Scam letter(s) from Maria to Mark (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Mark! It was very pleasant to me to receive from you interest. And I have decided to write to you. Has decided to write to you because it is interesting to me to learn you. I did not communicate with the person from other country earlier!!! Therefore I very much hope that I can learn you more close. I the usual girl. I was born in the beautiful city of Kazan. To me of 27 years!! On a site my name is Marrianna. This diminutive from my present. My present name Mariya!! I live one on demountable apartment. Not far from my work. I work in shop as the seller, in cosmetics department! This work very much is pleasant to me! Always it is a lot of work. Well to do!!? In our life only working you feel yourself as the live person. And I would like to find the person who will understand and support me in this life. To understand my thoughts and feelings. Therefore tell not much about itself? About the work? About your interests in the woman? After all if we find common language, it will be easier to us to communicate further!! And I will be assured that dialogue interesting if we each other understand. I search for the interesting and understanding person whom not to hesitate to express the feelings. Also I hope that you will be this person. I wish to send you the photo. I hope that I very much was pleasant to you in this photo?? I hope that I will receive the answer from you. Also I hope that the answer will be interesting!! And very much would like to see your photo in the letter. Well? I look forward to hearing from you!!
While, so long!! Mariya!
Letter 2
Hello Mark! I have not received from you the letter and I do not understand why. You probably have found other girl for correspondence? Tell if so? I very much hoped that we can become closer, but I and have not seen your interest. Certainly I am late with the answer as I should write the letter to Internet cafe which not works every day not much. But I very much would like to carry on with you further dialogue. And I very much ask to write you to me the letter. I wish to see your interest and if it is you to me necessarily write. I will wait for your letter. Mariya!
Letter 3
Hello Mark! I was very happy to see your letter. To me very pleasantly that you become more close to me. It is pleasant to me to communicate with you. Today I wish to tell to you as I spend the usual day. I rise very much early because for work I need to be in time to 8 mornings. I wash and I drink coffee. Then an easy breakfast. And already I gather for work!! For work I go on foot, because it absolutely near to me. On work I am till the evening. During the lunchtime we with girlfriends go to a dining room which to be near to our shop. In shop it is a lot of departments of the different goods and I have got acquainted with sellers. We communicate on different themes that time flied quickly on work. After work I go to Internet cafe to write you the letter. I very much get tired, but for all day many emotions collect. And it is pleasant to me to share them with you. Therefore when I write you the letter I feel well because always I see on them answers. And it is very pleasant!! After the letter to you I go home with hopes, that you will be very glad to my letter. I home come about 7 o''clock in the evening. I make a supper. I very well prepare)) Me to prepare my mum has learnt and at me it turns out well. Each girl in my opinion should be able prepare well. My most favourite dish it Borsh. It is soup from a beet. You tried it? I very much like to prepare under beautiful music to cheer myself up. After I will make a supper I go to wash and I lay down in a bed with any interesting book because I very much like to read. I love historical and romantic books. And then I fall asleep. Here so there passes my usual day!! And I am final during week-end I meet friends. We go on park, we go to the cinema. Sometimes we take in hire any film and we look at somebody at home. And some times in a week we with the girlfriend visit sports of halls to support the figure. In sports to a hall we are engaged in aerobics and we play different games, for example volleyball. Volleyball our favourite game. And in the summer often we play a beach. And I wish to tell to you that I never was abroad. Always wished to visit somewhere a beautiful place, but time and was not to go somewhere. It is very a pity to me that such happens with your dog. Tell to me why they take so expensively?? I cannot understand it!!!! For me honesty too above only. Also I hope that with you will be interesting to me!! I hope that I have not tired you with the letter! It is very pleasant to me to tell to you about itself. And I feel that it to like you. I want that we became is more close to each other. After all for me this main thing. Gently you I embrace!!! Yours Mariya!
Letter 4

Hello Mark! Is very glad to see that you have answered my letter!! I wish apologise before you that could not to answer you at once. The matter is that the internte-cafe did not work some days as there there passed repair. And I had to wait when the Internet cafe will open. I do not have computer house and consequently I can write you letters only from Internet cafe. I hope that this delay of my letter will not be a problem for our acquaintance!!! And it is very pleasant to see that you have told about the life. For me it is very important!! Because I wish to see what you the person!! Also I want that from the first letter we understood each other. After all it is very pleasant to me to write to the person who is able to share the thoughts and which wishes to show the interest. Therefore I to you will tell about myself more. I live in the city of Kazan as you already know!! I live in this city since the birth. This city has been based more 1000 years ago. Also it is considered one of historical cities of Russia. This city near to the big river Volga is located. The population more than 1 250 000 persons. I work as the seller of cosmetics. Work not so difficult, but all the same time very much occupies. I very much like to rejoice lives. Is always very glad to have acquaintance to new people. I love music, films. Very much I like to prepare. In the evenings I like to read books. As I like to visit sports of halls to support the form. I wish to show to you what I the girl. After all it is very pleasant to me to open before the person who does not hesitate to prove to be. And consequently I am very glad to see you in a photo I hope that this letter will reach you. Also I will look forward to hearing with the big impatience. I wish you good mood and a happy smile. Yours Mariya!
Letter 5
Hello Mark! To see very pleasant again your letter. I am happy that is familiar with you. With your letters it became more interesting to me to live, after all for me this new. But I already so am happy that is familiar with the person who supports my thoughts. Today at me excellent mood and I very much wish to share with you it. I did not feel for a long time myself such free! I have gone to the girlfriend at which there is a computer and the house Internet. I very much wish to express the feelings to you because you give hope to me on the future. And it is pleasant to me to write about it to you. This letter I wish to tell to you that I am really very interested by you and very much I hope that you necessarily will concern it seriously!!! At me the mood has appeared after a film which today we looked with the girlfriend.
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