Letter(s) from Marina Rybakova to Patrice (Belgium)

Letter 1

Hello Pat.
Pat, I am glad, that you have written to me. I to ask from you a pardon, that I so long answer. I very much waited for your letter. I do not know how to begin acquaintance and that about myself to tell. I know that some my data you already know. But I think, that we can learn one about other much, and our dialogue will be pleasant. I would like, that you would send more than the photos and answered my questions sincerely. I love sincerity and the truth. I hope that you as about gravity will approach to my letters.
I send you the photos where I to be at the Fountain in the city, and on wood avenue. I hope, that it to you will like.
I will look forward your letter.

Your new acquaintance Marina!

Letter 2

Hello Pat!
I am glad that you to write to me. To me you are very pleasant that to answer me. I never had acquaintance to people from other country, for me it for the
first time. You I first to a clod to write, and I am glad.
I will speak to you a little about myself, I know that I cannot tell now to you about myself everything, but I will try to tell to you much about myself. As you already know
My name is Marina. I - from Russia, I live in Good city Cheboksary.
To me of 24 years. On character I am a cheerful person: very cheerful, kind, vigorous.
My work: the cook of restaurant. I like to prepare original and tasty dishes.
For me the best when my visitors thank me for ready dishes. I love my work.
Pat, it is very pleasant to me to get acquainted with you.
For me it is fine time when I can speak with interesting the Person, the person who wishes to know me. I wish to open to you my small Secret. I think of you. But, please know, I do not do Desire to hurry up in our relations. As to me the relation with the Person - is very serious, and to relations I concern Very responsibly. The person to whom I can trust, is necessary for me. As I wish to speak that the age has no value between people which love each other! You it agree with me? I hope that you will be the good person, and I think that at us with you dialogue could turn out.
Please, write to me about you directly, I wish to know as much as possible about you, I hope that for you it will not be difficult to write to me about myself, I will be very glad. On it I will finish my letter. And with impatience I will wait for yours.

Letter 3

I am very happy to receive the letter back from you! It has filled my day with new paints and I was very happy to the good beginning of our acquaintance! I
really did not expect, that acquaintance on the Internet is possible.
I wish to speak to you about me more and better that we with you it is good to know each other. I was born in usual a family and I am one child at my parents.
My parents always the working. Also I have friends since the childhood.
Now I live separately from my parents because I am the adult person and to me it is better, when I live separately. However we till this time support close
relations, and often we visit each other. I very big love my mum and the daddy.
I to you have told about the family. And I hope that you as to me will speak about it.
Now I wish to set to you some questions which are very important for me. It will help me to study you better, and I can know you at level of the consciousness!
In my following of the letter I will answer the same questions. I hope, that it will be interesting to you also.
So, my questions:
1. What your religion?
2. What your favourite food?
3. You smoke?
4. Accept alcohol?
5. What do you love in the partner?
6. What your favourite a season??
7. You travelled? If yes, where? If not, where you like to go?
8. You love animals? Which.
I hope, that these questions have not tired you.
Well, now I finish the letter, and with impatience I wait
Answer! Please, send me still yours to a photo! I
Grateful to you!
Your new friend Marina

Letter 4

Hello my lovely friend!
I am happy to receive from you the letter again.
In my soul you become closer to me! And I think of you much! I am very glad to receive your letter again, and I am glad, that you have considered seriously my questions. I estimate you
My religion - the Christian. The god always in my heart and me often ask it, that it has given me patience and success. I do not visit church often because I
do not think, that it is necessary for understanding of belief. I think, that the God should be in a shower at each person.
My favourite foodstuffs - usual meal. I have no any rules, I eat, when I want it and that I want in it time. Certainly I as the majority of people love fruit and sweets. I love national Russian kitchen and also an Italian cuisine. Also I love sea products.
I never smoked, and I am not going to do it. I think, that it - very much a bad habit. However I usually meet to smoking people.
I to accept alcohol only on the big holidays and I do not drink a hard liquor. I to drink only wine, or champagne.
The ideal partner for me - good and kind, and the main thing the responsible man who trusts me, boundless loves me. I did not meet such people here.
Most of all I love years, It is good time for
Walks and pleasures by the nature.
I never to happen in other countries, but I very much would like to travel.
I love animals very much. I have houses a cat, and a parrot. She is my favourite pet with whom I like to play and spend vigorously time.
I hope, that it is pleasant for you.
My friend, I finish this letter now.
I hope to speak with you quickly! Successful day!

