Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Hill to Boguslaw (UK)

Letter 1
Good day Boguslaw. My name is Elena. This is my first letter to you and I hope it does not do very much. I wish that you were interested, but not tired! So me and my 27 years birthday on January 10. I am an accountant. And I love their work. I very creative person, and my work helps me expression. People say that I am good specialist. But I do not think only about my work. I am very romantic person and I feel that I am ready to start a family. I am looking for man who is reliable and who wants to have a serious relationship. I already had a relationship with the man but it did not succeed and now I do not I want to make the same mistakes that I made before. For me the most important thing in relations is respect for each other. Deep inside I feel that you are one whom I should write! This is my first attempt to meet someone on the Internet. And so you get what you have to be the first to whom I wrote. I will carry out all my free time from work to You know better! So, what is your ideal woman? What you're looking for? I am very thoughtful woman and I will be able to care about a person whom I would really love! In what town do you live? Does it something special? What For my part I live in the city Sernur. I think that it is the most beautiful city in the whole world, albeit very small! Of course, I did not get a chance to travel for peace but when I go to a beautiful old streets of my home town I feel that I touch history and I try to imagine what happened there hundreds of years ago. I love walking in my town without my friends so as to not disturb me. To Alas, I do not have a friend who can feel the beauty of nature and beauty of the city, as I am. But everything is fine. In this letter, I send my picture. Tell me how you liked it. This is very important for me! I really hope that you'll enjoy it! I will try to send my pictures in each my letter because I believe that it is important to understand with whom You are speaking. And in one picture, I can look like but on the other, I can look for another. I wish that you saw I got with the various parties! It would be very good to get the news from you in the future! And I hope that we will continue our discussions via the Internet. Best wishes Elena!!!!
Letter 2
Good evening! Send to me the phone number. Ok? I will call on Tuesday. As your business? I was so bad, unable to read a letter from you! During the day I think a lot about you and sometimes becomes even difficult to work! But I was still trying to deal with work! I have good news to to share with you, so I suppose that I should postpone telling stories and traditions of my country! Since I do not have a large amount of time! Well, I must adhere to fact! :) The news about my work. I gained new Ordering a remarkable start from one company in the city. They have great ambitions and I talked with the director of this the company and she told me about all her plans and opportunities. This company is going to work with our company. They reviewed projects that I have done for other companies and asked me to make a full accounting for them. I am so excited all these! :) This Ordering a very interesting and at the same time, I assume, will need all of my time. Some days I will have to work even home. I am not against this deal right now because I do not have their own family, husband and children to worry about this. Only one thing makes me feel sad that from time to time I will not be able to write to you as often as I am doing so now. Probably I will be working on this new project about 2 weeks or so. I will still try to write you a letter as often as far as possible, I promise you. I hope that you will understand me, my dear Boguslaw. Now I must flee their homes. I should think about some interesting ideas for work and represent some of Director the company tomorrow. I think a lot about you, but sometimes my job away from you my thoughts! Tell me about your day! As was your day? What was interesting! I am so excited to go there than, as I think all the world as a whole should be! I not egoist, I only wish that people were happy! Until ... Your optimistic LEna!!!
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