Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Kirillova to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my Beautiful, I am happy to receive and read your letter!!! :). How you, my dear?! How your affairs, how your health?! I very much hope, what at you and with you all in a full order?!? Yes? Write to me... With me all is excellent. Today, I have found out exact date of my holiday! :). In 3 days, I will officially be in holiday! :). I will be completely free from work. And my time which I will have a rest will make 2,5 months!. It so is a lot of!!! It would be remarkable, if all this time, I could give for you and our relations... Yes?!. I have read your letter and the answer... I am glad to know about reciprocity of your feelings and desires.
Now, I would like to pay special attention for our meeting. I am am pleased with that fact, that you also wish to meet me. And I hope, that we can solve this question and we will be together, as soon as possible! Considering, that now at me holiday begins, I could arrive personally itself to you. But, I do not know, how you wish to meet me?! Therefore, I would like to know your opinion on it before. Please, write to me, in what way, it will be more convenient to you to meet me??! You can arrive to me, in my country and to be with me here some time?!? Or, you will be glad, if I arrive to you?!? Please, answer me. I would like to solve somewhat quicker all these questions and to appear near to you. I do not wish to lose a lot of time for the decision of this question. Now, for both of us, most it is more important to meet with each other, as soon as possible. The rest, we can solve, when we will be together. You agree with me in it? I will be glad to meet me somehow, that is or in my country or, in your house. The main thing that we could be together. I would not like to write about something while I will not know your answer. I am am excited very much with this question, on our meeting. Please, try to answer me as soon as possible!!! Ok? I with impatience will wait for your letter... My darling, having met you, my life has changed very sharply. You became very important part of my life.
And now, I cannot present, that I will do without you. Now, I wish to be with you and to try to construct with you that happy, beautiful, a married couple of which we with you dreamt all this time. I think time has come that both of us have made a serious and responsible step towards to each other. Also I hope, what you agree with me and completely support in it?!?... I wait for your answer. lYours forever... Anzhela. PS:And certainly I read your letters, your exact answer as well as where we can is necessary to me will meet?
You understand me? I hope that you you take offence at me? I very much and very strongly love you.
Letter 2
Concerning your letter! And concerning a meeting, you speak that we have met in Kiev, in the end of January, and then together we will eat to Russia if it so that is not present a difference then you can arrive to Russia at once. And why you so long, wish to keep me waiting, while you will arrive to me? And what yours opinions if I to you will arrive?! And concerning what the husband, is necessary to me in the future: certainly the ideal man is not necessary to me, that will suffice me that he will love, appreciate me, and to respect. And that he, was sociable, was able to joke, that with him it was interesting to me. And it is final that he me a smog, protect in any situation. On it, I finish the letter and I will wait for your answer. Please, my dear, care of itself... And necessarily write me your opinion, on my today's letter. Ok? Yours forever. Anzhela...
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