Romance scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Soboleva to Rick (USA)
Letter 1
Hello Rick!!!
I am very glad that you have not disregarded my message and have answered me.
I have very closely read through your letter and was glad to learn a few information on you.
Now I as shall a little tell about myself.
As probably you already know my name is Tatyana.
To me of 26 years.
I live settlement Kokshaysk which to be in the Russian Federation.
Probably you did not hear about such settlement earlier and consequently I shall a little tell to you about it{him}.
This very beautiful settlement which to be on coast of the largest river in Russia, the river Volga.
Settlement Kokshaysk to be between three cities: Cheboksary, Kazan and Yoshkar-Ola.
5 000 person lives in my settlement.
If you more detailed information on my settlement interests, I can tell to you about it in my following letters.
Now I again shall tell about my interests, about my work and about that as I spend the free time.
I consider as the interests: cookery, reading of books, navigation, films about love.
I work as the seller in one supermarket in our settlement.
I live in the private house, with a small site of the ground and consequently I spend the free time looking after for plants on my site.
I very strongly love flowers and consequently on my site of more than 20 kinds various flowers.
In small, but very cosy house I live with my parents.
My father works as the driver, and mum works as the seller in the same shop where I work.
Only owing to it me have accepted in this shop.
I have no younger brother, but it now to be in Army.
In 1 year and 1 month it should come back home.
We it is constant with it we correspond.
I love the brother and consequently 1-2 times to a month I send it products.
I hope that I have not tired you mine with the story about myself.
Now I wish to set some questions to you.
Where you work also as whom?
You live in what city?
Whether there is at you a brother or the sister?
On it I shall finish the letter.
Yours faithfully your new friend Tatyana. P.S. With this letter I shall send you so some my photos.
Letter 2
Hello my prince Rick!!!
I wish to begin this letter with one million the most sincere apologies for so late answer.
I could not answer you earlier as I went in other city, in a travel company.
In settlement where I live there is no travel company and consequently I had to go to other city.
I hope that you will understand me and on me will not be malicious.
Now I shall in detail tell to you that to me have told in a travel company.
For my arrival to you I shall require following documents:
When me have asked in a travel company with what purpose I wish to take off for other country, I have told it that I wish to meet you.
For this purpose to me have advised to issue the tourist visa.
It is the cheapest and fast visa in registration.
Registration of such visa will borrow 1-2 weeks and will cost 150 euro.
Registration of the passport for travel abroad will borrow 1 week and
Registration of the medical insurance 3 days will cost 100 euro, and will cost 75 euro.
Total sum which I require makes 325 euro.
For me very much a greater sum of money and without your help I cannot pay it for their registration.
My love Rick, you can send me 325 euro that I could pay for registration all of these documents?
My darling Rick, I love you and now our meeting depends only on you.
I hope that you can help me as I above all wish to meet you.
You that which man I so long searched and now I wish to meet you and to learn you better.
Please Rick, give me the answer at once as you will read through this letter.
On it I shall finish the letter.
With love and one million the hottest kisses yours Tatyana.
Letter 3
Hello my new friend Rick!!!
I am very glad so quickly to receive your answer.
I did not expect so quickly it to see.
I write the letters from a computer of my brother, I hope that when it will come from army it on me will not be malicious.
I spend a lot of time on work and consequently I cannot so quickly to answer you, but I promise that I shall answer your letters so quickly as I can.
Yesterday all the evening long and today all the day long me one question interested.
What do you search on the Internet?
Friendship, love, sex?
And why you have decided to search for it by means of the Internet?
Probably you now would like that I as has answered these questions.
Our settlement so small that in it almost all each other I know and consequently in it very difficultly to find and construct love.
From all people which live in our settlement 50 % of the population as because of that that there are no workplaces the others of 50 % work only drink vodka.
You tried when-ieaoou Russian vodka?
From for that that in our settlement there are no workplaces many have left for other cities for earning money.
I have a little bit distracted from the story that I search and why by means of the Internet.
By means of the Internet I would like find the man which could to grow fond of me just as I it.
Why I search such for the man through the Internet?
Because the majority of Russian men, are not capable to love.
They want only sex, vodka and drugs.
My mum about mine the daddy live in marriage already much, it is a lot of years and looking at them many envy them.
Recently Russian men have very strongly deteriorated and consequently many families miss.
I wish to marry once and for ever.
I had men which wanted that I was their wife, but they spoke each time to me about it only when were drunk.
