Letter(s) from Irina Polikarpova to Axel (Germany)

Letter 1

HEllo my darling Axel!!!

How are things going with you? As there has passed your day?

I was glad to read your letter. With each your letter me draws to you more and more.. My heart is filled with heat and love to you my pleasure Axel. When I check mail and I do not see your letter to me to become melancholy and alone. Axel today I represented ours with you a joint life. It looked so. Before there will be for work you me an excellent kiss which some instant proceeds and I wake up. Having seen off you to a door what to wish you the successful working day you you go happy for work. And I wait you putting things in order at home and I make a supper. When you come from work home tired, got tired, I meet you near a door. At my kind you have a happy and joyful person.. You gently embrace me being afraid to cause to me a pain, and passionately me kiss. After a delightful kiss I cover a table with a supper which I prepared for us Axel.

Each our supper occurs at candles in romantic conditions and we speak each other tender words. After a supper you help me to wash ware then our lips merge a passionate kiss from which we lose self-checking. Also we are given to passionate love from which who and that will not distract us. We with you spend to the days off together walking for handles on beautiful and crowded to places. And passers-by people with envy look at us. On that that we look joyful and happy pair. From these thoughts I in delight also feel desired. Axel you do not become angry that I have dared it to imagine? Whether still it is important to me to know you divide my thoughts? Also would like you so to live as it I imagine? My dear Axel to me it is sick from thought that we on such big distance from each other. And this pain is weakened only by your letters and your photo. I on some times would read your letters what to suppress the melancholy and grief on you.

My feelings to you it is love my darling Axel.

Axel describe to me please in the following letter the feelings to me. What do you test? For me it is important. Axel you know yesterday to me so it would be desirable to make to you that that pleasant, to please you. But I long could not think up that to me such to make. Because I wished to please you very strongly. But me suddenly in a head the remarkable thought has come. I have decided to write down to you video. But it has appeared very big problem for me because I not to have my chamber. But I nevertheless have found a way out. It for me was very difficult, but I think that you will appreciate my diligence.. I looked some times it is video because I wanted that all was ideal. I very much worried, and when the chamber at me even has joined a little my hands shivered. But I think that has turned out well. I think to you to like. Oh as though I wished to see your person when you will see this video. Ok write me tomorrow the opinion in this occasion.

I will madly wait for your answer.

With love and kisses yours IRINA.


Letter 2

Hello my darling Axel!!

At me very heavy day today!! I simply fall from feet. I would come for work once again what to write to you. That you would not lose me and did not worry about me!! I will write you more letter tomorrow!! Well??

Now I go to have a rest!


Letter 3

hello my dear Axel!
it is Irina! I am writing to you from another email because I lost the password of staroggo email and I can not find it. Your email I remembered from memory, I hope I am not mistaken, and you read my letter. I ask you to write now only for this email flowergirl775@rambler.ru I hope it's not a problem for you? Please write me back as soon as you receive this message, I want to make sure that everything is fine.
I love you. My kisses.
Forever your Irina