Yours Marina!

Letter 5

Hello, my darling Patrice!
I am very happy to have possibility of dialogue with you again! I am very grateful to you for the warm relation to me and for pleasure of dialogue which
you give me
Every day, Patrice.
Always, when I read your letters, I think you sitting close to me and conversation of all these words:) I never communicated with the person who speaks on other from me language.
Today I have met with my girlfriend, and we have spent some time. I have told to it, that I have acquainted with very interesting person from other country and it was very glad for me. Possibly such interesting person as you should have many interesting friends. I simply would like that you spoke to me about them, at you it is probable to eat the best friend. Excuse, if I to ask you much, and to ask many question, but I simply wish to know about you more to have about your more idea.
Well, I will finish this letter for today. Write soon!
Sincerely yours, Marina!
Kiss you from Marina!

Letter 6

Hello, my dear friend Patrice!

I am very glad to your letter. It means, that I am interesting to you. It - has very much encouraged and it is grateful for me.
You see, that I have the person to whom I can to tell all, and he/she is the person - is you. Our correspondence is pleasant more and more. I feeling, that you really good close and sensitive friend. You can understand me. And it is very important in sew lives, to trust me. The trust, understanding - only which is necessary for people, is especial now. We live in the world of full indifference and lie. I, for example, despise false men, and I consider, it they should be removed from dialogue. I have my girlfriend and its former friend constantly deceived her. Said, that loves it, and only it. But he lay constantly, periodically did not spend night of the house, its constantly deduced it from unpleasant situations, it is constantly asked money to alcoholic drinks, even sometimes to beat her. All it is familiar to me not on hearings, what is the time I calmed her, the supported difficult minutes, how many tears, it has spilt on it. It was pity about it very much. I simply did not understand, how men can so that to make.
The my dear friend, also I wish to ask you your full name and the address. Thus I could, though sometimes send you letters on a paper. It would be very pleasant both you and I.
We in Russia with it usually has small problems because people want much, but it is a little to work and receive the big money for this purpose. Transfer the
letter is borrowed approximately by 3 months, thus I would like to send you my home address also. There can be you, want to I to send a card or the letter is
simple. I would be very glad to it. I know, that, in Russia there have separate people who have stolen packages. It is simply disgusting. I wish to give you my home address and
My full name - Marina Rybakova
And my home address:
The Russian Federation
The postal index 457745
City Cheboksary
Street - Lenina the house 4, apartment 12
You can ask me something, that you wish to know about me.
I hope to receive news from you as soon as possible.
I am very happy each time, I receive your letter!

Letter 7

Hello, lovely Patrice!
As I miss you and I wait to receive news from you. As irritating not to have your letter long. Happy to see the new letter from you. That I see you are interested in me much, please to see it from you the party. It was very interesting to know new interesting things about you. I will be try to write something about me which could be interesting to you, and only to a thing which I wish to tell to you. And if you wish to ask me something, be not afraid to
ask. I always have only two variants of the answer: the answer fairly or not to answer. I never speak lie.
I would like to leave with you tonight, for example, to visit some pub or small restaurant, to have conversation during a dinner. What your thoughts on it? It would be good! Is it popular to be on open air in your country? Which is done by places you go after you come back from work?
You - my beloved and the dear friend. YOU can connect me one, please? I would be grateful and happy.
There are only two parties - me both my family and world rest. I like to prepare and I like to create a cosiness in the house. I always try to create a sweet
sweet home, and I really wish to increase a family to full a family! I really have no person who will divide with me all pleasures of a life and could be favourable in any situation. I love the nature and animals, the good food and I is very romantic person. I only want enjoy all aspects of life and require one person to divide it with it! I hope not scared you with big the letter, I dream every day of you...
I dream as you touch me, embrace and a kiss, I feel a heat in your gentle embraces. This dream has visited me today. I have cleared up and thought, whether also this dream the validity or not...
I understand it while it only dreams. Dream... But it, what that omen sent from above, from the God probably! About My God as I would like it! But actually there is one clever statement... Not without the reason, it is visible, someone has told, that division for love the same, that a wind for fire: it extinguishes small love, and big inflates even more insistently.
I miss you, my favourite...
Write to me so often as far as possible.

