Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Porogova to Billy (USA)

Letter 1
Hello My dear friend! You do not represent as I is glad to your letter.
I write to you letters from my heart. I think, that you feel, that my letters to you are very pure.
You feel it? I try to write to you only the truth.
I understand, that it is very important. And certainly I trust your words...
The trust also is important in ours relationship. We write each other not so long ago, but we already can trust each other.
You do not represent as I is glad, that have got acquainted with you. I shall not regret about it never.
If at us will not turn out at all serious relationship, but I think, that we shall remain friends despite of everything.
You think also? I think, that our friendly attitudes will remain for all our life...
Also my mother at leisure likes to prepare for different dishes... Certainly I am not able to prepare as my mother..
But nevertheless I too am able to prepare for something.. But it not my calling.
To like me my work. I do not know what for, but I feel that this mine.
To like me cheerful conditions at school. Children whom I very strongly all love.
But still I like to write verses.. Certainly I not the poet..
But at me also it turns out a little.. At school I was one of the best.
I can show to you one of most my best creations.
Only I ask you. Only do not laugh at my verses..
Because I very much am confused, when I read these verses..

My sight to aspire only to you,
My love flares, thirst
The soul mine burns with happiness.
And I love to you and only you.
My sight will fall only on you.
And I do not know that to me to do.
And I grieve on you.
And at me without it is clever heart
Also I can not without you.
My love is full you.
And heart thirst only you.
Also I can not live, only without you.
I thirst of caress and love.
And I want my love of you.
And heart speaks that soon,
I shall be only with you my dream.
My dream my alarms,
I every day love you
And I compose all this, only for you.
I am ready to write verses to you,
And this happiness for me,
When we shall be together you will understand me.

With these verses I shall finish the letter.. I hope, that my poem has liked you..
I shall wait for your answer.. Your friend Sveta.
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