Scam Letter(s) from Olga Koshkina to Jose (Spain)

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Letter 1

It is pleasant to me to receive your letter, I am very glad. Thanks that you have answered me. I hope that at you time will write me letters that we could find out more than the information on the friend the friend. I hope, that we will have very pleasant conversation.
Now a little bit about me.
I the cheerful, kind, gentle, romantic GIRL. To me 27 years. My name Mariya. I live in Russia, in village Yubileynoe. Growth of 176 centimetres. Tell to me more about itself. It will be pleasant to me to know about you more. Tell what you?
I have studied English language at school. And only now he was useful to me. At me not so well it turns out to write in English and consequently if to you something will be not clear that you ask me and I will try to explain to you. Well?
I work as the seller in shoe shop. My work is pleasant to me. I would like to find out where you work and whether your work is pleasant to you?
I during free time from work have a rest with acquaintances, we walk with them and it is interesting to us to communicate together. And you have a rest with friends? I like to esteem the book in silence, in the evening, before a dream. You like to read books? Sometimes I watch TV.
I also like to listen to silent romantic music. To what music you like to listen? I like as to look romantic films about love. Than you are engaged at leisure? Still I am engaged at leisure in cleaning in the house, I cook food on kitchen.
I live with mum. We earlier with mum lived in a city, but we would not like to live there because there it is noisy and drunk people go many. The city has seemed to us very dangerous place for residing.
Because all these drunk people cause in us a lot of fear. Whether it is not enough that at them on mind.... It is not pleasant to me drunk people because I do not drink and I do not smoke, I consider that for the girl it will be very much not decently. And you have bad habits?
You accept drugs? Excuse that I ask such question. Simply I would like to know the interlocutor on better.
I was not married because I have not met the person with whom it would be possible to create a family. And you were married sometime?
I will write other information on in other letters. I send the photo and I hope that I on her will like you.
I ask you to send me your photos. Tell about yourself on more, what you interests, your hobby in what character at you where you work, than a free time be engaged? I very much hope for that that you will answer my questions.
I will wait your letters.
Yours Mariya.

Letter 2

I am glad very much that that you have written to me. I am very glad that we with each letter we find out each other is better.
I consider that between us there should be a trust because without trust there can not be a relation. What to prove that I really sincere, I will tell to you very personal history from the life. I too have trusted earlier in the person, and he has deceived me. I wish to tell to you one history from my life. Earlier I have been enamoured the person who did not love and did not appreciate me. He promised to come to me, I waited for it, and he has not come. He on it is melted so made, and spoke that that at it business. Girlfriends always spoke that he to me changes, and I did not trust them. And I have gone once to it on a visit, and there is nothing have not warned him have decided to make to it a surprise. As I it did not see for a long time here and have decided to make to it pleasant. When I have opened a door the key have come into a bedroom and have seen it with other girl. I did not remember, how have come home. I cried all night long.
I had a long depression. I became began to work more to forget this villain. After that I do not wish to get the relation with Russian men.
Tell to me more in detail about the family. I hope to you it it will be not difficult. I will tell about the family. As I wrote that I live with mum. My mum is called Alexandra to her by 49 years. She works as the tutor a kindergarten. We live together with mother my mother the kind and cheerful woman. I very much love mum because she always helped when to me it was bad, gave advice in difficult situations. I very strongly love mum and I try to help her. My mum always supports me in all.
It seems to me that with each letter between us the liking is shown. I like to communicate with You. I hope that we will continue with you our correspondence.
I will look forward your following letter.
Yours MariYa.

Letter 3

I am very glad again your wonderful letter. I very much like to communicate with you, and I am very glad that we communicate.
How at you business? At you all is normal? In this letter I will tell about the former relations. I wrote before about one history about the former guy, but I wrote to you very little, now I will write to you about other guy.
I wish to tell to you about the former guy, him called Alekcandr to it there were 22 years. I have seen it for the first time in a disco, and I have asked the girlfriends about it, and they have told that his name is Alekcandr and that he the best guy in the technical school. I very much wanted will get acquainted with it well as at me it was impossible to approach to it and to talk to it.
Once we with girlfriends have seen it in shop, somewhere there was also he has seen us and has waved to us with a hand. Girlfriends have started me to persuade that I have approached and have got acquainted with it. At first I did not wish to approach to it because I hesitated of it, but have then approached. I have thought, that he is pleasant to me also I should approach to it that we had serious relations. And then I have approached and have told greetings, it is possible with you will get acquainted. I very much hesitated and waited its answer, it seemed to me that there has passed a lot of time before he has answered me, but has passed only only 4 seconds. And he then to me has told that is possible with it will get acquainted and has told that he saw me earlier and I was pleasant to it. After that acquaintances we with it spent all free time, and we were happy with with each other. I loved it and did not know that he the bad person, and I did not know that he will deceive me. I was the full silly woman that I have got acquainted with it. Then I have heard that from its friend that it has other girl and he changes to me with her. At first I did not trust while I have not seen it with the girl in park. They stood and kissed.
In their eyes there was which such passion was not between it and me.
I did not know what to make and I have left from there with tears. To me was so it is insulting that to me would not be desirable to live for the sake of it. I have been assured that it does not have other girl and he will be only with me and there is nobody with another and I very much was mistaken and now I do not try to build with anybody the relation. I am afraid to build now relations with Russian men. And I have decided to get acquainted with the man in Internet because here in Russia I was disappointed in men.
To me wrote many men and but now I write only to you. I like you?
It is interesting to me to know, you had relations and with what they were? Tell to me please about your relations if they at you were.
I stop to write to you and I hope that you will answer all my questions. I with impatience will wait for your letter.
YOURS Mariya

