Letter(s) from Tatyana to Alex (UK)

Letter 1

Hi my new friend! I hope, that I can name you so - because you have answered my letter. I am sorry before you for my long answer as in the Internet I have an exit exclusively through my work, but now everything is all right.Thanks big for your photos! I with their impatience waited! You very beautiful man! I am assured, you will not be disappointed by me! :-) Allow me to tell about myself. To me of 29 years. I was born on 22nd of February. My sign of zodiac - Pisces. The weight - 58 kg, growth - 173 see. I religious, Christian. I never was married, and I don't have children. Cheerful, sociable, witty, kind and very-very-very modest! :-) It's all - I'm! :-) My native city is Kazan in which I now also live! Kazan is the capital of Tatarstan republic, Russia. This city is very beautiful. There are lot of sights: the squares, cathedrals, palaces and various parks in Kazan. I like this city very much, probably also as well as each person loves the native city. My favourite season is summer. When I walk in park, I'm bewitched singing of birds and foliage noise on trees. Actually I never saw my parents, and all childhood have spent in a shelter! To me have told, that my parents have refused me, but I don't know the reason of it. Therefore I dream of the big family where all love and respect each other. In a shelter I have found a true friendship and friends whom I communicate and meet till now. Now I have an apartment and I work as the proof-reader in the local newspaper. I correct mistakes in articles and I give to the editor the ready text. When I went to school, English language was my favourite subject. The first teacher has made on my very strong impact, and in school days I have decided for myself, that I will teach also as she. But as it usually happens my children's dreams were not embodied in a reality, and I became the philologist. Now I live a usual life, and is very happy to appreciate its each instant. I not rich, but I think, that money not all in our life. Happiness not in money. Happiness in love! I love children and would like to have them in the future. I not the careerist. I like to cook and friends speak that at me talent! :-). Probably it is interesting to you, why I have decided to find my second half through the Internet? One year ago my best friend Anna has got acquainted through the Internet with Genry and Now they are very happy. They live now in Southern Africa. Anna is pregnant, and Genry very glad it. I and Anna studied and worked together. She is a teacher of an elementary school. And now she works at the African school. I have decided to follow to her example and I search for the happiness on the Internet. I would like to hope that you the good person and I will not regret that has written to you! I have written to you so much! I also could not think, that I can tell about myself so much. I will be grateful if you answer me. I also would like to know about your family. Whether big it? Tell about a city in which you live! I never was in other countries, and I will be very glad to know about your country. When your birthday? You like children???? Well, allow me to finish the letter, I hope your answer to see fast! I attached my photo, and I hope, that it's pleasant to you. :-) I hope your answer see soon. Also please send to me as much as possible your photos!!!!

Take care,

Letter 2

Hi! I am glad to see your answer. Thanks big for your new photos.
I with impatience waited for them! At present at me two purposes in a life: career and a family. I wish to find such man which would be careful loving. I would want that in relations all was fair!!!It's very important for me, as we know more about each other. It very much is pleasant to me. Alex I very much wished to write you more, but all this time at me was a lot of work and therefore I could not write to you earlier, but now all o.k. Now I can write to you every day. As you know I'm in Russia. :-) And while you far from me, but our correspondence can pull together us! Probably shortly we will together! In my opinion, we should know each other more! Please, agree with me! I also wish to ask you, that I hope, that you understand all that I write to you. If is not present, please inform me on it, o.k.? I wish to tell you about the failures in private life, she in any way did not wish to develop in my advantage. At me was two friends. With first friend we were together within one year. I very much loved him and thought, that he too loves me! Also it was probable really so, but once he has met other girl and has grown fond of her. He long time was with me and with her simultaneously and could not make the choice. I was disappointed in him. After rupture of our relations I long time worried and could not sleep easy at the nights. At that time I was 23 years old and to me it was very heavy... It was my first love... In half a year I have met Marat. We have grown fond each other very strongly and even wished to get married. We lived together long time. After a while he has started to drink alcohol. At first it was rare also I did not give it special value, but every day it was necessary to him more and more!! He is literally in a month has turned to the alcoholic... On my eyes which man I loved has turned to a pig, he was very strong every day the drunk... And once even has wanted me to strike... It was last drop and with a crash I have expelled him on street... I'm more than him did not see... But heard from girlfriends. .. That he lives till now only for the sake of the alcohol. And it is very a pity to me him as person because he could very many achieve in the life!! That you think in this occasion? How there were yours relations with women??? In Russia many men do not appreciate Russian women, but it's final not all. My it's friend Anna has given to my advice to try to find my love through the Internet. But we will not go deep into bad memoirs and consequently I will try to lift to myself and you mood! :-))) My free time is pleasant to me spent with my friends. We go to the cinema. I also like autumn and spring. I love colour of these seasons of year. I love the nature, and also I love flowers. You like the nature? How it is pleasant to you spend your free time? Please write to me about it my dear I want, that you knew all about me and also I wish to know all about you! I wish to ask you about much, and I hope, that you will understand my questions and will answer them. I want know more about your country, please, tell to me about your friends and how you spend a free time. Hello to you from Anna and Genry and their future kid. :-)))

Bye ... Tatyana ...