Scam letter(s) from Olga to Val (Australia)

Letter 1
Hi my dearest Val! I have been very happy to receive your letter.
Reading your letters I believe in our love more and more. I am very happy, that I met you. You are the unique man, whom I want to spend a rest of my life with. Val, you are the most handsome, the most tender and gentle person. I am going to prove you all my love every day. You can't imagine how much I want to meet you. I would go to the end of the world just to see your smile, feel your touch and just see you. I want us to be happy together, I want me to make you the happiest man in the world. My heart and my soul belong only to you, I am very happy, that I find such man as you. I want to be with you very much, you just have to make a decision. Dear about documents that the visa and the passport cost 750 dollars. It is a greater sum for me (((YOU can help me??? I would like to arrive to you very much. I already imagine our meeting. My dearest Val, I imagine how I full of excitement and expectation leave from the plane. I don't see you, and suddenly I see a big bouquet of roses in front of me. I am full of happiness, I am going to you. Val, you strongly embrace me and we merge in a passionate kiss. Here, my sweet Val, what am I waiting for? I hope, all our dreams will come true. I love you, Val and with impatiens wait for your sweet letter. Many kisses for you!
P.S. On a photo I and my favourite nephew!!!
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