Letter(s) from Nina Krasnova to Gavin (Australia)

Letter 1

Hello Gavin,

That’s very good that you answered me, because I was waiting. If you didn’t I’ll lose the last hope. But you are here and I’m glad of that.

Thank you for telling me about yourself. It was nice to get to know more about you. And I want to introduce myself too.

As you know my name is Yana. If you had chat with other Ukrainian or Russian girls, it’s very strange name, I think, for you it sounds very strange. But it’s my Ukrainian name and I like that. This name was given me by my father that I love so much.

The second thing that I want to say, that it’s very nice to get to know you. So, I hope you will tell me something in your nest letter about you. I’m very curios person and I want to know everything. Even maybe something about spirits or something else (joke).

I want to tell a bit about myself, if you aren’t against. I’m very cheerful, friendly, intelligent and curios person, as I said. I love my life and I think every life is wonderful. I like animals very much, as I’m veterinarian. I like smiling walk under the rain and spend time with my friends or parents. I hate lies and when people don’t respect others by different reasons. That is me.

So if you want to know something else about me, just ask me and I’ll answer you. Now your turn. Just simple your imagination about yourself. How do you think how people see you? From there sides.

Waiting for your reply. Yana.

Letter 2

Hello Gavin,

I was very happy to get a letter from you. Very nice to come to the agency and receive your letter. You know, it begin make me smiling, that’s good. The fortune on your side. Thanks for your mail, I liked that. You can say very nice words, that makes me a bit shy, that’s good, because not everybody can make me shy.

I’m really sorry, but I don’t speak English. I hadn’t that in my University, I had another profession, so now I don’t know English. But my dream to learn it. I hope one day my dream come true. Is it a problem for you?

As for age difference, I want you to know that it doesn't matter for me.

Dear, I am very sorry but I have no phone. But I hope you are still interested in me.

So how was your day? What your plans for tomorrow? Maybe you want to send me some smile with a lot of hugs and kisses? It'll be very nice, because I want that. And in return I can kiss you on your nose (smiling).

I have rest now from my work, so I can answer you right now, that is good, because I hope you are waiting for my mail. Tell me, what films you like? I like harrows. But I become very fearful. I like films after watching you can think about life. It’s such movies like "Requiem for a dream, "Back to the future(Russian film), also I like cartoons. Maybe it’s funny, but I really enjoy them. I like "Panda kung fu", it’s very funny movie. Now tell me about your choice. If we go to watch movie together, what do you want to watch with me?
Something romantic or what?

I think we have very nice conversation. I'm glad of that. Don't forget to send me some "blow a kiss", I like that as you know. You can ask me free, I'm very open for you, but I should feel the same, I'm very sensitive person as you know.

Yours Yana

Letter 3

Hello Gavin!

I was very happy to get a letter from you again.

How are you? Did you miss me? I had time to fall in love. Terrible, just few mails and that person that you know not so good and it begin to seem that I know you all my life. It's something very mystical, but I belive in destiny so you are mine now!

I also would like to watch romantic movie with you.

As for my spare time, I like reading books, I like to read romantic stories or detectives. Also I like to listen to the music. I like different kinds of music, but I don't like rock. Actually it depends on my mood.

Dear, I am very happy that I found you. I like you very much. You know, maybe I rush events, but I just dreaming what we can do in our first night. Maybe I have a lot of impudent to write it by mail and to give it to people that should translate it, but it's my wish, I want you to know that.

I want us, laying in bed in very romantic situation with a lot of candles around and we are full of rose's patrols make our love. You kiss my chest and my shoulders, then I kiss your breasts and I like them so much, they are so elastic when they are aroused. Sometimes I just bite them a bit. You like it, I feel. You know, I begin to be very aroused, you did it with me. You want more? Maybe you will write me the continuation of this story? Or you want me to continue? Okay, a bit more, I kiss you down and down and I came to your erected friend.
I kiss that, you like it, I feel. I stand up very slowly and my body just touch you a bit and this sensations make you feel everything more sensitive. You like that? Mmmmm, so sweet. Write me the continuation of our night, I want to read that in the room where I'm along and thinking of you.

Waiting next part with great pleasure.

Just yours Yana.

PS I put here some pictures, where I want to show you how much I miss you, my love. Enjoy and trust me, I don't want to hurt you, so, don't hurt me, my darling.

Letter 4

Mmmmmm, Gavin, so nice continuation of our conversation! I was waiting and expected on your letter. I liked your story very much. And I want all our dreams come true very soon. Dear, I want you to know you have captured my heart, you have awoken warmth inside me. I love you very much and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Yes, I know I have only few letters from you, but I just say what I feel.

Today I have very good plans for the day. I want to meet my friends, they come to me from Donetsk and I didn't see them for a long time. I missed them. But the main problem, that I miss you every day more then them. Maybe because we were looking for each other all our lives? How do you think? I don't know, but when I with my friends go to the cinema, I want to be there with you. They are very nice persons, but you are better, because love is first of all.

Besides, tomorrow, I want to tell mother about us. I don't know if I can say so, but I see US together in the future and I want to have next step, I don't want to stay on that flour all the time. I want to continue everything. Do you have the same opinion? So if you don't mind it'll be great if I tell mother about you and our relations. I think she will like you. I don't know how she couldn't like such cutie person like you.

Okay, love, I should go now, I have a lot of what to do, my friends are waiting for me. I'll send you some romantic pictures, and one from my past student's life. Enjoy.

Luybluy tebya (love you). Yana.

Letter 5

Dear Sir,

I want to introduce myself. My name is Alena Panova and I'm working in the translating firm "Navigator". Dear Sir, we hope you know that your lady use our agency for writing you letters and translating your letters, because she doesn't speak English. So now her account is empty and she can't translate your letter and write you her letter.
I'm sorry, but we were informed form her, that she can't fill up her account to continue communication with you, because of financial problems. If you want to help and to continue your conversation, please, inform us and we will give you all information. Thank you.

Best wishes