Australia....Okay Pravira
i don,t also have kids as well then i hope we are going to have kids when we are together Honey...

I have never been married before and maybe you will be my first and last man to spend the rest of my life with....Thank you and you are going to see more of my pictures as well when we get to no more about each other okay...

Thank you so much for getting back to me Honey and please when am i going to hear your voice Pravira?i hope you have my cell phone number with you and can give me yours so that we can be sending each other sms and lover words?
Hoping to hear From you soon Honey...

Letter 4

Hello Pravira
How are you doing?Well thank you so mush for your lovely letter as well...Well what do you think about that if i may ask? Well i can,t decide for myself bcos am the woman and you are the man so you have to tell me how many children we are going to have in our future when we are marrige.....
I ask you for your number and you never give that to me Honey..........You are highly welcome to my heart and you are going to hold my heart and my body a day to come okay... Okay i will do that and i want more of you to and when are you going to call me Honey if i may ask?Oh no you are not going to get heart attack okay but you are going to get God,s Gift Love Hoping to hear from you soon Eva
Letter 5
Hello Honey, If I haven't told you - I am so lucky to have you in my life. I adore and love you so much! You are a wonderful man and words cannot convey how much you mean to me. Just thinking about these feelings makes me tingle all over - to this day I still have butterflies in my stomach just like the ones I had at the Melting ***. I feel like these feelings should be left for teenagers only - I don't know if you understand what I am saying: it feels great to actually love and be love in return.
and most of all you make me feel safe, emotionally and mentally. Thank you for being part of my life. I'm very happy with you and I could not ask for a better man than you. Thank you for loving me despite of my shortcomings and emotional rollercoastering. Thank you for being an exceptional man - you are one of a kind! Love always, Eva.
Letter 6
Hello Honey,
How are u doing today? I hope you are fine,
Well i really love the way you talk to me this morning, and i can see u are so kind and loving man, i really love it, I allways remember when we spoke today, as if we have known one another for years. Our conversations went on as if the seasons were changing with no disconnection of the line. Never could I have asked the Lord for anything more assuring or hypnotizing than the soothing tone of your voice and the words lingering off them. You made my days sunny even though the nights rained on endlessly. We completed one another; you thought that no good woman existed and then you met me. How I long for you to know that the feeling is mutual, that I have never met a man that can read though me and explore my inner core. Please keep in mind that I will not take your heart, that I hold, for granted. I will replace it with mine, so you know I wouldn't be able to breathe without it. You are a splendid jewel she released and I grasped. Never would I let a soul take you away or bring harm near you. The day I looked into the blue recesses of your soul - correction: my soul, I knew no force could ruin the joining of two souls. Soul mates do exist and now I have learned that there is beauty behind all imperfections. It took us both years of hurt and pain and it has paid off. It's true when they say, "God makes you meet a few wrong people, before you meet the right one, so you will be able to appreciate and understand their worth. loving you. Eva.
Letter 7
Hello Honey,
How are u doing, i hope you are fine, i was on line this night and your friend told me, you gone to the post office to send the money, so i decided to mail you and let you no how much i do care and adore You.....Please try and call me in the Morning beacuse hearing your voice will make me okay even if you are not online to chat with me okay.... And i just want you to no that you are my everything. Thank you for loving me the way no one can. You understand me and you know just how to make things right. You will never know just how much I love you, but I will spend the rest of my days trying to show you. You saved me from the worst, and you are always there for me. Fighting is never an option and making love is always as sweet as the first time. No matter what, there will never be another for me and I will always keep you safe. I love you for all eternity. Again, thank you, Baby. Love Always, Eva.
Letter 8
Love and Adore You... Loving you has made my life better. I feel like something is missing in my day without you. You're like my best friend; I don't no how to thank you, everything that seemed wrong suddenly goes right, I love you so much sometimes it scares me. Whoever knew your love would have such an impact on me. I've come to discover the love my heart holds for you is beyond my control. I'm so happy because of you, once again thank you so much my darling honey.

Thank you, Robert. Love always,
Letter 9
Hello Honey.

I really had a sleepless night, moving here and there on my bed and thinking about what happen to us that night. I least expected it, I experienced the worst headache ever, all I could hear was my heart beating much faster than it ever has. I cursed my stars that night, as my expectation for the night was so much greater, but it ended in a far different way that made my heart choke with tears of losing something I've always fought for........

I really no in my heart i did not do such thing, and i can see i did not beleave me, i have nothing to do now, so the only thing i cn say is to thank you for all what you have done for me and my grand mum, i really appreciate it alot okey.........

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