I embrace you, Marina!

Letter 8

Hello Pat.
I - such big happy hearing of your words again and again. I wish to tell, that your letters become the most part me and my life. Your electronic letters help me to continue to live and be in a good vital rhythm. After your reading the correspondence I feel easy and warm in my heart. As always I am confused as I should start to write the letter to you. I - only happy reading of your mail.
With each your letter I learn to you and yours the world more.
We become is more close to each other also I receive sense of acquaintance to you. I do not have not enough words to express my feelings. Now my day to become depending from you. My mood changes within the day, subordinated to news which I receive from you. You only cannot imagine, how important for me should learn all the events happening with you. I so a lot of desire to take part in your life to allow it, be my shoulder you can to shout on if it is necessary. I want, that you knew, that there is someone, who for thousand kilometres, far thinking, remembering about you.
I do not understand, that occurs to me. I cannot sometimes trust in the presence of such remarkable, the magnificent, interesting and intellectual person in the world and that you only idle time speaking, the person of my dream. I see, that it is silly, but I wished to divide wash feelings with you just as I wish to tell to you about other emotions. I hope you be interested in reading of my mail to which it seems to me, became confusing. I pass from one theme to another. I write something, enter into my opinion. What for I really write the following offer? I have desire to trust my secret to you. I with impatience wait to be forgiven. If you are not perfectly in order to listen to it, to speak to me smoothly, please, and I will be stop at once for, holds.
This confidential desire considers my impatience to kiss your lips, please, understand me in the correct way. I do not wish to tell a vulgarity kind. I simply connect my feelings which I have for you. For some the reason I would like, that you have been informed concerning my thoughts you and my relation to you. Also remember, that I think and I worry on you and I wish to know all in detail about you.

With best regards Marina!!!

Letter 9

Hello, my dear!
I am glad to receive again the letter from you. I had difficulties at restaurant. But now all is good. I have made many firms and I receive the others. I am glad to write you this letter. All that time, I thought of you. It is pleasant to me very much and I wish to charge you my ideas. We spoke with you about relations so a lot of time. It as suddenly thought, has told to you that I think of relations. It is very important for me. I was the long time interested with such theme as the relation between two loving people. I wish to speak about relations between the woman and the man. Tell to me, that you think. Probably, which in what I am not right. As I understand, the Family - very important stage in a life the man and the woman. And before building relations it is necessary to learn very well the friend the friend, and during incorporated impressions, romantic relations.
It is impossible to forget, that the man and the woman are involved in everyone another by certain qualities which are valuable to both, it: character and many other things. But the most surprising, that people are happy, when they - are similar each other which is similar against each other and they have fine relations. The woman is always involved in the man with whom the man has chosen its unique from many other things. And love relations between them have the romanticist and is accompanied by strong emotional events and physical affinity. But if the woman is given in the physical plan to the man, she should be convinced, that completely can trust the man, during it the feeling of fidelity to the partner is born. That man about volume which remains in feelings of the woman, will give fidelity within long years. Give the present on the moment, it now you have honesty, and I accept in you this examination.
Tell to me what components of readiness for marriage are in you, there are five of them:
1. A social maturity which is it as - you ready to enter into marriage,
2. Ability responsibility on you to love and take direct, I see it is possibly the most important,
3. The high culture of dialogue which is, as you in a condition, communicates, or ready to communicate with loved,
4. Knowledge of specificity of home life,
5. Readiness for self-restriction for the sake of the favourite and the child.
It is interesting to me, that is you as the man. For me I am direct already during long time planned, it when I will have the husband, I will develop in it fatherlike love to the child, we will divide duties about care of the child, I will make fatherlike feelings in the husband. I know, that I will be happy in home life because I want it very much. But if the man knows that he wants in a life, it will necessarily make the woman happy. And it is the most important on my kind.
The woman - a violin, also depends on the man what sounds it leaves. And the man should study it, sounds became only delightful melodies. I have good mood, and I am happy, which I can send this letter to you. I have told to you my desires in my life. I so wish to be happy. Thanks, that you so are close to me. I trust you much. It is pleasant for me. I was good mood all the day long today and mine colleagues have asked me, that happens with me, but I did not speak them.
I am simply glad, that in my life someone has appeared, who understands me and divides my dreams. This man - you, my dear!

