Romance scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Kirillova to Runar (Iceland)
Letter 1
Hello My Beautiful Runi! ;)

How you, my dear Runi? How your affairs, how your, precious for me, health?! How state of health of your relatives?!? I hope, what with them and with you everything is all right?!? Please, transfer them from me my most sincere and warm wishes. And certainly, please, care of itself... Ok? I hope, you always try to listen to my requests of a similar sort?! I would not like to find out later, that you were sick or, to you there was something awful. You understand me in it, Runi? Every morning, I wake up, and first of all I wish you successful day and excellent mood. And I hope, that these my wishes reach you, overcoming such big distance between us... As to me, with me everything is all right. I have just returned from hospital where at us "our young mum" lays :))). With her also everything is all right ;)!. She and her groom with impatience her extract from hospital wait to celebrate a wedding. It is very a pity to me, that you are not present now near to me! :(. Otherwise, we could arrive together to them on wedding...

Probably, today, my letter, will seem to you little bit strange, but I cannot hide it more... I should be informed you my thoughts and my ideas... Last pleasant event with my girlfriend, Vika, has made upon me stunning impression and also has given me some push on that I have seriously reflected on myself, about a life, and the future... Now, me of 28 years. It already rather appreciable age for all girls on a planet. You will not notice, how some years will fly by, and to I already become not 28 years old, and 30... 31... 32... 33... And so on... But in this letter, I will not write to you about my age. In this letter, I would like to admit to you in what earlier, I never spoke to someone, especially in letters. And I worry a little, thinking of how you will concern it. But I very much hope, that today's my recognition, will be only pleasant addition in our dialogue and acquaintance. Runi, it seems to me, that I fall in love with you!. . Every day, and lately, practical each hour and every minute, me thoughts on you, on that visit than you are engaged, as your affairs of what you think where you are. Each time when I come to Internet cafe and I receive your letter, I cannot hide my smile and pleasure from associates me people!!! Each time when I go to bed, I wish you pleasant and kind dreams. Already to whom not a secret, especially, to my friends and the brother, that I am not indifferent to you. You understand me, Runi? Really it seems to me, that I start to fall in love with you, but I am not assured of it completely. To be convinced of it it is definitive, it is necessary for us to meet with each other. Certainly, now, it is not possible, and we cannot meet, but I do not ask about it. Now, to begin with, it is very important to me to know your thoughts on it!!? Please, Runi, write to me, that you think what I have written to you?! Whether there are for you feelings to me?! And what they if they are available?!? Whether that feeling, which now in me is familiar to you?! Whether your thoughts to my thoughts are mutual?!? For me today, this letter very disturbing. And I with impatience will wait for your answer. I will not be disappointed, if your answer is not such what wished to see him I. I necessarily will understand you, in any case. It is better to know the bitter truth, than sweet lie...

As to your questions!. And why I have written, Jack Morris because he has started to write to me, and I have simply written to it to the answer. And likely it is interesting to you, why I have written one and too the letter, you and it. This usual letter which I send for the first time. You understand me? I write only to you, and have simply written, in the answer to it. But now, I will write only to you. And you wanted that I have called you? Well I will necessarily call you tomorrow, precisely.

Ok, on it, I likely will finish my letter and now, I will be with alarm and excitement to wait for your answer. Now, all only in your hands... I think, that at us with you such period in time has come, when we should be defined with our dialogue and the nobility how to arrive further... I hope, so it seems not only me, but also you?!?...

Please, try to answer and write to me the letter, as soon as possible!!! Ok? I cannot long be in expectation.

With deep tenderness and care... Yours Anzhela.

PS. I hope, you have not thought of me, how about naive and the little girl?!?.
Letter 2
Hello my dear Jack! How you, Jack? How your mood? I hope, at you all is good?!? Transmit to all your relatives from me, thewarmest wishes. I hope, they will accept them... How is the weather in your city?!With me everything is all right, except for one: I do not have not enough your letters. Road Jack why you do not write to me??! Here already throughout long time I did not receive your letterand is very upset in this occasion: ((With you everything is all right?!? Can be and you have any problems onwhich you cannot write?!? And there can be a business in me?!? Answer please, do not ignore my questions. Ifyour reason on which you do not write really serious I will understand all properly. There can be you have lostinterest to ours with you to dialogue?!? Answer me, as they say: " Better the bitter truth, than beautiful lie". Very much I hope, that it not so... I want, that you have understood for yourself, that I very seriouslyconcern our acquaintance and when you do not answer my letters then I start to show a negative to ouracquaintance. You understand me, Jack? If you do not want, that I have been disappointed by our dialogue thentry to explain to me the reason why you do not write to me. I very much hope, on your understanding of myrequest. And with impatience I wait for your explanations. I hope, what I deserve due attention from you?!? I wished to tell, that very much I value dialogue with you: you have seemed to me very interesting, sociable,true, courageous man, and the first impression about the person it the most true. I very much wish to continueour dialogue, to find out about you more. For all time of our dialogue, I in you have been never disappointedalso ball is glad to read each your letter. On it I will finish the letter. I wish you fine day and excellent mood. I with impatience will wait for youranswer, with tenderness and respect. Anzhela...
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