Letter(s) from Lilia Golovkova to Pete (USA)

Letter 1

Hi dear Benoit,
I am very happy to get your e-mail today! How are you doing today?
This is true, your Russian wasn't easy to understand for my mother but you will improve it soon and will be able to communicate to my family without problems.

I am looking forward to get the papers from you as soon as possible.
You know, I need to start getting everything arranged in the nearest time to be able to be in Paris as we planned.
This is true, the people at the embassy are very suspicious. My friend Oksana told me about this. They aren't curious, they just suspect everyone! And sometimes they act far from friendly.
This is also good for me to come to the embassy on December 23. This date sounds good for me but I also need to arrange my flight and hotel pre-booking until that day.
As for the University, this is the easiest thing to arrange for me. If I set my interview on December 23, I will write the confirmation at the dean office and inform them I am coming to France to improve my knowledge. In this case I will pass my exams when I am back from France.
100 grivnas is enough to cover the cost of the fee at the Prominvestbank but what about pre-booking? I need these things when I come to the embassy.
Yes, Kiyavia has the list of the hotels and I can choose one myself.
The prices are about 100 euros per night.
The dates from January 5 till January 15 are perfect for me. So, I'll ask them to arrange me the flight to come to Paris on January 5.
Dear Benoit, if I have my interview on December 23, I have to book hotel and flight on December 20 the last term. This is why I told you, I need 350 euros.

I have found an isuarance agency close to Kiyavia office and can get everything arranged for me. Their services cost about 30 euros. This is easy to arrange and quickly. Once I have the money, I can do it just the same day.

I think,the best way to come to Kiev is to take a flight. I can book it the same day as I book the flight to Paris. Of course, I'll need to sleep at the hotel in Kiev. I have neither friends nor reltives there.
This is why the only possibility is to stay at the hotel.

Dear Benoit, please, try to solve everything in the nearest time! if we want to meet on January 5, we have to hurry up! I am sending you the bank account details. The manager of Kiyavia gave it to me to transfer the funds there if you can't do it with Western Union.


ACCOUNT: 5457082050119747


Frankfurt am Main, Germany


We still have no snow here but the days are frosty. I hope, the snow will fall soon!
I wish you to have a nice day and will be waiting for your e-mail, Liliya.

Letter 2

Hi dear Benoit,
Thia is nice to hear from you again! I am not sure why I couldn't read your e-mail writeen in French. Maybe this is something about this computer. But since this isn't problematic for you to write in English, I would like you to do this. I have no problems to read your letters in English.

My exams were well and I am getting ready to the next set to pass in
winter time. If everything remains the same in my schedule, I'll need
to pass these exams in February. But we will see.

Yes, my dear, I want us to begin arranging the documents to bring me to Paris. I am looking forward to meet you again and to visit your wonderful Paris. I also have found, I'll need to apply for the tourist's visa at the embassy in Kiev but this isn't too problematic to get there. I will be able to take several days off if necessary. I have found a web site of the French embassy in Kiev and got much useful information. I will be able to download and print the forms to fill for visa application. But first of all I have to apply for an international passport. I went to the passport department and have found, it costs 200 euros. This is the most important for now and then I'll need to fill that forms. I may also need the copy of your passport to attach there.
Dear Benoit, how long would you like me to stay with you in Paris? I have found several travel agencies which deal with arranging trips to Paris and they asked me how many days I need to stay there to arrange everything properly and inform me about the price of the trip.
I hope, we will meet soon in Paris!

This is great to know, your brother and his wife have a wonderful baby! They are very happy, I guess. I like the name Diane very much.

Dear Benoit, I wish you to have a nice day and will be waiting for your e-mail,