Scam letter(s) from Valentina Sidorova to Jonathan (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Jake,
I'm very glad to get your message. Thank you very much for it and I hope that it is just a beginning of our communication and we will go on with it till our meeting one day because this is very important to look into each other's eyes and to find all answer to all our questions and to see the soul of a person. So, some of my close friends call me Lena, some Elenushka. My real name is Elena. I am a girl of 27, who is full of believes in the best qualities of people. I am kind, tender and always try to follow my heart-because it's my best adviser. I am a simple girl, who just wants a simple happiness: to be loved and to be happy. My biography is not so bright. I was born in Dnepropetrovsk, studied in the college of culture. I am a professional dancer-I have a real talent to it! It's hereditary in our family: my aunt and my granny were the dancers. Now I work as a techer of dances with children of different age. I like my job very much, a we go often to different towns and cities across Ukraine and have contests there. My parents are lovely people and they are still young as outside as inside as well. So, it is very easy to find a common language with them. My family is very creative. My father is a musician, since the age of 5 I play the piano, I finished the musical school. I just adore the children, and in the future I want to have at least 2 beautiful kids. I have a brother Oleg, he is 20, he is a good chap-a typical teenager, who likes music, computers, discos.........
I like singing, watching romantic and philosophical films (like "Mouline Rouzhe", "Eyes widely shut" etc.). yes, I like Nicole Kidman, also Tom Cruise, Bruce Willis. Music - Madonna, Linkin Park, Robby Williams, Cher - so, I like diffirent music, as I am a person of different interests. I easily can accept interests of other people, learn new things. So, as you see I am quite satisfied with my life but all I am missing a lot is my love and to share with him bad times and good one as well. Well, I think it is enough for first letter. Send me a speedy reply and some of your pictures, Jake..... Kiss you!! Elena
Letter 2
Hi dear Jake,
Thank you for the letter and nice picture. How was your day, darling? I am so glad that you have a place for me and my letters in your life. It is so pleasant to hurry from work and to know that your letters are waiting for me as if I am flying to our meeting.:) A person needs so little to have a good mood. But everyone has a bad mood too. Even animals have a bad mood. They are sad and even have a depression sometimes. If I am sad I try to talk to my family, listen to the music, watch a comedy or just go for a walk with my dog. When a person is interested in something he/she has no time to be sad. We have a small dacha out of town and we go there on weekends. I like having a rest in the nature. I like humor and people who can turn even the worse situation into a good joke. My life credo is "Everything is to be tried in our life." Maybe that's why I have a lot of interests, it is always interesting for me to cook a new dish, sew a new dress, etc. I listen to pop, classical music. It depends on a mood. I try always to look very good. My beauty rule is to have a good dream at night, have a good and useful breakfast and good mood. My most worse habit is to sleep too long on weekends for the whole week. What are your bad habits? My dream is to feel true love. I like my house to be clean and cozy to have a good rest and work. I don't like envy and betrayal. If I had a wonder stick I would wish health for my close people and me. I would like my dreams to come true. I like jogging and aqua aerobics. Someone told: "A woman is a Diamond and the more facets it has the better it is. And the problem of a man is to look carefully these facets." I don't think that I am a Diamond but I want our hearts to understand each other even if we speak different languages. My English is poor, and I am going to take a good dig in it, as I really want to know it perfectly not to have any language barrier with my future husband. But I think that it's not a very high barrier in our communication, if we want to be together, we'll overcome this barrier. Won't we? Love language doesn't need a translation. Sometimes we need just one look to say something. Jake, I am a tacher of Latin dances and in my group I have children from 6 till 10 years old. And by the way, Jake, you asked me about the difference in age. I think that the difference in age is not the most important thing in relationship. I think that if two people understand each other age is not an obstacle to the understanding. On the contrary I think that a man should be older that a woman, he should be more experienced in life and it is very good when a man can give a piece of advice to a woman. I think that it's very good. When I decided to find my soulmate in the Internet, I have thought in advance that if I'm successful enough to find him, I'll be ready to go anywhere with him. I know that it is difficult to move away from the family and friends, but still it is my life and I think that I'll be able to overcome these difficulties. I know that i'll endure everything to be with my beloved person. I'm a very patient person and I know from my life experience that I can endure many things. I know that in case if I go abroad to my soulmate and I'll miss my parents and friends, but parents and friends are not all people whom I want to have in my life. I would like to write you more how I can see my future family and my life in the nearest future. I hope to find the right one for me this way because I see that most of young men don't want to create their own families and older ones have theor family already and I don't want to destroy any one's family to build mine because I know that this is not a good thing and you can't be happy using unhappiness of others! So, i hope to find my future husband via Internet and to communicate with each other to get to know more about us and to see if our interest is growing and developing and then it is possible to speak about meeting and to spend our time together. I think this will be very great moment for both of us and if everything is OK we can discuss about our future and to see if we are a great couple and can support each other with our care and understanding. But also I think that in relations it is very important to be faithful to each other and to trust each other. So, in my opinion family is a team and everyone has to act correct and try to understand other and this will bring a harmony and happiness to both of us. Looking forward to your letter, Jake. Kiss you. With love, Elena
Letter 3
Hello my sweetest Jon, As always I want to thank you for your letter. And also a big thank you for your honesty in it. I'll try to find a webcam and will write you my nick, so will be able to see each other in real. How are you today? You know, I am so happy to recieve your letters. But I really think that one meeting in person can tell much more than 10000 of e-mails. Don't you think so? Meeting the person is very important - to see will it be the spark between us... I like you very much and I think our feelings are similar, how can you imagine our meeting? As to me I tend to think that only a meeting can tell two people if they are meant to be together. I imagine our meeting as something intriguing, exciting, as a culmination of our correspondence, of our communication! I imagine us being together reflecting our thoughts on our acquaintance, our letters, pictures, laughing at each other. I am certain we will have a lot of things to tell each other, words which have energetic power. I deeply want our meeting to become the new stage in our relationship, even a new page in our life!!! You know I am always blushing when I told pleasant words or the words, which are of great importance to my partner and me! I will certainly buy a special gift for you! You know I like to make gifts and make my dearest and nearest people happy! You know, Jon, I really worry greatly, because of my poor English. Let's start learning Russian and you'll be teaching me English, deal? Are you ready to be my pupil?))) I will write you some phrases in Russian:
"HELLO" = Privet
"I love you" = Ya lublu tebya
"You are very pretty "=Vi ochen simpatichni
"you are gorgeous"= Vi velikolepni
"marry me" = Jenites na mne
"I want you to kiss me" = Ja hochu chtobi bi pocelovali menya
Have a wonderful day-Xorowego dnya tebe!
I wait for your letter-ya jdu tvoe pis'mo!
I wish you a wonderful day!
Amd know that there lives a girl in Ukraine, who likes you very much!
Your Elena
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