Letter 4

How are you doing?
I am very glad to that you answer my letters and do not forget me.
With each letter I start to trust you more and more. It is pleasant to me as you to me write and concern.
Re-reading your letters I to you admit, that yet did not receive such letters.
I have told to mum about you and you have liked her in a photo. She sends you regards and that wants that between with me and you you more than correspondence. I think, that can and will be.
I wish to find out as you have the holidays, one or all family? I always have holidays in a family circle. When you gather in a circle of a family that behind a table there is a possibility to talk to the most close people for you. You love what dish?
I of the childhood like "winter" salad. It is very easy for making, this salad is the most favourite salad of Russians. I make this salad on all holidays.
I very much like fresh fruit and berries. I in a refrigerator always have fresh fruit and berries. From berries I love wild strawberry and a bilberry. And from fruit I love a peach and an orange. What do you love from fruit and berries?
Also it is pleasant to me shish kebabs. But I try not to grow stout and I watch the figure and at me it turns out perfectly. Because I often go to a sports hall.
I very much wish to learn, what your friends speak about our correspondence, or you did not speak to them about it? At you it is a lot of real friends? I have not enough friends, but they at me devoted acquaintances. They always will help me a difficult minute. Our friendship has begun at school and since then we together.
I am a pity that not with you nearby, and on such big distance and us correspondence connects only. I often read Your letters because your letters very much like me. I think of you more and more.
I with embraces will wait for your following letter.
Yours Mariya

Letter 5

Hello my love.
I am glad to receive your letter, it is very pleasant to me to read it.
I wish to tell to you that I love you and my love all becomes stronger and stronger every day and now nobody can break my love to you. I love you and I wish to be with you, I wish to meet you.
I thought of ours with you to a meeting. Even when I slept I saw you in the dreams, you were in my dream as the knight which has ridden to me on the white game and has presented to me a bunch of flowers from white roses, there there were hundred roses, hundred roses were designated that you love me on all of 100 % and trust me on all of 100 %. I am assured it really so. You trust me and love me. I too very strongly love you and I wish to be with you. I trust you, and I am ready to that to fly to you and to be with you. You too want that I to you have flied.
I descended in round agency to find out how many there is a trip to your country. I went to agency thinking about that that soon we will together. I have come into round agency and have asked how many there is a trip to your country, they have told to wait some minutes because they searched for the information in the computer. Then they have shown to me how many there is a trip and I have been very surprised and afflicted simultaneously, I have seen these figures and have thought, "I cannot find such money, my salary too small that I could pay this trip.
Here that have told to me in Travel agency.
Trip all-round price to you 910 euro.
1) the Passport for travel abroad 150 euro
2) On other documents it is necessary 335 euro. This sum includes:
- The visa 65 euro.
- Services of travel company 150
- The medical insurance 120 euro.
3) Consular gathering 40 euro.
4) On tickets it is necessary to me approximately 385 euro.
What to me to make? I do not have such money... What to make the favourite?
I wish to tell to you that I do not have such money, I receive on the work only 250 euro and this money often does not suffice me on that normally to live one month.
To me have told in agency that the visa will be ready through, week if I write the statement on visa registration. It not long, money only is necessary. I do not know what to make, after all I cannot pay a trip to you independently. For me it is not easy. The darling what to make?
I do not have money to pay a trip to you.
I love you my dear and I wish to tell to you that I wish to see you, I wish to see your house, your native and friends. You for me are very important, we depends on you with you the future. You even can probably help me. You can help? Excuse for Such question, but I any more do not know, whom to ask about the help.
I look forward to hearing from you with impatience. I love you and I wish to be with you.
I ask you write to me the fair answer!
Your favourite Mariya.



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