Any more the man on a sober head did not suggest me to become its wife.
Very much for a long time one my girlfriend has told to me that men in other countries kinder, tender and able to appreciate women and consequently I have decided to try to find the man in other country.
You have Russian friends?
If yes that as you think, who more the best husbands?
Yours faithfully Tatyana.
Letter 4

Hello my distant friend Rick!!!
How your business? How your health?
I'm fine.
I hope that at you as all well.
Rick I am happy to receive your new letter.
I with impatience waited for it.
There is no I when did not smoke and do not wish even to start to smoke.
My dear Rick I thank you for your answers to my questions.
Today we all the day had a rain and consequently in the street very coldly and dirtly.
What weather now at you?
I think that now at you very solar and hot weather.
I correctly think?
In this letter I wish to tell about my childhood still.
I have lead all my childhood in my native settlement Kokshaisk.
Earlier I had many friends, but now I have not enough of them, as almost all my friends have parted on other cities.
As I already wrote to you in us settlement there are no workplaces and consequently many people have left to earn money in other city.
At you it is a lot of friends?
How often you see them?
Because of that that now I very strongly get tired on my work I very seldom I see my friends.
Many from my girlfriends already send for the husband and consequently all of them the time spend houses.
Once I have called my old girlfriend on a visit, on what it has answered me that its husband very strongly is jealous and where does not release it.
I have forgotten to tell to you that Russian men very strongly jealous and consequently often because of jealousy beat the the wife.
In 99 % cases all of them of suspicion in incorrectness groundless as Russian girls are very true.
You often met cases cases of female incorrectness?
You when-ieaoou can strike the woman?
Please answer my questions.
It is very important for me.
Yours faithfully your friend in Russia, Tatyana.
Letter 5
Hello my loved Rick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It again I! You are glad?
I am tired a little, but at me good mood..
Loved you know all about me though we are familiar not so for a long time..
You know, how deeply there are in me feelings
But they open before you!
It seems, that I have found my dream
I dream of you long time
There can be it - will be amusing for you, but it is very serious for me
And I want that you understood all my feelings!
We should move further, we should develop our attitudes
We know about feelings each other
And I believe, that our feelings will overcome all!!
Loved you believe in our love????????????
Only tell to me, what you believe in our love???
You believe, what the love can make miracles???
I really believe in us!!!!
There is nothing in this world only, we!!!
Loved we - two poles of the Earth
And we, as plus and a minus, are magnetized to each other!!!
I can feel, that I need in you, and I feel the same!!!
And now I want to hear your ideas
I want, to hear your heart speaking that you love me very much
You know, whether we shall really want to be together, we shall overcome all on ours
But I want to be convinced, that you want it!!!
So tell to me, what you really want to divide all your life with me??
Because I am ready
I am ready to devote me to you
I want to belong only to you!!!!
I hope, that you have understood that I want to know
I want to know that you want further!?
And please be serious
Because all my life depends on you now
I should be convinced..
Only write your ideas..
With love yours Tatyana.
Letter 6
Hello my dear Rick!!!
I was very glad to receive your new letter.
Each your letter is an inflow of sweet feelings!!!
I love you, my lovely Rick!!!!
My love Rick, I WANT TO WARN YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As I have understood from your letter is that that you were going to arrive to me to Russia!!!!
I think that it to do it is not necessary, because we with you so shall spend many money to have to pay in 2 times more because that you have arrived, and then back, and I with you contain - consider, my lovely Rick what it is the big expenses for tickets.
But and if I shall go itself to you it in 2 times will be cheaper!
Especially in Russia I exist still gangsters who hate foreigners.
These people plunder and kill to steal something.
I shall worry very much for you if you will come to me and if with you something will take place, I shall not go through it.
And when we with you shall start to live together when at us the child will appear, I be employed, we together shall earn and we shall arrive together on a visit to my parents!!!!!
Such idea was offered me by my mum, in fact she worries for your financial budget!
They do not want that you so spent money for this purpose much!!!!!!!!
And in Russia there are such people which hate foreigners, they beat and even kill because of money.
Therefore if you will go to Russia and with you something happen, I shall not go through it, as I love you and I do not want you to lose.
I hope you understand me.
I love you Rick!!!!
I think that you me understand my sweet peach!
I think so will be cheaper and faster for both of us!!!!!!!
I kiss you in your gentle lips!!!!
Your bride from Russia, Tatyana.
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