I am grateful to you and the God, that we have met each other.

With ideas concerning you, Marina!!!!!!!!!

Letter 10

Hello Patrice!
To me you are very pleasant that to write to me! Forgive that I not to answer you yesterday!
The darling, you ask me who have written me the last letter, that is you!!!!
Why you to ask me this question, it I have written you the letter!!!! With what other person why you to say me such words, that I to write with other person, with any other person I not to write, I to write only with you!
I simply do not understand why you to speak to me about it...... ((
I love you, and I want that between us with you there was an honesty, and sincere feelings and that we with you loved each other. But you do not understand me!!!

Letter 11

Hello my love Patrice!!!
My darling, … yes - yes - yes WASH also nobody's more, only mine. I very much-very love you, you at all do not represent, how much strongly, simply I do not know why, but you became sense of my useless life. I cannot transfer you the love words at all since it is simply impossible. There are no on the Earth such words which would be worthy you, all is insignificant in comparison with you.
You the best in the world the man-it the fact.
I so would like your love and caress, your heat and tenderness … Me it would be desirable, that once, you have told: «I yours forever», want, that you have passionately whispered me it on an ear, have touched my cheek the cheek, burning a hot kiss. … I want, that you were with me, allowed to touch yourself, to embrace, kiss, hear the breath. You the remarkable person on all this world.
You want, I will give you heart and soul?
I will make it, precisely!
You do not trust me? You think, I say lies?
Trust me, I live without you I can not my darling!!!
I would like to devote you any verse, but all of them are written not by me; I would like to think up the most beautiful verse for you, but even the finest words on light ANYTHING in comparison with you. Let others think out definition to this beautiful word, and I already know it, love-it the fine man with beautiful name Travis. Sometimes I so would like, that you have entered, villages near to me, have gently embraced me for a neck the strong hands, I have embraced you and have kissed you directly on the mouth so gently, hotly and passionately. I would conclude you in the gentle, female embraces and would tell to you about how I am strong you I love and that to ANYBODY, NEVER you I will give since you only mine. It is terrible to me to present that someone another will once embrace you, to touch you, to kiss you, it is terrible to me to present, that it will be not I. … forgive, but my feelings to you, are stronger than me. I shout, I even am ready to cry, on ALL is ready for the sake of you. When we will be together I will become the happiest person in the Universe before its occurrence, all world learns, how I am happy! Let, let all know, let all to me envy, let. … Sometimes my dreams of you come so far, that it seems to me, as if I have gone mad, but I like to be the madwoman because I am glad that I can though to dream of you, after all dream to me can to forbid nobody. I wish to wake up in the mornings in your gentle, tender embraces.
I wish to catch greedy each your gesture, each your movement, each your word, to enjoy each second spent near to you; I wish to leave to you on a world's end; I want …
You I love, I love, I love.
Hundred times to you I will repeat it, And you want 1000, 1000 000 ….
Your desire, desire of my Lion.
For me - not the hand-written law!
I thank Destiny, that has presented you, I thank her that I can love you.
You such here strong, gentle, fine …. (I can list your advantages indefinitely because lacks at you simply are not present) and you are afraid of nothing.
Only beckon, and I will follow you, call, and I will come at any time as has not been occupied, I will come, I will come tearing along, you to me are the most important on light, you are necessary to me, as air, as water, as food. But recently I have no time to eat, drink, breathe and other since I constantly think and I dream of you.
I can write infinitely. I simply love you, that's all.
You do not represent, as strongly I wish to see you, to meet you somewhat quicker.
On it I finish the letter. I with impatience will wait from you for the answer.
I love, gently and passionately whole you.
Yours for ever Marina!

