Scam letter(s) from Tamara Zakharova to Patrice (Belgium)

Letter 1
Hello! My name is Tamara, I live in Chernovci city. I am i student, myspiciality is computer graphics. I am 23 years old. And where are doyou leave? I living with my parents, they was married 24 years ago andnow they are happy wery mush. I have a little sister, she is scoolgirlnow, she study wery vell and my parents are glad on it. I like tolisten the music, i like rock and dance musik. Please, tell me aboutyou and your life, something new about your country, i am veryinteresting to know how people living in other countries:-) What musicdo you like to listen? I like sport, every day i do my sport exersise,i want to be more stronger and nice and to be attractive:-) Do youlike sport? I like summer, when sun is shaining brightly, there aremany places i can go to take a rest. I like trawelling wery mush.Every summer i doing to Crimea and Carpatian mountains, i like see themany diferent towns. I like it wery much! Do you like travelling? Ihave never been to Europe. I have a many good friends, who likes totravelling with me. I like to watch on a TV the sport news, peoplemake there are meny interesting records! I like art wery much! I wasgoing on the artist gallery 5 days ago, there are many artist fromLvov was showing their pictures. I was wery surprised to see so manynise pictures, a doing many photos! Please, tell me about you! What isyou favorite films or artist? I like to watch films of Akira Kurosava.I hope you will send me your letter with photos, i think than ourspeaking will be interest and friendly! Looking ror reply. Tamara
Letter 2
Hello! I am happy very mach to get your message. How are you? I thinkabout friendship and relations by internet. I am very interesting whatdo you think about it? I want divide my thought with you. There aremany nice men in Ukraine, but i have not meet my second half in mycountry. I have a different thought about relations. I think that man,who really loves his girl, may cares for her and spend his free timewith wife and family. Because family is more important than job andmoney, or any things. I am sure that i can find my second half byinternet. I hope that my second half living somewhere in the world andwaiting for me. I hear that many people want to find girl by internetfor playing, but i am sure that i can find my love, i dont want toplay any games. Of course i know that so many bad people can cheat mebut i hope that i can realize my dreams with kind person who will loveme and wants to be loved. I can see your soul in your letters, becausei dont know you and have never seen you in real life, i see all youthought and attitude in your letters. People say, that i am kind andeasy going person. I like to spend time in natural surronding , i livewith my family. My family is very important in my life. I think thatyou know what is the politic situation in Ukraine, but i think andhope that it will be all right. I dont worry :-) I have a somequestions for you. What is the most important features of characteryou like at woman? What kind of woman do you interested? Tamara
Letter 3
Hi, my dear friend!i am so happy to get your message. How are you? Iwant to share with you my thoughts about important features ofcharacter i like in a man, i am ready to answer the same. I don't likewhen man speaking coarsely with woman. And i like and appreciatekindness and honesty, it is really most important features ofcharacter, which like any girl. And i think that man should think,that his family is most important then anything else. Because familyis sense of my life. I dream to make a good family with my second halfon appreciation and honesty. At this moment I don't my loving man close to me but I hope that verysoon I will not be alone, do you agree:-) Because I feel that verysoon my life can be changed... Internet is very important because i can see your inner world andyour real attitude for me. I was heard the many nice stories, whenlove by internet was united lonely hearts, very many nice stories, ibelieve in it. A went for you reply! Lots of love.
Letter 4

Hello, my dear! How are you? I am very happy to have your letter! In my last letter i asked you about love by internet and now i amready to answer the same :-) And i want to tell you a nice story aboutmy friend. We have been studying in the school together. She lives withforeigner now in the California. She has got to know him by internetlast year. She was married last year. And now they live together. Sheusually send me her photos with her family. I see happiness in hereyes. She is always so happy, of course, because she has a family andloving husband! She send me very nice photo last week,last month shegive birth to the child. I see that now she is happy, because she metkind and honest man and have child. as for me i would like to live in a other countries, because i thinkthat liven in Ukraine is no future for me and my shield. I want tolive in the another country with my second half. Becouse in anothercountry the economic situation is more develop. there fore i believe that i can find my second half by internet too,as she :-) Becouse i want to be happy. Now i want to ask some questions to now you as well as possible :-) What is your favourite food there? I am interested! Lots of love
Letter 5
Hi, my dear! I was very happy to get your letter again! As always,your letters warmed my heart and makes me smile. As for me, i like cooking very much. I like to prepare salts andsoups. I like to eat all foods, i like coffee and green tea. Ukrainiansusually eat ukrainian borsh :-) May be you know what is it. I likeborsh, meat, soups and salts. I would like to know something special about you, about your characterand your hobbies. I dream about happy family and children, and want to create happyrelations with my second half now, not in future, because i thinkthat family is most important that everything in our life. May be i amyouth girl but i think that i may thought about this now, not in thefuture. Do you agree with me? I really want to marry a good man whois honest and very kind. I hope that it will be you :-) Kiss Tamara
Letter 6
Hi, my dear! Your letters for me is big joy too, i always glad to getsome news from you. Thank you that you always write to me so nicewords, i feel a good emotions always, when i see your letter in memail box:-) I think a different thoughts about us. I want to ask yousome questions, please answer on it. Do you think we can be togetherin future? I think about this and want to know your opinion. I dreamabout happy family and hope that my dream will be realize and cometrue, i think that family is the most important part of our life. Whenyou were crazy fallen in love with someone last time? I wish that mysecond half be very kind and honest with me. I dream that one day ican be together with my second half and all my dreams come true. Ihope that it will be you:-)I think that distance is not a barrier. Do you agree with this?looking for your reply
