Letter(s) from Bola Davies to William (USA)

Letter 1

Good Day Mr Will,

The transaction was successful and i have sign all the necessary document for her after the last sitting.

While all glory to God.meanwhile the high court of law has giving us all necessary docment that we'll be needing to process the money and they have giving us the released warrant certificate for the security company to released the fund to you Mr William M Kupisch Jr.

Kindly contact the security company to inform you how they work.

Its has being really nice working with you .

Have a wonderful time and best of luck in your future endeneavous

Thanks for your Cooperation.


Legal assistant.
COC 691

Letter 2

Hi Sweetie,I'm with the lawyer now and he has called his traveling agent to help me secure a space in any of the airlines that is coming to the state tomorrow,so the man has agree to help me out in this,so my flight ticket is $2000 with the BTA basic traveling allowance which is $500,the total amount needed is $2500,The lawyer said you should send the money today with his secretary information that is with you.probably Delta airline will be coming to the state very early tomorrow morning.so I dont want to lose this opportunity of being with you during the Christmas,I believe you that you will never hurt me or lie to me sweet,My love I want you to send the money as soon as you read this mail,I'll be waiting to read from you sweetie..missing you darling

Letter 3

My love,I am not doing fine.this country want to ruined my life,I was kidnapped by some bad  people here,I dont know what they want from me,but they said we white people were the one stealing there cruel oil to our country,I miss you so much honey.I need to get out of here as soon as possible.how's peggy and your sister?

Letter 4

Honey,the lawyer made me to understand that the immigration here has being giving the banksave and the dhl about the sending of our money,he told me that they want some money and this kidnappers are also asking him for money?I dont know what to do my love,I dont want to lose you my love,I want to spend the rest of my life with you baby.i dont even know what to think of,the lawyer has to pleaded on my behave so i can talk to you my love.

Letter 5

this kidnappers wanted the sum of $6000 from the lawyer so I can be free while the immigration wanted the sum of $5000,but i know if you recieve our money you will be able to get me out of this hostage i have being kept,but i know you dont have any money with you my love,what do want us to do now my love,is there anyway you can get this money my love??can you sell some of your painting work,My love I'm very sorry for all this things,but i know this is my trail time,I believe with God I am going to get over this predicament my love,what is in your mind?what do you want us to do now baby.I love you and I want to be with you darling.even the lawyer's daughter is very sick at the hopital.I even told him what he can do,but he was so reluctant to talk to me,but this man has really tried for us my love and he has his ow personal problem also my love.talk me baby