Letter 12

Hello my favourite Patrice!!!!!!!
I am very glad to your letter! It is pleasant to me to read it!
I do not know how to describe that that occurs. I already spoke to you about it.
Yesterday we talked to mum about you. I have told to it that I cannot live without you, and I wish you to see. Mum has told, that it is glad for me. It is glad, that I have met the man of the dream. And I have asked it to go to me to you or not. She has told that thinks, has told, that I should go to you and not suffer and suffer one here.
I love you Patrice!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wish to wake up in your embraces, I wish to wake up from yours
Kiss, I wish to see your happy eyes. I wish to meet you houses, to do to you massage, to prepare fine dishes and to enjoy our love!!!!!!! I wish to lay on a beach about you, what the sun, water and you with me. And I could kiss you. I WANT To YOU!!!!!!!!! I WOULD WILL make ALL THAT our HAPPINESS was With us FOR EVER!!!!!!!!!!
I WISH TO BE WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Patrice I will make all, that we with you would be happy. That I had not to make, I will make all, everything what to be with you. What everything of what we with you dreamt, became a reality.
Soon our dreams become a reality. We will be together. Favourite I want that you knew about that that I wish to be with you and it would be very pleasant to me to arrive to you. I descend and I learn all possible ways about how and when I to you will arrive. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!
Patrice I will be with you. With you for ever.
I promise to you, I will make, that to me it should not be made. And already Tomorrow I will inform you all.
Yours and only your loving and gentle Marina!

Letter 13

Hello Patrice.
My dear, today I was in travel agency, and have learnt about that that to me would be required what to arrive for this purpose to you. My darling, at me tears because on all documents the big sum of money is required to me now flow. To me have told, that I should make following documents: the visa, the passport for travel abroad, the insurance, and on registration of all documents 350 euros are necessary for me.
At me now it is a lot of tears and a pain in heart from that that I do not presume it. My salary too small, and I cannot make all documents. Forgive me, please.
I very strongly LOVE YOU and if I had possibility to pay all these documents that I soon would arrive to you and we built our love and lived happily, I very much would like to embrace yours hot a body and gently to kiss your sweet lips, but now I understand that it only my dreams.
My darling, and that you think what you would arrive to me?
I LOVE YOU and it speaks my heart which loves and waits for our meeting.
I will wait for your answer.

Yours Marina!

Letter 14

Hello my love Patrice!I have just come to the Internet of cafe and is very glad to read your letter!!!My love as I has understood you that you can help me that I started to do documents documents that I could arrive to you. My love I with impatience wait ours with you a meeting.My dear I it is very happy that you to me are going to help me that I started to do documents.My dear it is necessary for me as I spoke to you (+ the visa) All these documents which I have listed the international passport to you 350 euros will cost to me.As soon as I will make them I at once I arrive to you and we together with you rejoice that we together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be very happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!My love but now only one problem. When you are going to help me that I started to do documents? After all as soon as you can help me I at once I start to do documents, then when they will be ready I arrive to you.My dear I today visited bank to ask as it will be better if you send me money. I have come to bank have approached to one girl which there is engaged in consultation in this area and have asked it as it will be better if you send me money to me have told that there is such service Western Union it is fast and reliable remittance. My dear at you in a city is Western Union? I send money To me have told that you will require only my data. I now will write them to you.Here it is my data: My name: MarinaMy surname: RybakovaThe country: RussiaCity: Cheboksary Here it is my data which to you be required to send through Western Union.My favourite to me have told that it will be necessary for me to know too your data Write to me too the data Your name:Your surname:The country:City where you have sent me money: My dear I think that you understand me that I speak to you. I Love You Patrice!!! Also it is simple I can not without you to me very alone... But I nevertheless I hope that you can help me, and I start to do at once documents which to me are necessary that I could arrive to you. Mine Patrice I will know all yours of accuracy which you will specify in Western Union. I think that you understand me that I speak to you. My dear when you are going to help me?I think that very soon we will be together near to the friend the friend.I very much wish you to embrace softly and is sweet to kiss.As to all details of my arrival to you I can tell to you after I will start to do documents. But I nevertheless hope that you understand me.Finishing the letter I send you millions sweet kisses With impatience I wait for your fast reply Yours Marina!I LOVE you!