Scam Letter(s) from Julia Chernysheva to Kent (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello my love Kent!
I am very glad to see your letter. How at you doing?
Believe I too very strongly I wish to meet you. I think of you a lot of time, every second the life, only you are in my head and anybody more. I think only of you and about our relations. Today I was in travel agency and have learnt all concerning travel to you. I have, some good and not so good news. I think, that I should begin with good news. Yes in travel agency to me have informed that they have contact to embassy of your country in moscow and they can begin registration of the visa, but also to me have informed, that I cannot receive the visa without the tourist passport, unfortunately I have no it also. After all I said to you, that I never was before outside of my country. To me have informed, that registrations of the tourist passport will be occupied with a minimum of 5 working days, this accelerated registration of the passport. Visa registration can occupy about 10 working days, all depends on embassy if they have a lot of work now that it will be little bit more slowly. Loved Kent but also me have informed news concerning cost, they have not so pleased me, but I think, that I should inform you. Registration of my visa will cost 550$USD , also I have find out cost of the tickets to your country. Tickets cost 1100$USD I had approximate calculation, I will require approximately in 1600-1650$USD for registration of papers and for buying the tickets Kent to me really it is very sad, I talked today to my friends and relatives, but I cannot find the money. At present I have no money, unfortunately my salary is not so big and I cannot save the money, all money I spend for payment of apartment and on food. To me really very sadly to ask you about it, but you can help me?? Also I was today in bank and I wished to take the credit in bank, but the employee of bank has given up to me, here in my country it is very difficult to receive the credit in bank, it is possible to tell, that it is practically impossible here. Really it is very a pity To me, that I do not have money for our meeting. Believe I too very strongly I wish to meet you. I cannot sleep at night, all time I think only of you, I wait for the moment when I can embrace and kiss you.
You are very important person for me. I would like to be with you and to continue to develop our relations. Now I will finish the letter.
Please write to me as soon as possible. I will wait your answer.

Your forever Natasha



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