Scam letter(s) from Vera Jugova to Jake (USA)

Letter 1
Hello again my dearest Kurt!
As always great to hear from you and to get your letters;-) Sorry, i didn't want to wake you up with my text message, I just didn't know taht it was so early at yours!! I am shame now to get you out of bed so early......

I don't love my work that much, but as I have nothing special to do on vocations and my boss asked to help with some papers I agreed. And besides I will be paid for taht some extra money which is good:-)))

Hehehehe:-) taht would be funny if you talk to me in spanish and I in russian when we meet:-) Would eb really nice:-)))

May be there are some stores in ukraien that sell everything people need. But Kurt, don't foget taht i live in a not very big town, and we have some food supermarkets, but no great large stores. Though that is a ncie idea to open such in Krasnij Luch:-)))

So, I have a walk through shops to searcg for a microwave and vacuum cleaner. I have found a good and not very expensive microwave for about 200$ and a good water vacuum cleaner for about 280-300$. They are really good and also have 2 years guarantess for microwave and 3 years for vacuum cleaner. Also I remembered taht when you sent me money, I have bought a ncie suit taht is just perfect for wedding! So, i have not to worry about dressing:-)) But have anotehr problem. I will get my extra miney for work tomorrow, about 200$, but I still need 300$ to buy vacuum cleaner. And now I don't know where to get that...I don't want top distrub my mum much, especially as about 10 days later she has bought a new washing mashine for home...

No, I won't be a bride's maid on weddings.Irina is not a very close my friedn for me to be a bride maid on her wedding. And Lena has asked me about this, but I refused. the matetr is that here on wedding to be a bride maid means to take part in different competitions with a groom maid, and some of this cometitions are too open and provocative.And I don't like this much. Lena, I and one pur more best friend kate are very close. And kate is the one taht likes to be in public and have open fun, so kate will be a bride groom and she is very glad with this fact. irina is marring a Russian men and Lena a ukrainen one, but he is half swedish and soon they will move to sweden wher her future husbend's relatives live.
I don't have really many botfriends here. They all are to consentrated on my appearence and are not serious at all.

I really would like to chat with you with web cammore often, but I don't really want to distrub my freind much. She has her personal life also, and that is not comfortable for me to stay in her apartmenst long time and to interfear her with living. I don't like to involve people in my personal life much and besides Ann also helps me with downloading web cam drivers and so on. Just don't like to make discomfort to other people much. If I had my computer at home with internet i would be happy to chat with you many times!! Just I don't have an opportunity for this...I hope you'l lunderstnad me kurt, why I can't be with cam many times....

As for airlines, I havn't flwe many times and taht is no differance for me what airline to use, the main that this or that airline will bring me to you:-)) so, I trust you Kurt and your travel agent in choosing airlines:-)) And besides we don't have much ukrainen airlines so, that ould be easy:-)))

My birthday is April 30, I am Taurus:-)))

Hope to hear from you soon Kurt!
Many many kisses and hugs!
Letter 2
Hello Kurt.
Dear i am sorry that i didn`t write for several days, i just was really busy as i am looking for a new job, and just tru to find something good for me, by the way really enought busy as i went trought a lot of interviews for job)))
Honey, as for phone, i just borke it, but it will be repair in several days, and at once it will be done i will let you know and we will be bale to talk to each other again)))
Dear as for meeting, honey asked me anything you want to know, byt the way did you choise the hotel we will stop and will spend time?
Kisses to you and hope to hear soon from you)))
With all ym care and love to you dear Kurt)))
Always your Veronika.
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