Scam Letter(s) from Anna Yamshikova to Axel (Germany)

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Letter 1

Hello my precious Axel!!!!!
How are you doing? What is going on with your health? I hope that everything is ok with you!
And you should know that it is really very important for me to know that you are o`k.
I want to let you know that I have news for you. One is good and the second is bad.
I want to let know that my passport and visa in my town at the tourist agency.
But I was shocked by another problem. I was said that the agency can not give me my passport and visa, I was said that I can not leave my native country because I have still outstanding debt in bank.
I took a flat eight years ago on credit. And I still pay for my credit every month 325 dollars.
Now my credit balance is 1100$ Now I will be allowed to leave for your country only when
I leave as a deposit a half of this money! I have only this money 750$.
Also I borrowed money from my friends. They helped me of course!
But unfortunately this sum is not enough. I need 350$ more to leave my country.
Honey I don’t know where can I borrow this sum. I am so upset.
Bank is afraid of that I leave my country and will never pay for my credit!
They said that I can leave my flat as a deposit till my return. Only in that case they will be
sure I pay for my credit! And only then they can allow me leave for a foreign country!
When I return I can take back this sum from my bank account.
Dear, I don`t know how can I solve this problem, I do not know who can lend me this sum.
Maybe you can help me? I have only hope! This hope is you, my dear!
I did not think that we will have so many problems! I did my best!
I will give back you this money when I come back from you.
I hope very much that we can solve this problem together.
I hope very much!!!!
I love you all my honey!
Yours forever Anna.

Letter 2

Good afternoon my new friend Axel!!!
How are you?
I was very glad to receive the letter from you and that that you has paid attention to me and has reciprocated. I am very glad to our acquaintance and I wish to continue to correspond with you and to have more information on you and your life in other country and to learn about each other more.
My name is Anna. Iam 28. I from Russia, I live in Nizhni Novgorod, is not far from Moscow.
I was registered on a site of acquaintances to find the good man, for creation of a family and long relations that this man cared of me, respected me and loved. I search for serious intentions and to create family with the serious optimistic person who can love and respect family.
I heard that in a network the Internet many lie and bad people. Such people I contempt. I do not love false two-faced people. I am brought well up and for me the lie is bad defect of the person and I never lie to people, and I speak the truth and only the truth. I ask you a deceit me never and anywhere under any circumstances, and to speak the truth and only the truth. If you me I stop a deceit our correspondence.
I all life have lighted myself to work and I had time for my private life a little. To me it is fast 28 and I to have a problem to get acquainted with men in mine the country. For me it is very difficult. And also in Russia few good men, and good men are already married and at them a family and children. In Russia many bad men which do not work, drink spirits very often, do not care of itself and the relatives, very aggressive and do not achieve a good life to itself and the relatives. In Russia many men do not work and are on the tramp in search of money for spirits. They do not respect family relations, love and care of women. And because of all it that in Russia there was no good men I it is compelled to get acquainted with men from other countries on the Internet. To me my best girlfriend has advised to search for the man by means of the Internet for creation of a family and serious relations. I have no possibility to get acquainted with the man in my city., because I am very occupied on work. I am very grateful to my girlfriend and thanking its council we have learnt about each other. I will finish my letter. If you liked I and my outlooks on life write to me. If you also search for serious intentions and family creation I will wait your letter with your history and photos.
Your new girlfriend from Russia Anna.

P.S I send you the photo, and I would like become yours in your following letter.



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