Letter 7
Hello! I am so glad to get your message again! how are you? I am fine!I was very glad to get your letter again! Today i with my friends wasin the zoo! There are so many interesting animals in the zoo! I sawthe monkeys, they are so noisy! They are getting some banana and throwthe small pieces of it on the people! I was very surprised, it wasunusual. This monkeys was very big and may be very clever! Then i wentto the cage with parrots. There ary many little and ****** parrots inthis zoo! I like parrots very much. Today i saw the many differentanimals: the mouses, wolfs, snakes, spiders, frogs, ducks, squirrelsand bears. I like animals very mush! Do you like animals? What animalsdo you like? I like home animals and wild animals. I am always thinking a lot about you, what do you do at this moment? Itry to imagine your face and when i going to bad i think, what time isin your country. I am dreaming about our meeting. I want to see you in the real lifeand always try to imagine, where are you live and what do you do now/I want to meet with you. it will be so great isn't it my dear? Do youwant to see me? I think it is time to make our relations more real. Kiss Tamara
Letter 8
Hi, my dear! Thank you for your honesty, sincerity and for to be soclear with me..I like read your letters ... I am very happy to hear,that you so serious attitude to me, that you want meeting with me andunderstand me. Dear, i think that our meeting will help us to knoweach other better. I am looking for serious relations, i hope that wecan be together in future. You are person who I can't begin to explainhow much your letter has meant for me. Once again... Thank you foryour letter,thanks for your sincerity and tenderness with me andspecially thank you for to be in my life; I have never told you thisbut I would like that you know that every day and in different momentsof the day I am grateful to God to have known you. believe that youand Me, we have had a good beginning ... we have been honest .... weare learning to trust one in other one ... we are honest and loyal... and like you well wrote ... it's the base of the goodrelationship... love, friendship, confidence, honesty and loyalty ...because the *** is very good ... and also I like make love very much.. but I think is 50 % from a relationship ..Other one 50 %...islove, friendship, confidence, honesty and loyalty. I like everythingyour hobbies and ideas about life. I am free now , so it s more real me to come to your country than youcan come to me because you are working.
Love Tamara
Letter 9
Hello! I am always glad to get your message! I am so glad that youwant to meet me! I am really happy that you so attention andseriously relate to me! I want to see you very mach! I was thinking alot about our meeting and i am very happy that you want to meet metoo! I thought that i can visit you now because now i am free and canstay with you 1-3 Mount, it is a good time and we can Know each othervery good from this time, do you agree with my idea? I want to go tothe agents to find out what documents i will need to visit yourcountry. And then i will tell you when i will visit you. Your countryis so far away, but i like you very much and want to meeting with you!It is so romantic to meeting and making love relations even you liveso far away from me. When we will meeting i will be rally happy! Ithink that you is realization of all my dreams about my second half. Ihope that i am is realization of all your dreams about your love too.I hope it will be very nice and romantic meeting, what i will neverforget. Your country is so romantic and beautiful, i have never see itbefore. Tell me, want you to live in your country, or you want tolive at the any country in the future, or you want to live at the anyplace? It is really my dream - to see you, i think about our meetingfor a long time and now i sure in your serious intention to me. Ithink that i need a passport and some others documents, not so many.Please, think where we will go to rest and what places in your town wewill visit? I will live with you or in the hotel? What things i may totake with me to this travel? Ok, good bye! I will wait your letters! this is my phone number, you can call me any time +380965816207. Kiss Tamara
Letter 10
Hello, my dear sweety! I am so glad to get your message again! I likeour messaging very mush, thank you that your olvays so attentionlyreading my letters! Today I was in the agentsy and i was told that Iwill need international passport and visa. Making the internationalpassport will cost 200 euro and visa will cost 190 euro. I told mymother and father about my decision to come to visit you and they werenot against. For me it is really expensive because now all ourukrainian money have loosen any value. Anyway, I can find some part,but I just need to know if you can help me financially? Because it isreally what I want, I will be happy to come to you! Anyway, we candiscus it on phone. I hope that we can be together inspite of everything,becouse two loving hearts have to be together.Ok,waiting for your news Your Tamara
Letter 11
Hi, my dear sweety! thank you for all kind words and your letter. Youmake me forget all about the world around me, and all I want to thinkabout it you. You bring out the best of my thoughts, and give me hopefor tomorrow. Thank you for being in my life, and making me feel sogood inside. Love is like the sun coming out of the clouds and warmingmy soul :-) I today was in the bank to know how can you send money, because ihave no bank account. The bast way to send money to use money transfersystem like Maneygram or Vestern Union. They told me that you shouldknow my full name and my full address. Here is my information:Address: Chernovtsy city, Karmeluka street 12/22, Ukraine. My full name: Tamara Zaharova If you need some question, just call me and ask. Thank you very mush for your help, i am so happy to know that we willmeeting very soon! Kiss you! Love you! Tamara
Letter 12
HI my dear sweety! I am very happy to hear that i can to start make mydocuments very soon! Thank you very mush!I found some photos like youwant to see. I hope you will be glad! How are you today, me dear? Ijust came to the Internet cafe now from institute. I going home but iwanted first to send you another letter. I miss you so much and everyday! I will try to be the best for you, because you only deservesthe best. I hope you will be the best for me too. I'm very serious about our meeting, about my love for you. I'm sure you are that too. Kiss Tamara
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